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Sir Cerridwyn of Steeple Langford

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Player Chloe Name Cerridwyn
Age 26 Daughter Number 1
Homeland Logres Culture Cymric
Religion Pagan Lord Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class Knight Current home Steeple Langford

Hit Points 24
Glory 3081

Size 10
DEX 16
STR 11
CON 14
APP 12

Damage 4d6
Healing 3
Movement 3
Max hit points 24
Unconscious 6

Knightly Bonus (80+)
Religious Virtues (all 16+)
Chaste 7 •Lustful 13 X
•Energetic 13 Lazy 7
Forgiving 9 Vengeful 11
•Generous 13 Selfish 7
•Honest 4 Deceitful 16
Just X 10 Arbitrary 10
Merciful 11 Cruel 09
Modest 7 •Proud 13
Pious 10 Worldly 10
Prudent 11 Reckless X|
Temperate 10 Indulgent 10 X
Trusting 10 Suspicious 10
Valorous 15 Cowardly 5

Loyalty (lord) 15
Love (family) 15
Hospitality 16
Honor 15 X
Love (Gwyn) 13
Loyalty (Group) 16
Hate (Saxons) 15 X

Skills Combat Skills
Awareness (K) 10 Battle (K) 10
Boating 1 Horse (K) 13
Compose 1 Sword (K) 19 X
Courtesy (K) 15 Lance (K) 18
Dancing 3 Spear (K) 6
Faerie Lore 11 X Dagger 5
Falconry 3
First Aid (K) 15 X
Flirting 11
Folk Lore 3
Gaming 3
Heraldry 3
Hunting (K) 2
Intrigue 15
Orate 16 X
Play (instrument) 3
Read (Pictish) 1
Read (Ogham) 3
Recognize 4
Religion 3
Romance 2
Singing 2
Stewardship 2
Swimming 2
Tourney 2

Taunt Skill - d20
Cerridwyn Crit Succeeds - gains +1 going forward to all taunts
Cerridwyn Succeeds - she becomes the foe's target
Foe Succeeds - Foe sticks to fighting pre-designated target OR may elect to switch to Cerridwyn and gains +2 modifier to attack v. Cerridwyn
Foe Crit Succeeds - Foe sticks to fighting pre-designated target OR may elect to switch to Cerridwyn and gains +5 modifier to attack v. Cerridwyn

A splash of dark freckles across her nose and beneath her eyes.
Chainmail. -10 Damage. -10 DEX
Shield. -6 Damage
Sword. Does not break when fumble.
Breaks other weapons on ties.
2 Spears. May be used as a lance
Dagger. One less damage die
Fine clothing
Four horses (Charger - Lin (Waterfall), 2 rouncys, sumpter)
White Raven (Eirlys)
Assorted other gear: Personal, travel, war
Blessed Lance Haft. Broken.




Name Meredid Religion Pagan

Hit Points 23

Size 11
DEX 10
STR 13
CON 12
APP 12

Damage 4d6
Healing 3
Movement 4
Max hit points 23
Unconscious 6

Combat Skills
Battle (K) 10
Horsemanship (K) 12
Sword (K) 16
Lance (K) 15
Spear (K) 6
Dagger 5

Curly flame-red hair.


Gwyn ap Nia of Pitton - Husband
Aderyn (Bird) - Daughter
Edenewen - Son


Steeple Langford - Ancestral Seat
Little Langford - Demesne
Winterbourne Stoke - Demesne
Pitton (on Nia's death)
Deptford (on Nia's death)

Manor Details and Improvements

[Energetic], -1 Weather
Jousting List
Sacred Grove
Stone Circle

Family History

Cerridwyn has heard epic stories of her Great-Grandmother (Blodwyn), whose name her doddering grandfather cannot recall. She lived at the time when the Romans left Britain and saw both Saxon invasions and political intrigue. She was renown in Salisbury for her fighting prowess and loyalty to the Earl. In the religious struggles of the period she maintained the old faiths. She died in 438, just in time to see her daughter, Nimue, knighted. She passed with 2400 Glory.

Nimue had 1247 Glory when she was knighted. She spent much time with her grandmother, also once a knight, learning how to treat battle field wounds. This talent in first aid stays with her family to the present. Despite her mother's significant career as a knight, Nimue spent time on little other than garrison duty, though this may be because she was carrying her daughter, Iola. Nimue departed the earth in the year 442 during an attack by raiders with 1277 Glory.

The Night of Long Knives occur in 463, many of the knights of Salisbury were killed. Iola followed in her mother's footsteps beginning in the year 464 with 1128 Glory to her name at the time she was knighted. She married an unremarkable esquire who had been widowed during the Night of Long Knives, but who had inherited a manor, Steeple Langford, from his first wife.

She served well at the Siege of Carlion where Aurelius Ambrosius, son of the former King Constantin and brother of Constans, finally defeated the usurper, Vortigern, and reduced Saxon influence in Britain. As the Saxons and other foreign threats to the kingdom reconsolidated their power, little is known of Iola's exploits as she disappeared sometime between the years 469 and 472. On one of her last adventures she brought home a blessed lance said to have been given to her by druids. It has been passed down to her legacy, her daughter, Cerridwyn, who was born in 464. The young woman begins her first steps to knighthood with 120 Glory.

Old Knights: Your grandmother’s younger brother
Middle-aged Knights: Your mother’s younger sister, Your father's younger sister
Young Knights:
Father: Alive and married
Number of knights from extended family: 16

Coat of Arms

Glory Roll

being a history of the Knights of Steeple Langford, in verse:


Cerridwyn, called to a training contest, (5)
Used a joust, a duel, and hunt to impress, (2)
Healed Sir Amig with a vile compress, (5)
And was, by all things Knightly, inspired.

Answering damaging Saxon raids
She found Levcomagus Knightly charades,
Saved a village that fire would have unmade,
Took a prisoner, no Saxon but Squire. (58)

At feast her tales and songs were adored, (9)
Her heart found more than it bargained for, (2)
Her sword-arm strong in the duel encore, (5)
She learned more of Prince Modoc's desire.(5)

Her reward - a vigil, a cold restless night,
An oath, given to Pendragon outright,
Up, up she rose, not Squire but Knight, (1000)
Leaping o'er everything that had come prior. (30)

To welcome in winter she feasted, again!
Corrected a Bard from his errant refrain (15),
Met Elwyn, and pining, chose to abstain,
Made Meredid, no Prisoner but Squire (10)

Back to Steeple Langford, before the snow,
Built an Apiary so her flowers would grow,
Built a list, for jousting with her shadow, (19)
To end a year, a year to admire.


+ 305 Battle

+20 Flirting

+ 70 Hunting

+10 Dancing at my wedding!

+ 5 Cupid / Farting

+740 Wedding



30 Giant
80 Nukalevee
25 Tale of Sword
20 Sword
5 Tryst with Servant
10 Bird

+ £4 Uther

125 Tale of Sword

30 Tourney


Fighting Skeleton
15 Vines
10 Witches
180 Witches
5 Intrigue Uther afraid of Magician King
5 Intrigue in the Bar
10 Stewardship in the Bar
5 Awareness on Road
60 Glory Bandit Fight / Ambush
15 Glory healing Brastias
5 Sword Practice
5 Intrigue
10 Orate to dissuade challenge
35 Excalibur Story for Uther
10 Deeds spreading
35 - Saxons
10 - Story
5 - Intrigue into Sarem


10 Glory

Winter 484 -
Winter 485 -
Winter 486 -

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