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Swiss Gamers Award

What is this ?

Every year since 2010 the Swiss game players are invited by the game festival Ludesco to decide on their favorit game. The game clubs and associations serve as link for these votations. The Swiss Gamers Award is representing the voice of the people who are most suitable to judge the quality of a game: the players! After the disappearance of Der Schweizer Spielpreis in 2006, the Swiss Gamers Award has now become the new Swiss game distinction. The Swiss Gamers Award is an international distinction. It is being designated by the Swiss game clubs but the totality of the new games of the election year are eligible, independent of the nationality of their author and editor.

Short rules

The different game clubs who answered positive to the invitation from Ludesco, have been invited to establish a classification of the five favorite games of their members. Each game receives points, from 8 for the most popular to 1 for the fifth. The votations take place towards the end of each year and the results of the Swiss Gamers Award are being announced in February/March of the following year at the game festival Ludesco, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

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