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Sorcerer Carras

Name Carras Player Erich
Warband Archetype Sorcerer
Motivation Dominion Alignment Unaligned
Pride Charm Disgrace Deceit
43 42 [10]62* [7]39 33 34 33 45 49 26
Includes +20 for wearing power armour
Total wounds Current wounds Infamy Corruption
19 2 2/2 3

Talents Description 
Chaos Psyker Is a bound psyker
Psyker Psy rating 2
Ambidextrous  The character may use either hand equally well for any task, and does not suffer the –20 penalty for actions using his off hand.
Legion weapon traning Profi cient with all weapons except Exotic Weapons
Bulging Biceps  The character can fi re heavy weapons using Semi-Auto Burst or Full Auto Burst without bracing. Also whenever the character uses the Athletics Heft Special Skill Use (see page 96) he adds +20 
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)  The character gains a +10 bonus to any tests specifi cally involving this sense
Quick Draw  The character can draw and ready a weapon as a Free Action when the character is armed with a Pistol or Basic-class ranged weapon, or a melee weapon that can be wielded in one hand.
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)  The character gains a +10 bonus when making tests to resist the effects of this group
Mimic Vox synthesisers, training, or innate abilities allow the character to accurately mimic the voice of another. Listeners must pass a Scrutiny Skill Test with a –10 penalty to penetrate the deception.
Nerves of Steel  The character may reroll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning.  Also +10 to Willpower Tests when resisting the effects of enemy Intimidation Skill attempts
Unarmed Warrior Counts as having the Deadly Natural Weapon Trait. 
Amphibious  The character can breathe water as well as air and can stay underwater indefi nitely without the need to surface.
Warp sense   Using Psyscience becomes a free action; can also passivly detect psychic effects and entities

Skill highlights Char. % Char. %
Athletics S 62 Common Lore (War) Int 34
Awareness Per 33 Psyscience Per 33
Operate (Surface) Ag 33 Navigate (Surface) Int 34
Deceive Fel 49 Parry WS 43
Dodge Ag 33 Forbidden Lore (The Horus Heresy) Int 34
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) Int 34 Forbidden Lore (the Long War) Int 34
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes) Int 34

Half Full Charge Run
4 8 12 24
Includes bonus for hulking size in power armour
Name Class Qual Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special
Legion Bolt Pisto Pistol Common 30m S/2/- 1D10+9 X
4 8 Full Tearing
Force Sword Melee Common 1D10+12+2 R 2 Balanced, Force
Neural Whip Melee Common 3m 1D10+11 R 0 Flexible, Shocking
WS: +5
Tearing: roll an extra D10 for damage, and use the highest.
Balanced:+10 to parry when using this weapon
Shocking: When hit must make +0 toughness save or be stunned for DoF turns.
Flexible: Cannot be parried
Force: Add Psy rating to damage and penetration, whenever it Damages an opponent, as a Free Action, channel psychic force into the blade. This requires a Focus Power Test using Opposed Willpower. For every Degree of Success deal 1d10 E Damage, ignoring the victim's Armour and Toughness Bonus.

Type Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4
Legion bolt pistol 8 8 8 8

Armour: Legion Power armour
Head Body Arms Legs
8 8 8 8

Gear highlights Description

Acrobatics Ag  13 Parry WS 43
Athletics S  62 Psyniscience Per 33
Awareness Per 33 Scrutiny Per   13
Charm Fel 29  Security  Int 14
Command   Fel  29 Sleight of Hand Ag 13
Commerce Int 14  Stealth Ag   13
Deceive Fel  49 Survival Per 13
Dodge Ag   33 Tech-Use Int 14
Inquiry Fel 29 Intimidate WP 25
Medicae Int 14 Logic Int 14

Psychic Powers
Psychic Scream
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Challenging (+0) Willpower 5 metres x Psy No
Description A Psychic Bolt which deals 1d10 Explosive Damage, +2 x Psy Rating, with the Shocking and Warp Weapon Qualities. The target suffers a penalty to his Toughness Test to resist the Shocking equal to –5 x Psy Rating. Always hits the head
Thought Sending
Action Test Range Sustained
Free Simple (+40) Opposed Willpower 1 kilometre per Psy No
Description The psyker can broadcast a short message—no more than one sentence per Psy Rating—to a number of individuals (no more than two for each Degree of Success scored on the Focus Power Test), or indiscriminately to every single creature within range.
Action Test Range Sustained
Half Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower 1 metres x Psy Free action
Description The psyker must nominate a single target within range and line of sight, who may resist with a Willpower Test. While this power remains in effect, the psyker gains a +5 x Psy Rating bonus to all Interaction Skill Tests against that target.

Implant Description  Implant Description
Haemastamen You gain the Unnatural Strength and Toughness (+4) Traits. Larraman's Organ Only 5% chance of dying from Blood Loss. 
Catalepsean Node You suffer no penalties to Perception-based Tests when awake for long periods of time Preomnor You gain +20 to Toughness Tests against ingested poisons. 
Omophagea You may gain a Skill or Skill Group by devouring a portion of an enemy. Multi-Lung You may re-roll any failed Toughness Test for drowning or asphyxiation. In addition, you gain a +30 to Toughness Tests made to resist gases and may re-roll failed results. 
Sus-an Membrane You may enter suspended animation Oolotic Kidney You may re-roll any failed Toughness Test ro resist poisons and toxins, including attacks with the Toxic Quality. 
Neuroglottis You may detect any poison or toxin by taste with a successful Awareness Test. You gain a +10 to Tracking Tests against a target you have tasted. Mucranoid You may re-roll any failed Toughness Tests caused by temperature extremes. 
Betcher's Gland You may spit acid as a ranged weapon with the following profi le: Range: 3m; Damage: 1d5; Pen 4; Toxic. If you hit your target by 3 or more degrees of success, you have blinded him for 1d5 Rounds Progenoids These may be retrieved with a successful Medicae Test
Black Carapace While wearing Power Armour, enemies do not gain a bonus to hit you due to your size.  Occulube and Lyman's Ear You gain the Heightened Senses (Sight and Hearing) Talents, +10 to relevant Awareness Tests.

XP spent on Points used Alignment 
Fellowship: Simple 250 Slaanesh
Warp sense 250 Tzeentch
Total 500
Unspent 0

Many know of the Daemon Lord Fulgrim. Very few know of him as Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children, the third great Legion of the Imperium of Man. However, I remember. I remember, because I was there.

I remember the way the Legion would proudly display the best features of its Primarch, and sometimes the worst features. We were proud, even then, of what we were and we made sure to show that pride with everything we accomplished. Of course, with time, even our pride could not satisfy us anymore. We had already begun our fall to Chaos.

I remember the first whispers of the power during the events at Davin. As the Warmaster returned to us and the Primarch Fulgrim stood beside him, the voice of Slaanesh first spoke to me. I told no one, for fear of being marked as a traitor to the Legion. The voice did not control me, but it told me things of the Immaterium that would make stronger men question their own lives.

I remember when my powers were revealed. It was the betrayal of Ferrus Manus and his attempt to destroy Fulgrim before his rightful apotheosis caused the warp to flood within me. Several Iron Hands fell to the glory of my birth as a Sorcerer, but this was to be my only chance to bring the truth of the pleasures of Chaos to those I once called brother. The Legion known as the Emperor's Children vanished in the blaze of the Warp, and I was cast far from them on the eddies of Immaterium.

After millennium, I have returned. I remember all that I had seen before, even if no one else does.

I remember, and now, so shall the rest of the universe.

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