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Sir Iorwerth of Woodford

Player Joe Name Iorwerth
Age 27 Son Number 1
Homeland Logres Culture Cymric
Religion British Christian Lord Roderick, Earl of Salisbury
Current Class Squire Current home Woodford

Hit Points 3/26
Glory 5,207

Size 14
DEX 13
STR 13
CON 12
APP 15

Damage 5d6
Healing 3
Movement 3
Max hit points 26
Unconscious 7
Magical protection (chivalry) 3

Knightly Bonus (80+) *
Religious Virtues (all 16+) •
X •Chaste 12 Lustful 8
*•Energetic 13 Lazy 7
Forgiving 10 Vengeful 10
*•Generous 14 Selfish 6
Honest 11 Deceitful 9 X
X *Just 16 Arbitrary 4
X *Merciful 11 Cruel 9
*•Modest 14 Proud 6
Pious 10 Worldly 10
Prudent 9 Reckless 11 X
•Temperate 14 Indulgent 6 X
X Trusting 10 Suspicious 10 X
X *Valorous 16 Cowardly 4

Loyalty (lord) 14
Loyalty (group) 15
Love (family) 16
Hospitality 15
Honor 15
Hate (Saxons) 8
Hate (Irish) 9
Amor (Talaith) 9

Skills Combat Skills
Awareness (K) 15 Battle (K) 15
Boating 1 Horsemanship (K) 16 X
Compose 1 Sword (K) 21 X
Courtesy (K) 11 Lance (K) 15
Dancing 4 Spear (K) 7
Faerie Lore 1 Dagger 6
Falconry 3
First Aid (K) 10
Flirting 9
Folk Lore 2
Gaming 4
Heraldry 5
Hunting (K) 2
Intrigue 4
Orate 7
Play (Harp) 3
Read (Latin) 2
Recognize 11
Religion (British Christian) 2
Romance 6
Singing 2
Stewardship 6
Swimming 2
Tourney 2

Long dark hair with a small natural silver/gray streak
High cheekbones
Chainmail. -10 Damage. -10 DEX
Shield. -6 Damage
Shield (with red/white Christian cross). -6 Damage
Sword. Does not break when fumble.
Breaks other weapons on ties.
2 Spears. May be used as a lance
Dagger. One less damage die
Fine clothing
Four horses (Charger, 2 rouncys, sumpter)
Assorted other gear: Personal, travel, war
Magic healing potion, priceless
(cures 1d6 damage, once)
-Exquisite leather tack for horse

Family History
Iorwerth has heard stories of his Great-Grandfather Rhydwym from a senile grandmother who never met the man. He lived at the time when the Romans left Britain and saw both Saxon invasions and political intrigue. In the religious struggles of the period he adopted a British Christian stance. He died in 438, just in time to see his son, Dremidydd, knighted. He passed with 1600 Glory.

Dremidydd had 1171 Glory when he was knighted. He lived a brief life, but had a son, Gwydyon, in 439 who had a lengthy career that more than made up for his father's in family lore. Dremidydd fought the Irish at the Battle of Carlion the same year his son was born, but fell to Pictish raiders the following year in 440. Ironically, Dremidydd was given a potion of healing from a hermit, but was cut down before he could make use of it. Dremidydd passed with 1231 Glory.

The Night of Long Knives occur in 463, many of the knights of Salisbury were killed. Gwydyon is knighted the following year with 1123 Glory. The same year, Gwydyon was married to a landed widow, and claims the estate of Woodford. His son, Iorwerth, is born in 465. He fights with distinction at the Siege of Carlion for its entirety and stays with the High King's army in 568 where, at the Battle of Snowdon, he is present for the collapse of Vortigern's army and the usurper's death.

Aurelius Ambrosius maintains an unsteady peace with the Saxons, Irish, and Picts for some years despite their raiding. His younger brother, Uther, makes a name for himself as a great warrior in countering these raids and leading picked warriors, including Gwydyon, on raids into enemy territory in 469. Following this foreign excursion, Gwydyon serves garrison duty, helping repel raiding parties for seven years.

