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Sir Hywel of Idmiston

Player Chris Name Hywel
Age 27 Son Number 1
Homeland Logres Culture Cymric
Religion British Christian Lord Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class Knight Current home Idmiston

Hit Points 29/29
Glory 4016

Size 15
DEX 14
STR 12
CON 14
APP 11

Damage 5d6
Healing 3
Movement 3
Max hit points 29
Unconscious 7

Knightly Bonus (80+) •
Religious Virtues (all 16+)*
*Chaste 12 Lustful 8
X •*Energetic 15 Lazy 5
Forgiving 10 Vengeful 10
•*Generous 13 Selfish 7
Honest 10 Deceitful 10
•Just 10 Arbitrary 10
Merciful 16 Cruel 4
•*Modest 13 Proud 7
Pious 9 Worldly 11
Prudent 9 Reckless 11
*Temperate 13 Indulgent 7
Trusting 9 Suspicious 11
•Valorous 16 Cowardly 5

Loyalty (lord) 15
Loyalty (group) 12
Love (family) 15 X
Hospitality 15
Honor 15
Hate (Saxons) 9
Amor (Indeg) 13
Directed Trait: Distrust Silchester Knights 16

Skills Combat Skills
Awareness (K) 13 Battle (K) 11
Boating 1 Horsemanship (K) 16
Compose 1 Sword (K) 18
Courtesy (K) 4 Lance (K) 15 X
Dancing 3 Spear (K) 5
Faerie Lore 1 Dagger 5
Falconry 11 X
First Aid (K) 15
Flirting 10
Folk Lore 2
Gaming 4
Heraldry 10
Hunting (K) 15
Intrigue 5
Orate 13
Play (instrument) 3
Read (Language) 0
Recognize 3
Religion 2
Romance 2
Singing 2
Stewardship 6
Swimming 2
Tourney 2

Braided Beard
Chainmail. -10 Damage. -10 DEX
Shield. -6 Damage
Sword. Does not break when fumble.
Breaks other weapons on ties.
2 Spears. May be used as a lance
Dagger. One less damage die
Fine clothing
Four horses (Charger (6d6 damage), 2 rouncys (5d6 damage), sumpter(4d6 damage))
Assorted other gear: Personal, travel, war, the foul bone, beautiful ceremonial tact
£20, 2s, 12d

Squired by Cyledr

Family History
Hywel has heard stories of his Great-Grandfather Halwyn from his own father, Llywelin, whose stories by the hearth captivated him as a boy. Halwyn lived at the time when the Romans left Britain and saw both Saxon invasions and political intrigue. In the religious struggles of the period he adopted a British Christian stance. He died in 438, just in time to see his son, Hermind, knighted. He passed with 1600 Glory.

Hermind had 1177 Glory when he was knighted. He was famous for his great speaking voice, a trait shared by many of his family members. In 440, King Constantin is murdered by one of his own guards, a Silchester knight. Present at the time, he died trying to protect Constantin. A great distrust of the knights of Silchester persists in Hermind's family to this day. Hermind died with 2177 Glory, leaving behind a young son, Llywelin.

The Night of Long Knives occur in 463, many of the knights of Salisbury were killed. Llywelin is knighted the following year with 1218 Glory. The same year, Llywelin was married to a landed widow, and claims the estate of Idmiston. His son, Hywel, is born in 465.

Inspired by the stories of his father, Llywelin has a storied career. He fights at the Siege of Carlion for its entirety, 466-467. The High King Aurelius Ambrosius, maintains an unsteady peace with the Saxons, Irish, and Picts for some years despite their raiding. His younger brother, Uther, makes a name for himself as a great warrior in countering these raids and leading picked warriors, including Llywelin, on raids into enemy territory.

The most ambitious of these raids, the Battle of Frisia, occurs in 478-479 after King Aurelius Ambrosius builds a large fleet and musters troops to sail to the continent, destroying hostile ships as they go. The British army lands in Frisia, doing great damage to the Saxons there, and winning a battle against the barbarians. The Saxons in Britain begin vicious raiding in retaliation.

Revenge by the Saxons occurs the next year, with an army of Saxons sailing up the Port River into Salisbury. While preparing for battle, the High King is poisoned by a false doctor. Despite the knowing that the dose he took was fatal, Ambrosius marches to meet the enemy while Uther commands the fleet to cut the Saxons off from their ships. It is a great victory for the British. Llywelin is present for the burial of the High King at the Giants' Dance (Stonehenge) and is present when the High Council selects Uther as the new Pendragon, or war leader.

Having grown older, Llywelin is set to garrison duty, which allows him to spend time training his squire, his son Hywel. In 484, Earl Roderick calls all of his knights to arms. Early in the year Llywelin participates in the Battle of Eburacum, attacking the Saxons in the dead of night before being forced to flee.

Llywelin still on campaign, sent Hywel home to Idmiston with a great sum of money on the understanding that the young man is set to join the knighthood. Hywel had 271 Glory at that time.

484 was a momentous year for Hywel, as he was Knighted. Noted for successfully making ‘the Leap’ into knighthood, other traits he is known for are his Mercy and great distrust Silchester Knights. Other high points of the year included a successful boar hunt, holding his own against a knight in the defense of Broughton (and his embellishments on the story thereafter), the construction of an Apiary on his manor, totaling 1134 Glory.

485 was a full year for Hywel in love and life. During the battle of Mearcred Creek he saw friends and foes fall, overwhelmed he passionlessly performed, doing little to protect those close to him. He turned away from battle, instead to love, pursuing the hand of Lady Indeg, who he impressed with a victorious Falconry competition. Summer he spent organizing a Griffon Hunt at Pitton, and in delivering the killing blow to the beast, he won the hand of Lady Indeg. Total of 1535 Glory.

In 486 Hywel saw the magic in the realm; a Giant, a Nukalevee, and Merlin receiving a sword from a lady in the lake. Despite his distrust of Rhisiart, he took the ailing knight in to recover from a Saxon wound. Later he participated in a tournament in Jagent, to be knocked out by a knight of Salisbury, Leo. Christmas in Sarum will always be remembered, for the retelling of the meeting with Merlin and the presence (and presents) of Uther. A great glory came for his family, in the birth of twins: Llywelin and Siân. Total of 307 Glory.

Old Knights: Your grandfather’s younger brother
Middle-aged Knights: Your father’s younger brother, Your father's youngest brother
Young Knights:
Mother: Alive and married
Sister: Teleri
Number of knights from extended family: 18
Wife: Lady Indeg
Children: Llywelin and Siân (both born in 486)

Coat of Arms
[COLOR=#CC00CC]Is Spoken text color, similar to coat of arms #CC00CC [/b][/COLOR]

Manor Details and Improvements

[Energetic], -1 Fate, Lost by Bad Harvest, Feast

[Falconry], 1 Glory/year
[Love Family]

Jousting List


Glory Roll: Year 490

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