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The Roach

Player Felix Name Ellie the Roach
Affiliation Unaffiliated Strain Shaper
Former carny and burglar with trust issues.

Juice 3


Skill # Specialties
Self 4 They may add (Self) to any checks against Death
Perfection 3 For each level of Perfection, the player chooses one Skill (not a power) that their AMP automatically receives a level toward.
Truth 1 They may add (Truth) to certain checks to reveal secrets.
Comrades 2 You have two friends you can
Contact, who can provide a skill speciality.

Loyalties # Effect
Athletics 4
Beast Handling 0
Crafts 2
Deception 5
Discipline 2
Empathy 2
Fighting 0
Fortitude 1
Intimidation 0
Intuition 5
Knowledge 2
Markmanship 0
Might 0
Medicine 0
Perception 5
Performance 0
Persuasion 2
Speed 2
Stealth 5
Survival 0
Technology 5
Travel 0

Technopathy 6
Technopathy Core Check: Technopathy + Crafts
Range: (Technopathy + Persuasion) x5 ft./x10 ft./x20 ft.
Duration: Scene
Resistance: None

The AMP gains an innate connection to computers and other electronics, making their interface with technology second nature.

Add (Technopathy) to any Technology checks and (Technopathy/2) to Crafts checks when interacting with machines. With a blueprint, the right parts and 1 Juice to spend, the AMP can will pieces to come together in the right order, allowing them to build complex machines and object in seconds.

Faceless T1 or 2 Check: Technopathy + Deception
Range: Self
Duration: Scene

The AMP no longer appears on recording equipment or detection devices. For 2 Juice and a check, they send false readings back to the device, either making their face look like someone else’s, changing the words stored on a voice recorder, or giving a completely wrong location to a radar tracker.

Wireless T2 Check: None
Range: Self
Duration: Scene

Mentally connect to the internet, perform research and do anything else that usually requires a computer (except print, obviously). They may now make appropriate Technology checks from anywhere in the world.

Tech Speak E0 The AMP no longer requires keyboards or mouses to interface. They simply have a conversation directly with technology and make Technopathy + Persuasion check to see how they get along with the machine. Sometimes, convincing the computer to help is easier than trying to hack it.
Overload E1 Completely shut down a machine. No check is necessary; the machine just stops working at the AMP’s command.
Ghost in the Machine T3 Check: Technopathy + Discipline
Range: Target within Core Ability Medium Range
Duration: Scene

Must have Tech Speak and Wireless. Downloads the AMP’s mind into the machine to control its every function as if it was their own. They retain all mental abilities, but physical Skills are now replaced with the machine’s. Computers have little in the way of physical Might and are quite stationary, while a bulldozer can cause quite a bit of destruction around town. Their body remains, unmoving, and it is wise to plan for protection. If they fail their check, they suffer a -2 penalty to all checks while in their machine body.

Transmutation 2
Transmutation Core Check: Transmutation + Crafts
Range: Touch
Duration: Scene
Resistance: None

Humans have always sought the power of Transmutation - the ability to turn one thing into something else. To start, the AMP can make minor changes to any item with a touch, including changes an item’s basic shape, style, color or texture (check needed for specific design elements). The change is enough that they add (Transmutation) to any Crafts checks. This power and its Augments only work on objects, not living creatures.

Anything I See E2 Range changes to Line of Sight, instead of needing touch.

Quality Type Effect
Not a fighter Physical drawback The character doesn’t know how to fight effectively; they throw limp punches or can’t get out of the way of attacks fast enough. Their Boost during combat (attack and defense) is raised to Boost 6 (instead of 5).
Scrawny Physical drawback The character lacks muscle and can’t take a hit. They suffer -1 Integrity per BP gained from this Drawback. They also suffer a cumulative -2 penalty to Fortitude checks at Scrawny Level 4 and 5.
Enemy (2) Social Drawback The character has acquired an enemy or two through their lifetime. The Drawback level reflects the danger the Enemy presents.
Weak Willed Cerebral drawback The character has no backbone when confronted and suffers a -2 penalty to checks against Intimidation (Interrogation) or Mental Trauma per BP gained from this Drawback.
Fearless (1) Cerebral gift The AMP is unaffected by danger, never wavering from their goal. For each BP spent, they receive a +2 bonus to checks against Fear. If they have Fearless 4+, they also gain +1 Juice on top of normal Juice gained by resisting fear.
Untraceable Cerebral gift The AMP has gone to a lot of trouble to hide their past from the world. Every point spent gives a -2 penalty to anyone trying to find info on the character, making them almost unfindable on the Internet.
Wealth Social gift Wealthy: Characters without much to worry about, they have quite a bit of money, a large house and a lot of investments in the stock trade. Disposable income: $9,000 per month.
Hideout AMP-specific gift The AMP has a functional hideout they use as a base of operations. It is more than just a home and is usually separate from their actual living quarters. Instead, it is a headquarters they can use to plan and recover.

Workshop (1): The Hideout contains everything needed for a particular craft. Whether it’s a laboratory for performing experiments or even just an auto-shop for fixing/ maintaining machines, each Workshop Level gives a +2 bonus to related checks.

Defenses (1): Security is very important. Defenses reflects how easy the Hideout is to find and defend from intrusion or attack, ensuring privacy and safety. Hideouts with no Defenses can be found easily and offer little protection. Each point spent gives a -2 penalty to those trying to find it, anything from only being accessible through a secret button (Level 1) or behind a wall constructed of thick iron (Level 5). Each level also gives a +2 bonus to Initiative for those inside against someone trying to break in.

Power Focus AMP-specific gift The Gift reduces the cost of Tech Speak by 1

Gear Type Effect

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