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Thursday DnD

Thursday Night D&D

  • Clues found out that MAY apply to the Mirabar Delegation (Caravan)
    1. They were in on the road between Beliard and Westbridge about 15 days ago (Zomith)
    2. They left Beliard 2 Tendays ago and should have been in Red Larch by now (Brother Eardon)
    3. There are some fresh graves (cairns) a few miles east of Red Larch in the Sumber Hills (Larmon Greenboot)
      • Found 4 graves
      • Male Dwarf : Artisan robes
      • Female Human : Mirabar Army (red surcoat with black axe)
      • Male Human : White robe with black feathers on shoulders (Air Cult)
      • Male Human : Black cloak with stony armor
    4. The Delegation was to bring the body of Sir Errich to be interred with honor at Summit Hall, the chapter house of an order called the Knights of Samular. It lies in the southeast Sumber Hills (Brother Imdarr)
    5. Some of the Dwarven Histories have shown up in Red Larch (Vallivoe's Sundries : 1 book) and in Womford (Shoalar's boat : 5 books)

People in Red Larch

Places of Interest


The Dessarin Valley Map

Red Larch

  • Key
    1. Allfaiths Shrine
    2. The Swinging Sword
    3. The Helm At High Sun (commonly just called The Helm)
    4. Tarnlar's, Clothier
    5. Lorren's Bakery
    6. Haeleeya's Dress & Bath shop
    7. Vallivoe's Sundries

Elemental Cult Symbols

Cult of the Howling Hatred

Cult of the Black Earth

Cult of the Crushing Wave

Insert Symbol Here

House Rules

  • Natural 20's will grant 25 XP to the player
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