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The Adventures of the Knights of Salisbury


Dramatis Personae

  • Britain
    • Logres
      • King's Court and petty rulers
        • Uther Pendragon - the King
        • Madoc - the King's son
        • Merlin - the Magician
        • Sir Brastias - the King's Fist
        • Lord Glasnant - Lord of Lambor Castle
        • Lady Mared - Glasnant's mother
      • Kingdom of Somerset
        • King Cadwy - the Magician King, a vassal of Uther
      • Duchy of Caercolun
        • Duke Lucius - Duke of Caercolun
      • Duchy of Cornwall
        • Duke Gorlois - Duke of Cornwall
        • Lady Talaith - You Liege's daughter, wife of Earl Tegfan, former Amor of Sir Iorwerth
        • Earl Tegfan - Earl of Jagent, husband of Talaith, subject of Duke Gorlois
        • Tegfan - heir to the Earldom of Jagent, Sir Iorwerth's secret son
      • Duchy of Gloucester
        • Duke Melkin - Duke of Gloucester, enemy of Count Verius
      • Duchy of Silchester
        • Duke Ulfius of Silchester - Ellen's brother, neighboring ruler to Salisbury
        • Sir Blains - Steward of Levcomagus, rival to Earl Roderick
        • Sir Rhisiart - Blains' brother, a knight of questionable honor
        • Earl Æsc - Earl of Berroc (Surrey - the Berroc are Saxons loyal to Uther)
      • Duchy of Lindsey
        • Duke Corneus - Duke of Lindsey
      • County of Clarence
        • Count Verius - Count of Clarence, enemy of Duke Melkin
      • Earldom of Marlborough
        • Earl Iestyn - Earl of Marlborough
      • Earldom of Hampshire
        • Earl Evan of Hampshire
      • Earldom of Rydychan
        • Earl Bledri - Earl of Rydychan
        • Lady Ysbail - Bledri's wife
        • Sir Basile - knight of Rydychan, elder brother to Beleus and Bege
        • Sir Beleus - knight of Rydychan, brother to Basile and Bege
        • Sir Bege - knight of Rydychan, younger brother of Basile and Bege
      • Earldom of Salisbury
        • Earl Roderick - Your Liege
        • Countess Ellen - Your liege's wife
        • Robert - Your liege's son and heir
        • Sir Amig of Tilshead - Castellan of Salisbury
        • Sir Elad - Marshal of Salisbury
        • Baron Terfel - subject to your liege
        • Bishop Roger - bishop of Salisbury
        • Father Aron - confidant of Sir Cenwyn
        • Sir Jaradan - a knight of Salisbury
        • Sir Leo - a knight of Salisbury
        • Sir Nia - a knight of Salisbury and Sir Cerridwyn's mother-in-law
        • Sir Sulien of West Lavington - banneret and knight of Salisbury
        • Drem - a Druid staying with Sir Cerridwyn
      • Earldom of Warwick (Wuerensis)
        • Earl Ederyn - Earl of Warwick (Wuerensis)
    • Kingdom of Malahaut
        • King Heraut de Apres - the Centurion King
    • Kingdom of Cornwall
        • King Mark - King of Cornwall
    • Kingdom of Sussex - a Saxon kingdom in Britain
        • King Ælle - King of the Sussex Saxons
  • Abroad
    • France
      • Praetor Syagrius - former ruler of Soissons
  • Of the Fae
    • The Lady of the Lake - gave Excalibur to Merlin

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