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Star Wars LCG FAQ

FAQ & Rules and Card clarifications

These are various Frequently Asked Questions and reported rules clarifications sent in to the Rules Question Link on the FFG website.

Core Set Rules
Official FAQ

1 Rules Clarifications

1.1 Draw, Search, and Reveal

1.2 Game Play

1.2.101 Death Star dial

Q: Can you forget to advance the dial?
A: Maybe, dial advancement is mandatory, however you can only correct it if neither player has made a decision since the forgotten advancement. (Source)

1.3 Card Effects and Abilities

1.3.101 Value dependent keywords

Value dependent keywords, such as Edge(x), stack their value.
Non-value keywords, such as Elite, do not stack. (Source)

1.4 Definition of Terms

2 Rules Interactions

2.1 Protect and Damage Immunity

Q: Can a unit with Protect use their ability if they are immune to damage?
A: No, you cannot use Protect if the Protecting unit cannot be damaged. (Source)


4 Card Clarifications & Interactions

4.3 A Journey to Dagobah

4.3.39 w/ Decoy at Dantooine

Q: If A Journey to Dagobah is destroyed and I play Decoy at Dantooine as a result of it's interrupt, can Decoy at Dantooine's intterupt still trigger?
A: Yes, you are still in the process of resolving A Journey to Dagobah leaving play, it will trigger Decoy at Dantooine's interrupt. (Source)

4.19 Boba Fett

4.19.179 w/ Old Ben's Spirit

Q: Can Boba Fett capture a unit saved by Old Ben's Spirit?
A: Yes, The destruction is interrupted by Old Ben's Spirit not the damage, therefore the condition of Boba Fett's reaction is met. (Source)

4.21 C-3PO

4.21.59 w/ Force Choke

Q: Does C-3PO's cancelation still count for the "Limit 1 per turn" condition of Force Choke?
A: Yes, canceled effects are still played, See Official FAQ 3.1. (Source)

4.39 Decoy at Dantooine

4.39.3 w/ A Journey to Dagobah

See 4.3.39

4.56 Fleeing the Empire

Q: Can the Reaction be used on the first LS turn?
A: Yes, The only step of the refresh phase that is skipped is !, removing focus tokens. (Source)

4.59 Force Choke


See 4.21.59

4.76 In You Must Go

Q: Can I reduce units played as enhancements, such as Wedge Antillies?
A: Yes. (Source)

4.110 Secret Informant

Q: Does the ability stack?
A: Yes, Having two Secret Informants in an engagement will allow Fate cards to be resolved 3 times. (Source)

4.110.157 w/ Twist of Fate

Q: Does Secret Informant's ability cause Twist of Fate to be resolved in the second Edge Battle?
A: No, Twist of Fate cancels the edge battle and closes the window of opportunity for resolving the card a second time. (Source)

4.110.171 w/ Twist of Fate

See 4.110.157

4.144 The Secret of Yavin 4

Q: Can I use the interrupt if the DS player has already attacked The Secret of Yavin 4 directly?
A: Yes, the rules state you may only declare one attack on each Objective. The declaration is still against the original Objective. (Source)

4.157 Twist of Fate

4.157.110 w/ Secret Informant

See 4.110.157

4.171 Twist of Fate

4.171.110 w/ Secret Informant

See 4.110.157

4.179 Old Ben's Spirit

4.179.19 w/ Boba Fett

See 4.19.179

4.183 Wedge Antilles

4.183.76 w/ In You Must Go

See 4.76

4.189 Subzero Defenses

Q: Does the unit to be destroyed have to have a Blast Damage combat icon?
A: No, All units are striking against the Objective regardless of what combat icon's they have. (Source)

4.206 Echo Base Shield Generator

Q: If I place the third damage on the card before the end of the deployment phase then deploy the card again can I damage it again?
A: Yes, when the card leaves play and returns it has no memory of it's previous state. (Source)

4.208 Renegade Squadron Mobilization

4.208.17 w/ Black Squadron Pilot

Q: If Black Squadron Pilot is attached to a Fighter and that fighter leaves play do I draw 2 cards?
A: No, once Black Squadron Pilot is attached to another card it ceases to be a Unit and is instead an Enhance, you only draw 1 card when the cards leave play. (Source)

4.218 Deploy the Fleet

Q: Can I use the Action more than once on the same unit?
A: Yes (Source)

4.227 Get Me Solo!

Q: Does the player have to name the card exactly?
A: Yes, In order to prevent being vague in the possibility to hit multiple targets the wording should be exact (Source)

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