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Si OldschoolDM
United Kingdom
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Do not go gentle into that good night

Character Sheet
Christopher Hole
United Kingdom
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Character Name
Gurak Gifomorn
Class Fighter Level 1 (25 XP)
Race Half-Orc

STR: 14
INT: 9
WIS: 10
CON: 13
DEX: 12
CHA: 6

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Kord

Hit Points (max): 10
Hit Points (current): 8

Armour worn: Studded - small shield
AC: 6
Weapons: Morning Star, Dagger, Sling
Weapon in hand: xxx

Equipment List
Back pack
Heavy boots
Loaded dice
Iron Spikes
Hemp rope - minus 6ft length cut to seal door.
7 days' worth standard rations
2 dozen sling bullets
flint and steel
lamp oil
hooded lantern - smashed
hooded cloak
needle and thread

72 gp, 16 sp, x cp

Gurak is a misfit. He spent his early years brought up by his barbarian mother, and being bullied by the other children in the tribe - until he grew to just under seven feet tall and discovered that he was stronger than most humans. He has no memory of any father figure and it is probable that he was the product of an orcish raid on his tribe's lands. He fit in well with his tribe, as the barbarian way suited his quick tempered, brooding and explosive temperament. Whenever he has had contact with orcs, he has been rejected as being too "kleva" and amongst humans he is mistrusted and found intimidating. He has put this perception to good use, and has worked more recently in human society as a bouncer and low level enforcer on the fringes of crime. A contradictory character, he prefers the company of humans and civilisation but if pushed will be fiercely proud of his orc heritage, especially if it is a possible ticket to his advantage. He will readily identify with other mixed race individuals, and will sympathise with half elves, who may well also have known the difficulty of a lack of firm identity. Gurak values the orcish virtues of physical prowess, and despises any high learning, partly because it has frequently been the root of his rejection from his paternal roots. Although he could not be said to be devout, it is for this reason that he has an affinity for the god Kord, with whom he will claim to have an affinity, as an embodiment of the best of both races, with the vulnerabilities of neither - a perfect soldier in other words. He is typically orcish in that he is liable to act first and think later, and will generally resolve difficulties by bulldozing through rather than thinking around them. He does not make friends easily, but will be steadfastly loyal to those who can gain his trust, which usually means by proving oneself in combat.

Western Australia
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Character Name
Finn mac Bran
Class Cleric Level 1 (102 XP)
Race half-elf

STR: 9
INT: 12
WIS: 17
CON: 14
DEX: 9
CHA: 14

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: The Morrigan

Hit Points (max): 5
Hit Points (current): 3

Spells memorized: *cure light wounds

Armour worn: Lamelar Armour
AC: 6
Weapons: whip; light war hammer; staff
Weapon in hand: xxx

Equipment list
hooded cloak
Pack with food and water
needle and thread
3 x beeswax candles
2 x chalk
linen twine
Pewter holy symbol

38 gp, 30 sp, 85 cp

My name is Finn mac Bran, the ninth child but only daughter born to Aergus and Wen of the village Inishroo.
I was born with white hair, something not seen in this village before,so I was called Finn meaning white. It is village gossip that I was not a true Bran, but as my mother died in childbirth I will never know the truth but then who cares. Raised by my father and eight older brothers privacy and a life of my own was always a dream, especially as I overheard the men discussing who they thought would be a good husband for me! After the Solstice celebration when all the men were in a brew induced sleep, I dressed in my brothers clothes,roughly cut my long white braids wrapped myself and my pack in a large(and much to big for me) hooded cloak I left.

    • not wanting to hide my gender I was aware that it is not usual for a woman to be travelling alone. For that matter in these torrid times it is hardly safe for anyone of mixed race especially an Elf. I needed to appear as innocuous and uninteresting as possible-my life depended on it.
    • Holy symbol-will be a simply fashioned pewter amulet that features a piece of polished green-stone and an engraved raven on the reverse. Finn wears this around her neck but like everything about her appearance is hidden.


