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Tides of Time FAQ

FAQ for Tides of Time

Info taken from FAQs in file area and various forum threads, consolidated into a Wiki page so that people can more easily find all the info in one place and update it.

List of game FAQs


After Round 1, each player will have 5 face-up cards played. After Round 2, each player will have 6 face-up cards played (1 of which is the relic they kept from Round 1). After Round 3, each player will have 7 face-up cards played (2 of which are relics they kept from Round 1 and Round 2).

After Round 1 & Round 2, players simultaneously keep (as a "Relic of the Past") one of the 5 cards they played that round and discard one of those 5 cards. Thus they retain 3 of the 5 cards they played that round in their hand, and add 2 more randomly drawn cards to those, to start the next round with 5 cards in their hand.

Do not trade hands or shuffle cards between rounds.


You can receive points at the end of each round only from cards in your own kingdom, not the opponent's.


01 Kings Nest (Królewskie Gniazdo)

You win all ties. This includes ties for most suits with one card for Molehill (some early rule versions erroneously mentioned Roof of the World instead of Molehill.)

You still need at least 1 to score something, however. You do not win 0-to-0 ties.

05 The Mana Well (Studnia Mocy)

You cannot use the same instance of a suit in more than one set when scoring this kind of "points for each set" card. E.g. if you have 2 crowns, 2 towers, and 1 hand, then you have a single set, not 2 sets. (Same for Sky Pillars.)

09 The Maze of the Damned (Labirynt Potępionych)

If you have a set of 5 symbols, then you get 13 points. You do not get 13 points for each set! (You could have 2 sets thanks to Roof of the World...) The wording on the card is intentionally different from Mana Well and Sky Pillars!

14 The Sky Pillars (Filary Niebios)

You cannot use the same instance of a suit in more than one set when scoring this kind of "points for each set" card. E.g. if you have 2 scrolls and 1 plant, then you have a single set, not 2 sets. (Same for Mana Well.)

16 The Molehill (Kretowisko)

Each player counts their singleton cards, i.e. how many suits they have represented by exactly 1 card. If your count is higher, then you earn 8 VPs. Note that Molehill intentionally refers to your number of "cards", not "suits". So if you have 1 card of each suit and you also have Roof of the World, then you have 2 of each suit, but you have 5 singleton cards for purposes of Molehill.

17 The Roof of the World (Dach Świata)

It means what it says! So if you have exactly 1 card of each of the 5 suits, then all 5 of your suits are "your most numerous suits", so it doubles all 5 of your suits, thus you (in effect) have 2 of each suit. (But you still have only 1 card of each suit, for purposes of Molehill.)

The doubled number of suits is used for all purposes in scoring (e.g. the 5 cards giving 3 points per symbol, and the 5 cards giving 7 points for a majority, and the 3 cards giving points for sets of several suits.)

18 The Sapphire Port (Szafirowy Port)

Score all the other cards to see which of them gave the most points. Sapphire Port's own potential 8 VPs are not considered when seeing which player got the most points from a scoring card.

Points earned for each instance of a suit (e.g. scrolls from Eternal Palace, etc) are doubled if you have Roof of the World. When scoring Sapphire Port, note that those doubled points are all given by the Eternal Palace card (not by Roof of the World).

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