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Some suggestions for content creators to keep the guild profile visible

The guild will work best of there is a constant awareness of it on the Geek. Here are a few things to consider (nothing is compulsory), but I think it would be best if some if not all of these things would be done by all content creators.

Make An Announcement Video

1st thing is to get your viewers to realise the guild exists, the best way to do this is to make some kind of announcement video.

Mention the Guild in your Videos

It would be nice for the guild to be mentioned now and then on the chan so new viewers and old ones are reminded about the guild. This is a difficult balance, you do not want to sprook the guild constantly but it would be very good for the guilds health to keep the profile high though mentioning it your vids.

Link for your BGG Video Posts

At the base of your video posts on the Geek, it might be a good idea to link to the guild. You can paste this at the base of your video posts so the guild can keep a slightly higher profile

Maybe something like this: TubeTabels: A BGG Guild for uTube Boardgamers

Just copy this code below and paste it into your Video Posts.

[b][size=12][guild=1972]TubeTabels : A BGG Guild for uTube Boardgamers[/guild][/size][/b]

Link for your uTube Videos

Another good idea is to place a link directly into the video description on your uTube videos. It is up to you how you choose to do this, only the 1st 2 lines show up on your video in the default youtube UI. You know when you see a video on your feed. So unless they click on the description they will not see the link if you do not place it in the top 2 lines.

Personally I use the top line to link to the gameplay playlist and the 2nd to skip my intro's. Still the best place for a link for the guild is in the top line.

Just copy the line below, and paste it into the top lines of your new videos. I have used the google URL shortener to compress the link.

TubeTabels @ BGG -

Here is what the top 2 lins on my videos will look like form now on as a example.

Playlist - || TubeTabels @ BGG - Intro 1:18

It will end up looking somthing like this in peoples feeds.

Add the other TubeTable chans to your "other channels" module

On your YouTube page should be a module where you can edit the name and then add in other uTubs chans of your choice.

I think it would be a cool idea to get the "network" running better. So go into that module and edit the title to "Other Tube Tables" and add all the other Tube Table members.

It should look something like this!
Larger Version

As always this is just a suggestion.. this group is for play not for rules! Though I think it would be good for the guild in general.

Also, I decided to remove all chans from the list that were not involved as well, so it was a pure Tube Table link list.

Fill in your ABOUT Area

So, you may know that YouTube has a "about" section on your channel. This is a place to write a small blurb about yourself. If you haven't filled this in, then it might be a good idea to do this.

1) Add an email address. I recently discovered a few different companies have been trying to contact me for doing game demos. They have been sending me mails though the obsoleet youtube email system. Putting a email on the about page is a good way for people to contact you if you need.

Even though the email only shows up after the user solved a robot quizz, I would STRONGLY recommend making a new gmail address just for this.

2) Add a Tube Tables plug! This is the text I have up concerning Tube Tables.

I'm also a member of a BGG Guild called "Tube Tables" that collects other uTubers that focus on Board, Card and Miniature gaming. Join the guild and get involved with the chat and make sure you check out the other channels in the guild! You can see links to there chan on my Channel Page under the heading "Other Tube Tables"

Tube Tables @ BGG  (This is a forum for chat and more)
- - 

If you do not have a "Other Tube Tables" modul, then just leave out that line.. but still you get the idea!

3) Add a small personal touch!

Anyway.. like always this is just a suggestion.. but again, I think it would help the guild as a whole.

See my about page here!
Tragic's ABOUT page @ uTube

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Click to Return to Tube Tables

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH

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