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Sonia Binary

Human Decker

Body: 3 Essence: 4.8 Composure 5
Agility 3 Initiative: (Physical) 6+1D6 Judge intent 4
Reaction 3 Initiative (AR) 8+1D6 Memory 10
Strength 1 Initiative (Cold-SIM) 3+3d6 Lift/carry 4
Charm 1 Initiative (Hot-SIM) 3+4d6 Street Cred 3
Intuition 3 Physical Limit 3 Notoriety 3
Logic 6 Social Limit 4 Public Awareness 0
Willpower 4 Mental Limit 7 Armor 9
Edge Edge Points Karma Spent Karma Yen
5 5 2 6 25035

Active skills: Lvl Knowledge skills Lvl
Cybercombat (LOG) 6 Area Knowledge: Chicago (INT) 4
Data Search () 2 Black Market Pipelines (INT) 3
Electronic Warfare (LOG) 6 Police Procedures (LOG) 4
Forgery (LOG) 6 Matrix games (INT) 3
Locksmith (AGI) 5
Perception (INT) 4 Japanese 4
Pistols (AGI) 4 English N

Sneaking (AGI) 4
First Aid (LOG) 4
Hacking (LOG) 6
Electronics (LOG)
    • Computer
    • Hardware
    • Software

Physical damage track
3 Overflow boxes
Physical damage track

Quality Effect
Analytical Mind +2 to any logic test involving pattern recognition, evidence analysis, clue hunting or solving puzzles.
Bad Rep Starts with 3 notoriety. Added above.
Codeslinger +2 to when performing the Hack on the Fly Matrix action.

Ranged Weapons Accuracy Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Note
Fichetti Tiggani Needler 5 8P (f) +5 SA - 4 2 extra clips. Hidden in arm slide. Can be quick drawn with a threshold of 2.
Defiance EX shocker 4 9S(e) -5 SS - 4 Range 20M. Can be used in Melee. Wireless: A hit gives basic information about target health. 20 Darts

Gear Effect
Datajack Creates a direct neural interface. Wireless: Gets noise reduction 1.
Cyberdeck Internal Cyberdeck
Cybereyes [Rating 2]
    • Smartlink: Allows a Smartgun system
    • Thermographic vision: Enables vision in the infrared spectrum, enabling you to see heat patterns
    • Flare compensation: mitigates the vision modifiers for glare and reduces the penalty from flashing lights, like from a flash-pak.

Gear Effect
Clothing - Electrochromic Feedback clothing for AR
Chameleon Suit (Thermal Damping Lvl4) Armor 9
    • +2 to limit when rolling stealth.
    • Thermal Damping [lvl6]: Add level to limit for sneak attempts against heat sensors. Wireless: Add rating as dicepool bonus against heat-based detection

Shock Frills: Can attack with electric frills on the armor. Holds ten charges. Wireless: Can recharge at one chage per hour.
Wirless: +2 to hiding

Hermes Ikon Commlink (Sim Mod, Hot Sim) Rating 5. Upgraded with Sim Mod and Hot Sim
Satellite Link Allows connecting to the Matrix where there isn’t any local grid. Reduces Noise due to distance by 5.
AR Gloves : Allows you to manually interact with the matrix
Jammer Rating [4]: The area jammer affects a spherical area—its rating is reduced by 1 for every 5 meters from the center (similar to the blast rules for grenades). Wireless: You can set your jammer to not interfere with devices and personas you designate. [area, Rating 4] (area) rating4 : 800Y
Jammer Rating [6]: The directional jammer affects a conical area with a 30-degree spread—its rating is reduced by 1 for every 20 meters from the center. Wireless: You can set your jammer to not interfere with devices and personas you designate.
Credstick (Gold) Can hold 100.000 Yen
Autopiker Adds 6 to your limit when picking locks. Wireless: Add 6 dice to you roll
Lockpick set Needed to pick locks
Medkit Add 6 to limit for first aid. Wireless: Adds 1 die to first aid rolls. Can operate by itself with 12 dice [6]
Fake SIN Rating 4 (With Fake Licence (4) Jamming devices)
DocWagon 1 Year Gold
Lifestyle 1 Month High. With access to Aztec grid

Cyberdeck Effect
Sony CIY 720 Array 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 Device rating: 4 Internal
    • Browse: Cuts Matrix search time in half
    • Configure: You may store a deck configuration
    • Edit: Add two to the limit to the Data Processing limit of any Edit test
    • Encrypt: +1 to firewall
    • Signal Scrub: +2 Noise reduction
    • Tool box: +1 bonus to your data processing attribute
    • Virtual Machine: Your deck can run to extra programs. But when you take Matrix damage, you take an additional point.
    • Baby Monitor: You always know your Grid Overwatch score.
    • Biofeedback filter: +2 to resist bio feedback damage
    • Exploit: +2 to sleaze when hacking on the fly.
    • Stealth: +1 to sleaze attribute

Contacts Connection/Loyalty
Lady Blue Matrix Information Broker [Connection 5, Loyalty 3]
Quamtum Princess Decker, Fixer, Female Human [Connection 4, Loyalty 1]
Juan Xihuitl Aztechnology Mr. Johnson. Male Troll. [Connection 5, Loyalty 1]
Nick Ryder Lone Star Detective. Male Human. [Connection 3, Loyalty 1]
Samantha Technomancer. Female Human. [Connection 1, Loyalty 1]
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