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Shadowrun Missions


  • The game uses D6s
  • You roll several at once, 5s and 6s are hits
  • You need to roll more hits than a difficulty threshold too be successful
  • If you have four times as many dice as the difficulty threshold, you may succeeded automatically
  • If more than half your dice turn up 1, you've rolled a critical glitch
  • Most skill rolls combine an attribute and a skill
  • Your roll also have a limit, either from you characteristics or your gear, whatever is lower. Hits rolled over your limit is disregarded.


  • A round has the following steps
    • Roll initiative: initiative = attribute+initiative skill
      • For regular combat: Reaction+Intuition+D6
    • Take actions is descending order of initiative. Either one Compex or two Simple
    • For each action, reduce initiative by ten.
    • Round ends when everyones initiative is 0 or lower.
  • Combat sequence
    • Declare
    • Attack: Attribute+combat skill+modifier
    • Damage Value: Net hits+Weapon Damage value
    • Defend
      • Passive defense: Reaction+Intuition. Equal success = gracing hit. More successes makes the attack a miss.
      • Damage Value: Net hits+Weapon Damage value - Defense roll
      • If armor Value - armor penetration is higher than DV=stun damage.
      • Resist: Roll body+armor, and reduce damage by hits. The rest is applied.
      • If more damage than physical limit is applied, the target is knocked down
    • Recoil penalty: Recoil compensation+strength/3+1-Bullets already fired in previous actions-bullets about to be fired=Recoil penalty.
      • A simple or complex action other than shooting clears all recoil.
      • Table for firing mode is on 180
    • Range table is on 185


    • A deck's array is Attack, Sleaze, Data Processing and Firewall. They act as limits. Reconfigure is a free action you can do on your own turn
    • Running AR gives penalty to perception. Cold-sim gives higher initiative. Hot-sim gives higher initiative and +2 to all matrix actions.
    • Matrix Damage: A device has Marix condition 8+device rating/2
    • If condition reaches 0, device is broken (bricking)
    • Biofeedback can hurt you when you are running sim. Stun for cold, physical for hot
    • Illegal actions: If you fail attack, you get 1 Matrix damage per net defense. If you fail Sleaze, you get a Mark
      • You also increase your Overwatch Score. It increases by the hits on defense against Attacks and Sleaze. It also increases by 2D6 each 15 minutes after the first point
      • At 40 points the demiGOD converge on you
    • Actions on other GRIDs than you are on is at -2
    • Running silent: All Matrix actions are at -2. To spot hidden Computer + Intuition [Data Processing] v. Logic+Sleaze
    • To control other devices, you need marks on it. This can be obtained by Hacking on the Fly or Brute Force
    • Some devices may be inside hosts, which acts as mini-grids


    • Vehicles has four driving options
      • Manual control
      • Remote Control (with the control device action)
      • Rigger Control
      • Autopilot
    • When in Rigger control:
      • You are in the Matrix, and get all Matrix Bonuses
      • Cold-Sim init: 3D6+Int+data processing Hot-Sim init: 4D6+Int+data processing. Hot-Sim also has +2 to all actions.
      • If the vehicle suffers damage, you must resist half as biofeedback.
      • Matrix damage goes to the device you exercise control through
    • May use Vehicle sensors:
      • Passive: Uses Sensors instead of Weapon accuracy
      • Active: Make a simple action to lock onto target. Sensor rating becomes negative modifers to defense.


    • Pick a Spell
    • Choose Force. Can be as high as Magic*2
    • Roll Spellcasting+Magic [Force]
    • Casting reckless is a simple action, but gives Drain+3
    • Roll resistance to avoid Drain. Stun damage, but physical if net hits were higher than Magic.
    • Counterspelling: Magic-users has Counterspell dice equal to their skill. They can used to resist spells during a turn. When used against a spell, it is applied to all visible targets.


    • Choose spirit and decide Force
    • Roll Magic+Summoning
    • Spirit resists with Force
    • Summoning is a complex action
    • Drain is resist's net hits*2
    • Net hits determine amount of Services the Spirit owes
Free Actions
Call a Shot For particular trick shots, -4 modifier
Change Linked Device mode
Drop Object
Drop Prone
Eject Smartgun Clip
Multiple Attacks May split dice pool to attack multiple enemies
Run -2 to all tasks when running. Ranged attacks against a running target is at -2
Speak/Text/Transmit Phrase
Simple Actions
Activate Focus
Call Spirit
Change Device Mode
Command Spirit
Dismiss Spirit
Fire Bow
Fire Weapon (SA, SS, BF, FA) May not take more actions. 3 rounds fired with BF. 6 with FA.
Insert Clip
Observe in Detail
Pick Up/Put Down Object
Quick Draw
Ready/Draw Weapon
Reckless Spellcasting
Reload Weapon (see table)
Remove Clip
Shift Perception To or from Astral Projection
Take Aim +1 to roll or accuracy, or enables the use of aiming gear
Take Cover
Throw Weapon
Use Simple Device
Complex Actions
Astral Projection
Banish Spirit
Cast Spell
Fire Weapon Full Auto (FA) Fires 10 rounds.
Fire Long or Semi-Auto Burst
Fire Mounted or Vehicle Weapon
Melee Attack
Reload Weapon (see table)
Rigger Jump In
Sprint Summoning
Use skill
Full Defense
Hit the Dirt
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