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This game is freely sharable as long as it remains non-commercial.
The original version is by Shawn McCarthy but that doesn't matter.
It's about three rogues breaking from everyday life and doing something cool and how the stories escalate and mutate with retelling.


There is no authoritative version of this game.
This happens to be Version Gold Standard; the PDF submitted to the 2017 RPG Geek 24-Hour RPG Contest differs only in formatting and so it is numbered Version Gold Standard Prime.
This game is supposed to be passed on person to person, verbally or by chat, but if you explain, repost, rehash, remix, rejigger, or otherwise document the game as text you must assign a new version number. Get fun with it.

Doing the Thing aka Rules about Rules

  1. Read this version of the game real close.
  2. Change one rule and add one rule.
    • Yes, this counts as a rule you can edit.
  3. Explain it to a friend or group but don't like print and show them an existing set of rules.
  4. Follow the rules until the story ends or you don't want to play any more.
  5. Tell anyone who played that it is now their geas to start another game within 24 hours.
  6. Tell the person who taught you what rule you changed (and any other rules you remember).
  7. If you meet another player in the wild, you play with all of the current rules - even the ones that contradict.

The Thing aka the Actual Rules

  1. One of you is the first player. Say something like:
    • "Three brave souls set off on an adventure."
    • Or "...opened the hatch of the beached submarine,"
    • or "...agreed to go on a date that feels kinda scary but for no particular reason."
  2. The next person, in whatever order, continues the story with an AND:
    • "And on the way to the jungle temple, they found a well-worn path."
    • "And out wafted surprisingly fresh - almost perfumed - air."
    • "And for the first time ever, the barista spelled all three names right!"
  3. The third person can continue following the thread, or redirect with sentences that pivot;
    • AND
    • BUT or...
    • That's risky!
      1. If someone calls the previous thing Risky, the person who said it will throw Rock-Paper-Scissors once against anyone else. If the Risky person wins, it goes well. On a tie, mixed. If not, nope. The person who called it out continues with a line that follows...
    • Success: Yes, and...
    • Mixed: Yes, but... or No, but..
    • Nope: No, and...
    • After a few go-arounds you'll probably have a natural place to switch scenes.
      1. Whoever is checking their phone like a jerk posts what just happened in the diagesis to Twitter/FB/etc without context.
      2. Next player after them sets the scene like "Two daring daters share a coy look while the third gets a refill..."
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