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The Primose Path

Here we gooo

Characters for the tremulus Play By Forum Game "The Primrose Path"

Your Keeper for this short adventure is:

Oli Lind
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Character Sheet
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It's like armour. But awesomer.
Clayton Charters
The Heir

Gender: Male
Clothes: Worn casual
Face: Plain
Eyes: Tired
Build: Slim

Who Do You Trust?"

Dr. Cassandra Nabokov 0
Professor Thomas Mince +3
Carl W. Fox +1


Reason: +1 

Passion: +2 

Might: -2
Luck: +2
Affinity: +1

Lore: 1
Wealth: 4

Health 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 DEAD

Sanity 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 INSANE


Ancestral Home: You have a large, crumbling remote manor that has seen better days. It is filled with an assortment of oddities your ancestor collected. It is weird. You may POKE AROUND the old place one per day.

ON A 7+, you may choose to find one good item of your choice or two clues (or choose from the normal choices). ON A 6 OR LESS, the Keeper may Hold 2 to use as Hard Moves

Sensitive: Increase your Passion by +1. You sometimes get strange vibes. Whenever you roll a natural 12, immediately make a ROLL + PASSION. ON A 10+, you get 1 Lore, ON A 7-9, you get 1 clue, ON A 6 OR LESS, you suffer a horrible vision and take 2 SHOCK.

Lore Move

Lucky: You may spend a point of Lore to turn any partial success into a success. You can use this for rolls made by the other Characters, provided you are within shouting distance and you trust them (Trust +1 or greater).


  • A beat-up roadster (valuable, unreliable)

  • Trust fund (d6 Wealth per month)

Who Are You?

You have always felt apart, different, as though you didn't belong anywhere. You attended university, got a nice job and found a place where you could live out a mundane, ordinary existence. Somewhere deep within, you knew it couldn't last. It began with the letters from a place you never heard of, a place you felt called to you, and you left them languish, unopened and unread. Afraid of what they might contain. you had been warned to always avoid that side of the family. Then the man came, an attorney with a briefcase, a ticket, and a deed to your ancestral home. You felt a sudden release, as though you'd been holding your breath all these years, and decided to see for yourself if there really was a future for you somewhere else in a place less ordinary, a place where you might belong, a place you could call your home.

Clayton was a quiet, curious child.  He spent most of his time dreaming up scenarios that he would act out in his bedroom, a number of which had to do with invaders from outer space.  His mother Louise, encouraged this behaviour and nurtured Clayton's creative side at all times.  This was natural for her, being a teacher by trade.

Clayton's father, Reginald felt very differently about this sort of play and would often chastise Clayton about his "silly" pastimes, calling them "nonsense" and "rubbish".  But Clayton's mother would always smooth things over and make everything OK.  She was everything to Clayton.

Which was why it hit Clayton so hard when she disappeared...

Clayton's life became a terrible downward spiral.  He was affected deeply by the police interviews, by the lack of positive family contact and by the repeated trips to the somewhat questionable psychiatrist that his father forced him to time and again, mostly because Clayton became very docile under the medication that was always prescribed.  

Eventually, after being shuttled around to various doctors and private schools, Clayton wound up at university studying astronomy.  This gave him something to focus his keen intellect on, without requiring that he give up on dreaming.  Clayton's father passed away while he was away at school - heart attack - stress, they said.  Clayton doesn't know, he didn't attend the funeral.

Clayton eventually returned "home", and took a job at a nearby observatory.  But the job was high on paperwork, and low on imagination, and Clayton quickly soured on it.  When the lawyer arrived to meet with Clayton about his Uncle's passing, he was nervous, but didn't take much convincing.  When he found the antique telescope set up in the rear room of the attic, he knew he was home.

These days when he looks into the night sky, he thinks about what lies beyond.  And about his mother.

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"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.


Dr. Cassandra Nabokov
The Alienist

Gender: Female
Clothes: Weathered suit
Face: Friendly
Eyes: Inscrutable
Build: Slender

Who Do You Trust?"

Carl W. Fox +2
Professor Thomas Mince +2
Clayton Charters 0


Reason: +2
Passion: +2
Might: -1
Luck: -2
Affinity: +2

Lore: 1
Wealth: 7
Stock: 11 (sedatives and the like)

Health 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 DEAD

Sanity 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 INSANE


Therapy: You may restore people’s Sanity through talk and the proper administration of sedatives. See MENTAL HEALTH (p. 30) for details. You may ROLL+STOCK to heal the mind.