Gwydyon leaves Britain once again to take part in the Battle of Frisia, in 478-479. He makes a name for himself as a swift rider when the army disembarked as he surprised the Saxon welcome party by breaking their lines and lancing a war leader. This effort does great damage to the Saxons there, and the battle against the barbarians on the whole. The Saxons in Britain begin vicious raiding in retaliation.

The Saxon seek revenge the next year, with an army of Saxons sailing up the Port River into Salisbury. While preparing for battle, the High King is poisoned by a false doctor. Despite the knowing that the dose he took was fatal, Ambrosius marches to meet the enemy while Uther commands the fleet to cut the Saxons off from their ships. Gwydyon fights in the vanguard with the High King and acquits himself well. It is a great victory for the British despite the loss of Ambrosius. Gwydyon is present for the burial of the High King at the Giants' Dance (Stonehenge) and is present when the High Council selects Uther as the new Pendragon, or war leader.

With lingering injuries from long years of campaigning, Gwydyon is set to garrison duty, which allows him to spend time training his squire, his son Iorwerth. In 484, Earl Roderick calls all of his knights to arms. Early in the year Gwydyon participates in the Battle of Eburacum, attacking the Saxons in the dead of night before being forced to flee.

At the moment, he is still on campaign, but has sent Gwydyon home to Woodford with the healing potion has father had left to him on the understanding that the young man is set to join the knighthood. Iorwerth currently has 268 Glory.

Old knights: Your grandfather’s younger brother
Middle-aged knights: Your mother’s brother, Your father’s younger brother
Young knights:
Mother: Alive and married
Number of knights from extended family: 13

Coat of Arms

Chivalric Bonus

+ 100 glory per winter phase

+3 points of magical protection against all physical damage (stacks with worn armor)
“To protect the widow, the orphan, the poor; not to slay a vanquished and defenseless adversary; not to take part in a false judgment or treason, or to withdraw if it cannot be prevented; to never give evil counsel to a lady; to help, if possible, a fellow being in distress.”

Sheep Herd
Ferry (built winter 489)
Logging Station (built winter 490)

Glory Roll:
268 Starting Glory

+ 5 winning Sir Amig's horse-race

+ 10 Sarum joust champion

+ 8 slain boar

+ 2 productive hunt

+ 30 defending the Earl's lands from raiders

+ 20 taking a squire prisoner

+ 4 orate about Broughton and Harewood

+ 5 sparring with Cerridwyn

+ 1,000 knighting

+ 20 leaping on horse at knighting ceremony

+ 16 just (winter phase 1)

+ 16 valorous (winter phase 1)

+ 2 scriptorium (winter phase 1)

+ 55 spending (£5.5 spent) (winter phase 1)

+ 210 battle of Merced Creek

+ 50 participating in Griffin hunt

+ 15 striking the Griffin

+ 10 dancing the jig at Cerridwyn's wedding

+ 16 Just (winter phase 2)

+ 16 Valorous (winter phase 2)

+ 2 Scriptorium (winter phase 2)

+ 55 Spending (winter phase 2)

+ 30 Defeat giant

+ 5 Landing the blow that felled the giant

+ 20 Fighting Nukalavee

+ 50 Aiding Merlin

+ 5 Getting drunk in Marlborough

+ 10 Impressing Lady Ellen by dancing with Talaith

+ 10 Secretly romancing Talaith

+ 5 Attempting to tell the giant and Merlin story but interrupting Tegwyn.

+ 100 Cerridwyn's retelling of the Excalibur story in front of the King

+ 10 Winning first round of tourney vs. Cranog

+ 10 Letting Cranog stand twice

+ 15 Salisbury knocking all Jagent knights out of tournament

+ 5 Made it to round two of tournament

+ 5 Public outburst at tournament

+ 16 Just (winter phase 3)

+ 16 Valorous (winter phase 3)

+ 2 Scriptorium (winter phase 3)

+ 100 Spending (winter phase 3)

+ 100 Chivalrous knight (winter phase 3)

+ 40 Defeated three skeletons and had a crit success

+ 15 Awareness, energetic, killed vine

+ 150 Defeat of witches, rescue of Garel

+ 5 Awareness success, noticed bandit prints

+ 10 Awareness, heard noises in middle of night in inn

+ 10 Knocking bandit unconscious

+ 10 Killing bandit

+ 10 Coming to the Earl's aid

+ 5 Clearing trees from the road

+ 5 Making Lady Mared laugh

+ 5 Successful flirting with Lady Mared.

