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Sir Edward

Player Sam Name Sir Edward
Age 22 Son Number 1
Homeland Logres Culture Cymric
Religion Roman Christian Lord Sir Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class Landed Knight Current home Berwick St. James

Hit Points 27
Glory 1155

Size 10
DEX 16
STR 13
CON 17

Damage 4d6
Healing 3
Movement 3
Max hit points 27
Unconscious 7

Knightly Bonus (80+)
Religious Virtues (all 16+)
Chaste 13 Lustful 7
X •Energetic 11 Lazy 9
Forgiving 13 Vengeful 7
•Generous 10 Selfish 10
Honest 10 Deceitful 10
•Just 10 Arbitrary 10
•Merciful 13 Cruel 7
•Modest 13 Proud 7
Pious 16 Worldly 4
Prudent 10 Reckless 10
Temperate 13 Indulgent 7
Trusting 10 Suspicious 10
•Valorous 15 Cowardly 5

Loyalty (lord) 15
Love (family) 15
Hospitality 15
Honor 15

Skills Combat Skills
Awareness 12 Battle 10
Boating 1 Horsemanship 14
Compose 1 Sword 15
Courtesy 3 Lance 10
Dancing 2 Spear 10
Faerie Lore 1 Dagger 14
Falconry 3 Bow 10
First Aid 10
Flirting 3
Folk Lore 2
Gaming 3
Heraldry 3
Hunting 2
Intrigue 10
Orate 11
Play (instrument) 3
Read (Latin) 10
Recognize 13
Religion (Roman Christian) 10
Romance 2
Singing 6
Stewardship 2
Swimming 2
Tourney 2

Talks very quietly, Dour
Chainmail. -10 Damage. -10 DEX
Shield. -6 Damage
Sword. Does not break when fumble.
Breaks other weapons on ties.
2 Spears. May be used as a lance
blessed lance, worth 25 d. (+1 modifi er to Lance skill until it breaks)
Dagger. One less damage die
Fine clothing
Four horses (Charger, 2 runcys, sumpter)
Assorted other gear: Personal, travel, war

Edward has heard stories of his Great-Grandfather, and namesake, Edward. He lived at the time when the Romans left Britain and saw both Saxon invasions and political intrigue. In the religious struggles of the period he adopted a Roman Christian stance. He died in 438, just in time to see his son, Elias knighted. He passed with 1600 Glory.

Elias was famous for his great memory, an ability he passed on to his family. He was killed in a Pictish raid in 440. He died with 1201 Glory. Luckily he had a son, Sigismund.

The Night of long Knives occur in 463, many of the knights of Salisbury were killed. In 464, Gilbert was married to a widow close to the peasantry, but claimed the estate of Berwick St. James in the process. He was a keen proponent of keeping British Christianity in communion with the see in Rome.

He is killed in the early stages of the Siege of Carlion in 467. He died with 1233 Glory. Before the battle his lance was blessed by a pious bishop. It was recovered from the field of battle and kept for his young son.

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