Cottage: You have a small cottage in town where you can treat patients. It is a safe place. You may have a loyal assistant (Oswald) as well. You earn D6 WEALTH per month it is in operation.

Quid pro Quo: When you successfully READ A PERSON, you may ask additional questions (up to your Reason) by exchanging answers with the target first. You have to be completely honest and open in the exchange.

Lore Move

Shock Therapy: You may spend a point of LORE to quickly attempt to snap someone out of a mental fugue without being in a asafe place. ROLL+REASON. On a 10+: restore 2 segments of Sanity, 7–9: restore 1 segment of Sanity, 6 or less: you may choose to either not restore Sanity or restore 1 segment of Sanity and the Keeper gains 1 Hold to use as a Hard Move at any time.


  • DIARY OF A MADMAN. May be studied a d6 hours each day. ROLL+REASON. On a 10+, gain 1 Lore. On a miss, -1 ongoing for the day (disturbed).
  • Small sidearm

Who Are You?
You have studied at fine universities the world over. You know the inner workings of the human mind, and have a knack for uncovering people’s darkest secrets and deepest desires. You help to heal the soul, much as a doctor would heal the body.
In hiding
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In blackest night, in shining day, My Will is all - I'll have my way! With Emerald Light in focused ray, This Duck will rule! (If that's okay?)

Professor Thomas Mince
The Professor

Gender: Male
Clothes: Antiquated casual
Face: Bearded
Eyes: Probing
Build: Thin

Who Do You Trust?"

Name Heir +2
Name Alienist +1
Name Antiquarian +1


Reason: +4 (+2 base, +1 Logical, +1 Eyeglasses) 

Passion: +2 

Might: 0
Luck: -1
Affinity: 0

Wealth: 3

Health : 0 (Normal)

Sanity : 0 (Normal)


Sound Argument

Lore Move



  • 1d6 initial wealth (check!)
  • A small home (or faculty housing)
  • No LORE
  • Eyeglasses (+1 Reason if present, -1 Reason if absent)
  • A small sidearm

Who Are You?

Learning is your greatest love, and you happily share your knowledge through teaching. You have taught in various colleges and universities across the country. Over the years, you have learned life is strange and history is often hysterical.

Crimson Fox
United States
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Carl W. Fox

Gender: Male
Clothes: Rustic fine
Face: Gaunt
Eyes: Sharp
Build: Wiry

Who Do You Trust?"

Name The Heir (+2)
Name The Alienist (+1)
Name The Professor (0)


Reason: +2 

Passion: -1 

Might: 0
Luck: +1
Affinity: +1

Wealth: 4




Antique Shop
You have a store filled with bric-a-brac. You may use roll+reason to Poke
around your shop once per day. Your shop earns d6 wealth per month.
Shrewd Dealer
Shrewd Dealer: You are able to analyze people though your insight and experiences. You use Roll+Reason to read a person.

Lore Move: You know a LOT about the item in question. You can spend a Lore to ask three questions about an item.


  • 1d6 initial wealth
  • D6 WEALTH of knick-knacks (you decide what)
  • No LORE
  • A walking stick
  • +1 Lore (already in stat block)

Who Are You?
You have spent your life studying antiquities, turning your interest into your occupation. Over the years,
strange items have come in and out of your possession, and you know some of those things out there are truly evil, and you fear what may happen if more such things fall into the wrong hands.

My name is Carl W. Fox. I was born in 1897 under the name Karl Wilhelm Fuchs in Steglitz, Germany. My father was a teacher at the local school, my mother worked as a translator for the government in nearby Berlin. As the oldest son of wealthy parents, I enjoyed a good education which also included several languages, art history and other, obscure topics. During the Great War, a French machine gunner probably saved my life in 1915, when he caught me with a burst that shattered my hip and punctured a lung, effectively ending my military career. I carry the limp to this day. My younger brother, Otto, fell in 1918, shortly before the war ended. It broke my mother’s heart. She died two years later. With my father following her soon after and no one else to care for, I sold the estate and most belongings and went to New York to start a new life as the proprietor of a small book store, using the extensive library I inherited from my father as a starting point. I anglicized my name from Fuchs to Fox and so “Carl Fox Rare Books and Antiquities” came into being. My assistant Charlotte is taking care of the shop now most of the days, as I'm traveling a lot to acquire more interesting things to add to the collection.

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