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TAKS Ideas

- At home, get message from Page. Roll Energetic.
- Success/Fail, get there, Crit (late/early)

Sir Amig of Tilshead (Glory 7,234): An older man,
scarred and with a noticeable limp, Sir Amig is a veteran of many
battles. He was just granted castellanship over Tilshead, built to
defend the county against the witches and monsters of the nearby
forests. <-- Sir Elad is current Marshal, with Roderick > Motte is surrounded by ditch
Educated, Latin-speaking persons call this city Sorviodunum.
Sir Amig (Castellan Tilshead, formerly Marshal of Salisbury): Old, limps, white beard. Gruff. but gentle.
Run squires through paces:
- Practice lance - quintain, a vertical post with a rotating horizontal arm, one end of which has a shield and the other a rope and a stone. Hit it right and avoid being hit.
- Horsemanship - race around outer ditch, 6 segments.
- Joust - Pair up, Hywel with Lythan, 3
- Talaith, anyone may roll Amor (Romantic Love) Talaith if they choose (some dice combo)

Salisbury's Progress
- Lady Ellen is ill, Lady Talaith will go in her stead.
- Ride to Du Plain (day's travel) - the land is a series of gently rolling hills.
- Lady Talaith (App 14) in lord's house, she is next in line.
- squires stay with priest Old Garr - third son, illiterate priest
- priest has a lady living with him
- Garr has hunting dogs
- Hunt in Harewood to north of Du Plain
- Roderick always tries not to overly burden his vassals, Amig notes this to Talaith
- Falconry/Hunt a boar (roll 8 times)
- After hunt, report of Saxons raiding Middle Wallop, Nether Wallop, on to Broughton.
- Said to be wearing bear skins
- Not killing or assaulting unless challenged.

- Ride to Broughton, lie in wait.
- Men in sheep skins covered in pitch loot
- Roll Awareness, Recognize, Heraldry
- See Rhisiary Blaines, Steward of Levcomagus watching from a hill
- Lance charge (=number "Saxon" knights")
- foot men to be chased off by hunting dogs

- “Say, did you know that Merlin has gone away?”“Well, he comes and goes at his will.”“Yes, but he is gone again, and at such a time...”
- "Lady Ellen carries low. 'Tis a boy!" "I hope you're right! I'm sick of Lady Talaith's suitors loafing around thinking they can just swoop up an Earldom."
- "I have seen him, I swear. Prince Iberon, son of the Faerie King Oberon."
- "Gorlois continues to defy Uther, I fear if we try and engage him we will be stretched thin when the Saxons strike."
- "That Gwiona's cursed. Two husbands she's lost. What good are all the lands she holds if she dies childless and a widow?"

- Roderick invites Sir Rhisiary, Duke Ulfius, Madoc to feast, exposes the ruse from earlier in the year
- Blaines and Ulfius say no idea, if knights did anything it was in jest
- Roderick says to put those responsible to death
- Madoc says we need all the knights we can muster.
- Unsatisfying

- Cenwyn backstory
- Hywel/Griffin
- Cerridwyn's mother
- Tegwyn <3 Gwiona
- Indeg marries for Glory
- Meredid
- Bishop Roger leaning on Iorwerth

Court is held at Leicester, in Lindsey.

Special Guests:
Sir Madoc, son of Uther
Duke Lucius of Caercolun

- “It’s so terrible! I heard that a thousand Saxons landed to reinforce King Hengest! He’s the devil’s son,
that’s for sure.”
“I’ll trust Prince Madoc to take care of us. He’s handsome enough, and he talks boldly enough. But the truth will depend on how he fares in battle, of course.”
“Well, I’ll say it’s too bad he is illegitimate. No bastard will automatically inherit. It’ll be difficult, you can be sure, unless his glory is truly great when the old king dies.”
“Listen, darlings, it’ll take something monstrous to get rid of tough King Uther. Madoc will have to be waiting a long time for any inheritance!”
“But don’t you think it’s bad luck to talk that way?”

- "Earl Roderick finally has a male heir."
"What's to become of his daughter then?"
"I hear the king is pressuring Roderick to marry her to the Earl of Jagent."
"That old man?"
"Yes, his wife just died and Uther is eager to get his support since he is the Duke Gorlois of Cornwall's vassal."
-“Merlin is absent because he is so exhausted from using so much magic last year to help King Uther win a victory in the Battle of Damen."
“You do know, don’t you, that the mages must sleep when they use their powers to such a great extent? And the king is so impetuous without the magician’s guidance. I hope he is not acting too hastily!”
"He could use some help getting the support of the Collegium, that's for sure."

Madoc: “Another Saxon army has landed to our east! Our spies say they are led by one called Aethelswith, but we don’t know his plans. The king has ordered Duke Lucius of Caercolun to be ready. We’re going to attack King Ælle, as we’ve planned, even though several of our cowardly vassals are not reporting. Disloyal curs! That Cornwall — he’s the lowest of the dogs. It will be his head the next chance we get. We will march out as soon as the roads are clear, with whatever troops have mustered.”

Battle of Mearcred Creek
The army will assemble at Silchester.
- The knights will be ordered to a unit led by Sir Amig (Battle skill 19), the old knight who taught them. The new knights should feel comfortable with him leading. He is a banneret and also has his own 6 vassal knights.
- The Silchester knights will fight in the opposite wing.
- Roderick fights with Uther and Madoc in the center.

Battle of Colchester
- Lucius loses to the Saxons, and retreats to Colchester. Britons flee into the Quinqueroi Forest, hundreds are enslaved by the onslaught of Saxons.

Cenwyn requirements:
- Halt a fight between brothers, adjudicating justly (p. 62 - warring monks)
^ 20 monks, black and brown robes brawling on icy bridge. Fight over dead body of Sir Gutyn of Little Chalfield (+3 Heraldry roll). Father Saul leads brown, Father Peter leads black. Sir Gutyn's sons died, went mad. Wrote will in his own blood stating that whoever buried his body would get his land. He posted himself on the bridge, challenging passing knights to combat and froze to death. Peter's group wants to build a monastery because his group has grown, Saul's to build a poor house because neighboring lord is a miser. Gutyn's fief is very small, so only one thing can be done with it.

- Conquer the demon obstructing the narrow path, trusting that God and not his warrior's raiments protect him (p.54)
- Champion the holy man of the forest, protect his line
^ NO. Seek the counsel of the old peacock, male, but without prideful color, at his home. Not the tower, the one without a roof.
Hermit: The new wood. Holy from the staff of Christ's great benefactor, the bearer of the Light to Britain. The new wood. Taste of its fruits. Do not despair, have faith.
^ Holy Thorn is hawthorn tree planted where staff of Joseph of Arimathea was planted. New wood is in winter. Eat its berries, it has sedative effect.

Character backstories:
Hywel - Father married, rumor of horse thief; sister badly in debt
^ Rhisiart shows up wounded, slept with wife of Berroc (loyal Saxon) nobleman but won't say, merchants/peasants complain of recent banditry.
Tegwyn - Pedr's older sister has a boy; no event
^ Bandits, finds red silk scarf
Iorwerth - marriage, brother, kidnapper; sister married
Cenwyn - uncle marries, adulterer; rumor he killed brother
Cerridwyn - Illicit love affair involving father, birth in family; grandfather missing

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