Meat Popsicle
United States
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Character Name
Zaanzinir of Fjellene
Class: Thief Level 1 (37 XP)
Race: Elf

STR: 7
INT: 12
WIS: 3
CON: 8
DEX: 16
CHA: 8

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: XXX

Hit Points (max): 3
Hit Points (current): 3

Armour worn: Leather
AC: 6 (-2 AC bonus for 16 DEX)
Weapons: Dagger, Sling (+1 to hit for 16 DEX)
Weapon in hand: xxx

Thief skills

Climb walls. 75%
Find / remove traps 30%
Hear noise 15%
Pick pockets 40%
Open locks 30%
Move quietly 25%
Read languages 11%
Backstab: +4 to hit, double damage

Equipment List
Small sack, thieves' tools, small pouch, bedroll, sling bullets (two dozen), candle (x2), two days' food rations and water
Wearing: Tunic, belt, cloak, boots (soft)

24 gp, 4 sp, 1 cp

Born in a wild elven community broken off from the elven city Draellen millenia ago,
Zaanzinir, raised in a thieving clan, was taught his skills by his father, Mreil.
His father is a blacksmith by trade as cover for the more nefarious activities of the
family. This also allows Mreil to fashion customized tools for use in thieving.

Zaanzinir is an only child who is comfortable being a loner. He's reached an age where
he's struck out on his own to refine the skills learned from his father. He'll join
others in adventuring, but only when he feels the danger is great enough, otherwise he
would prefer going alone.

With higher than average intelligence he prides himself on his lockpicking skills, his
ability to hide in shadows and sneak quietly, moving among others as if he wasn't there.
He is also able to read other languages. His "sixth sense" is quite out of tune for an elf,
although his intelligence has been a help in overcoming his lower wisdom.

ed kirkpatrick
United States
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Class Assasin Level 1 (75 XP)
Race Elf

STR: 13
INT: 10
WIS: 8
CON: 9
DEX: 13
CHA: 6

Alignment:Lawful Evil
Patron Deity: XXX

Hit Points (max): 4
Hit Points (current): 4

Armour worn: leather armour
AC: 8
Weapons: short sword, short bow, dagger
Weapon in hand: short bow

+ 1 to hit with short sword because elf

Thief skills

Climb walls. 71%
Find / remove traps 22%
Hear noise 9%
Hide in shadows/ merge with crowds 20%
Pick pockets 32%
Open locks 22%
Move quietly 15%
Read languages 9%

Backstab: +4 to hit, double damage
Assassinate: if gain surprise, base 50% to kill in one blow
Surprise: 66% chance to surprise foe in right circumstances, see osric. Elves

Equipment List
leather armor 5 gp
bow short 15 g
dagger 2 g
short sword 8 g
dozen arrows 2g
rope hemp 50 ft 1 g
back pack 2 g
ration standards- x2 @2g
waterskin 1 g
0 gp, xx sp, x cp


Harguss is mad at the world. He talks very little and trusts almost no one as his parents and siblings were killed in a raid on his village by orcs when he was 48, young for an elf,while he was out looking to meet his chosen mate. The orcs killed her and her family also. Sadly He is out for himself, treasure and glory but longs for copanionship as he was shunned by his village after his family were lost in the raid. He stayed fed and clothed by doing the jobs needed done but no one wanted to do them up to and including murder. His mentor Sragenou, an old assasin, took pity on him and showed him the way of the asassin. while Srangenou was not the best trainer, he was the only one in the village that had the skills who would also help a shunned young elf. Sadly, Sragenou was caught and killed on his last forray into his last job. With nothing holding him to his village of Elmshade he has decided to strike out on his own.

Olls Glod
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Vivian The Noticeably Distracted
Class: Magic User Level 1 (1350 XP)
Race: Human

STR: 6
INT: 14
WIS: 7
CON: 11
DEX: 9
CHA: 9

Alignment: Neutral
Patron Deity: Sucellus (god of the forest, agriculture and beer)

Hit Points (max): 3
Hit Points (current): 3

Armour worn: None
AC: 10
Weapons: Dagger, Dart (5)
Weapon in hand: Lit Torch

Equipment List
Robe, boots, belt.
Backpack, Sm pouch, Lg pouch.
Dagger, Darts,
Flask of Oil (-1 bottle worth)
1 Bottle of Oil with rag stopper
Standard Rations (20+1/2 days)
1 Bottles of Beer.
2 Pint skein of good wine. (1 1/2pnt remaining)
1 Empty Beer Bottle
4 Broken Bottles
20gp of spell ingredients and other wizardly things
1/2 Cloth gag
1 Fluffy toy cat
1 Pet Rat (Nigel)

109 gp, 7 sp, 7 cp

Spells List

Shrink (lvl 1) [CHARGED]

Vivian, a natural magician, has never quite mastered the complex necessities of doing magic.
Those who have the time and patience can find him for hire easily: he's usually the one shouting profanities at the barkeep; crying into his beer; or lying a pool of vomit outside of the nearest inn.

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