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Silas the Chronicler

Ability Score Trauma
Name Silas Strength 2 0
Job Chronicler Calmness 3 0
Player Jens Smarts 4 0
Experience 0 Sensitivity 5 1

Mutation points
Zone Rot / / /

Inquisitive eyes and a bony body. He wears a raincoat.

Skill Ability Total Bonus effects
Endure Strength
Feat of Strength Strength
Fight Strength
Sneak Calmness 1 Every additional success gives +1 to your first attack against an unaware target
Flee Calmness
Shoot Calmness 1 In addition to causing wounds, extra successes may:
  • Cause additional wounds
  • The enemy drops his weapons
  • The enemy is knocked backwards
Scout Smarts
Figure out Smarts
Zone knowledge Smarts 1 When you are aware of a threat you may roll to understand what it is, every additional success may reveal one of the following
    • How can it harm me?
    • How can I harm it?
Expose intent Sensitivity 1 A successful roll means you sense the targets strongest emotion. Additional success may reveal the following:
  • Is he speaking the truth
  • Does he want to harm me
  • Does he want anything from me

When used on people outside the People. The roll is at -1

Manipulate Sensitivity 2 a success means you can get what you want from someone, but there is a cost. Extra success can do the following:
  • The opponent takes a point of doubt. If he is broken, he gives you what you want at no cost
  • The opponent takes a point of stress. If he is broken, he gives you what you want at no cost

Heal Sensitivity 2 When someone is reduced to zero in an abiliy, you may heal them. Each success removes one trauma.
Inspire Sensitivity 2 You may help or hinder someones action.
  • Roll Inspire. Each success is added to someones roll if you help them, or removes successes if you hinder them. If you fail your roll, you get in the way somehow.

Finna the Dog Handler Lin the Slave Kirbel the Junk Head Otiak the Bruiser
I think they ... is the hero in your story, but doesn't know it ... shouldn't be a slave, and I will find the evidence to prove it ... is destined for death. It is only a matter of time. ... doesn't know his own good, and needs to be saved. And he was nowhere near dying that time...
They think I ...thinks that I think I am someone. And an idiot. ...remembers you once whispered to her that you know a way to make her free. ...thinks I am creepy and can't be trusted ...thinks I left him to die

1 Bullets
1 rations of grub
a sling (Bonus: +1; Damage; 1; Range: short; Home made)
3 rations of water
Rope (+2 gear bonus for climbing)
2 Torches (Creates light within short range. Lasts 4 hours)

Mutation Effect
Wild Animal
  • May attack one or more targets at engaged range. They take damage equal to MP spent. Armour protects ( X MP)
  • Howl! Affect one enemy at upto short range per MP spent. Each target takes a point of stress ( X MP)
  • When you are broken by wounds, you may spend MP to recover wounds ( X MP)

Talents Effect
Artist Roll inspire to perform infront of the People. Each success gives a D6 of bullets or grub. A failure means someone doesnt' care for your performance...

I hate
The Boss Marlotte, who is an uncultured barbarian.
I want to protect
My dog eared note book.
My Big Dream is
For the Ark to become a place of education and knowledge
My den is
He lives in the Ark, but in a somewhat isolated side tunnel where he has a sleeping spot underneath a rusty old servicing train together with a small group of other people. Behind one of the wheels he's found a small compartment where he stores treasures from ancient times (a couple of half burnt and crumbling books).
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