+ 10 Word of deeds spread (after Cerridwyn's re-telling)

+ 30 Knocked-out two Saxons

+ 20 Two sword criticals

+ 10 Observed by King Herault

+ 10 Delivering Uther's message to Herault

+ 25 Rescuing peasants during Cenwyn's battle with a demon

+ 50 Winning Earl Iestyn's hunt

+ 16 Just (winter phase 4)

+ 16 Valorous (winter phase 4)

+ 16 Love (family) (winter phase 4)

+ 2 Scriptorium (winter phase 4)

+ 11 Spending 280d (winter phase 4)

+ 100 Chivalrous knight (winter phase 4)

+ 8 Manor owned (winter phase 4)

+ 24 Manor owned (correction from winter phases 1,2,3)

+ 15 Critical success flirting with Mared

+ 10 Landing a squire from a family with standing (Mared's)

+ 5 Romancing Mared

+ 5 Charging into battle (valorous success)

+ 5 Gave unarmed Frank opponent a dagger to fight with

+ 70 Participated in siege of Bayeux

+ 20 Participated in opening the gate at Bayeux

+ 30 Killed two Franks (2 x 15)

+ 10 Sword critical vs Frank

+ 5 Fought in most waves of combat

+ 10 Intrigue success w/ Brastias

+ 16 Just (winter phase 489)

+ 16 Valorous (winter phase 489)

+ 8 Manor (winter phase 489)

+ 25 Spending (winter phase 489)

+ 100 Chivalrous knight (winter phase 489)

+ 20 Knocking his drink aside when chastised by Bishop Roger.

+ 10 Awareness success

+ 10 Battle roll success

+ 25 Present for Cornwall's submission to Uther

+ 1,000 Marriage to Lady Mared

+ 10 Fighting while downed

+ 20 Incapacitated Saxon axe warrior

+ 15 Fighting two Saxon warriors at once

+ 5 Perception success

+ 5 Heraldry success

+ 5 Offering camp to peasant woman

+ 5 Identifying Cenwyn

+ 5 Noticing the camp had been watched

+ 5 Successfully following tracks

+ 5 Continued tracking (awareness)

+ 15 Hunting Gwyn ap Nudd

+ 130 Winter spending (winter phase 490)

+ 8 Manor (winter phase 490)

+ 16 Just (winter phase 490)

+ 16 Valorous (winter phase 490)

+ 16 Love (Family) (winter phase 490)

+ 100 Chivalrous knight (winter phase 490)

End Winter Phase 490 at 4,758 Glory

+ 5 Overhearing rumors/Intrigue success

+ 15 Getting drunk Hywel back to camp

+ 5 Awareness success on the battlefield

+ 10 Valorous and Love (Family) successes on battlefield

+ 299 Battle of Lindsay;

35 Glory for Horsemanship
and check to Horsemanship and Reckless, 20
Glory and a check to Sword, 45 Glory for
killing 2 Saxon Heorthgeneat, 25 Glory for
rescue of cousin, Sir Dallwyr, 25 Glory for
killing a Saxon Heorthgeneat, 30 Glory for
killing a Saxon bodyguard, check to Merciful,
20 Glory for aiding Hywel, 30 Glory for taking
part in the Battle of Lindsey = 230 (x 1.3 =
299 Glory)

+ 5 Managing to remain chaste when seeing Ygraine

+ 20 Critical indulgence

+ 10 Awareness success

+ 25 Knocking out a Saxon (carryover from battle of Lindsay)

+ 5 Discovering wounded Saxon

+ 10 Giving first aid to wounded Saxon

+ 15 Knocking out a Saxon horseman

+ 15 Corralling a Saxon horse

+ 10 Corralling another Saxon horse

= 5,207 Glory


Brice (brother in-law and squire)
Sword skill: 15
Loyalty (family): 8
Valor: 11?
Glory: +15 Valor crit
+10 Kill assist (Saxon axe warrior)

Rhisiart (younger brother)

Dallwyr (recently knighted cousin)

Emlyn (secret illegitimate son with Lady Talaith)

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