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Your Dungeon Master for this adventure is:

United Kingdom
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For the love of all that is holy, will someone just ask her about the book?

Character Sheet
Serious? Lee
United States
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Lost in thought.

Tholan Wyderhul, Warden Marshall of Menowood
13th Level Human Ranger

STR: 11 (originally 16)
INT: 15
WIS: 14
CON: 18
DEX: 17
CHA: 16

Alignment: Neutral Good
Patron Deity: Mielikki

Hit Points (max): 86
Hit Points (current): 60

Spells memorized: 2 x 1st lvl Druid; 1 x 2nd lvl Druid; 2 x 1st lvl MU; 1 x 2nd lvl MU
Druid Spells
[ ] Faerie Fire
[ ] Detect Snares & Pits
[ ] Charm Person

Magic-User Spells
[X] Feather Fall
[ ] Shocking Grasp
[ ] Invisibility

Armour worn: +2 splint mail
AC: -4
Weapons: +1 bow "Hawk's Eye"
Weapon in hand: sling
Weapon no more: (+1 broad sword "Stinging Nettle")

Equipment List

+ 2 normal shield

10 x +1 arrows
20 x arrows
scabbard and dagger
sling and bullets x20 (in backpack)

high soft boots
fur cloak

leather scroll case
tinder box with flint & steel
water skin
2 x wax candles
2 x small belt pouches
1 x small sack
iron rations (6 days worth remaining)

snow owl feather
stick of chalk
pouch of soot
phial of vermillion
strand of copper wire
pouch of powdered brass
rose petals
phial of bitumen
piece of parchment
small lump of wax
phial of gum arabic
chunk of iron pyrite
strip of leather tied in a loop
skunk cabbage leaves
mineral prism

Level 1
Feather Fall, Friends, Message, Push, Read Magic, Shocking Grasp, Sleep, Spider Climb, Ventriliquism, Unseen Servant

Level 2
Audible Glamer, Continual Light, Invisibility, Leomund's Trap, Levitate, Pyrotechnics, Stinking Cloud, Wizard Lock

Money: 15 gp

Tholan is the third son of Odeir Wyderhul, Protector of Black Vale Pass. His father and oldest brother, Orin, aided the centaurs of Raven's Hollow in driving back invading hill giants during the Snowmelt Skirmishes of twenty years ago. Since then Tholan's family has served the County of Sunndi, maintaining a small keep there to guard the area and ensure safe passage for all travelers throughout the region. Tholan and his other brother, Rothul, trained as scouts at an early age before Tholan left with his father's blessing to join the Ancient Foresters and further his Ranger skills and abilities. After 12 years of service therein, Tholan's stature and responsibilities have risen such that he now is known by the title Warden Marshall of Menowood by appointment of His Brilliant Lordship the Count of Sunndi.

United States
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Kulkmir HsDendesen, Bladeguard of Thurgasan, Guardian of the Pact of Narkocond, Stalward of Istrakan, the Insurmountable Guardian, Lord-Protector of Thanorak, Bearer of Stannkor, the Pickaxe of Eydendon.
9th Level Dwarf Fighter

STR: 18 (91)
INT: 9
WIS: 11
CON: 18
DEX: 17
CHA: 11

Alignment: LN

Hit Points (max): 89
Hit Points (current): 78

Racial abilities :+5 saving throw vs magic and poison; infravision 60'; mining skills; combat adjustments vs orcs/goblins and giants

Armour worn: +1 ring mail
AC: -1
Weapons: Maunak-thun, grudgebearer(+2 warhammer)
Weapon in hand: Maunak-thin, grudgebearer & Tokan-roth, Foe-stopper.

Equipment List:

+ 3 normal shield

+2 warhammer
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Stannkor, the Pickaxe of Eydendon, (Pick, Military, Footman)
Helmet, Great
Backpack, Leather
Rope, 50 ft
Large Iron Spike, 5
Box, Iron, Small, Engraved with Name
Pouch, Belt, Large
Boots, High, Hard
Sack, Large
Waterskins, 2
Lantern, Hooded
Oil, Flasks of, 5
Rations, Iron, 1 weeks
Mead, 5 pints

Money (in gp, sp, cp):


United States
Red Oak
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Fly you fools!

(Master Gaius Raiko)
5th/7th/6th Level Half-Elf Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User

STR: 18 (62)
INT: 15
WIS: 17
CON: 16
DEX: 16
CHA: 12

Alignment: LG
Patron deity: Corellon Larethian

Hit Points (max): 37
Hit Points (current): 36

Magic-User Spells memorised: 4 x 1st lvl; 2 x 2nd lvl; 2 x 3rd lvl

Level 1
[X] Unseen Servant
[X] Hold Portal
[] Push
[] Spider Climb

Level 2
[] Invisibility
[] Mirror Image

Level 3
[] Fireball
[X] Monster Summoning I

Cleric Spells memorised: 5 x 1st lvl; 5 x 2nd lvl; 2 x 3rd lvl

Level 1
[][][] Cure Light Wounds
[X] Create Water (20 gallons or 75 liters for you metric people)
[] Remove Fear

Level 2
[X][X][] Find Traps
[] Silence 15' Radius
[] Slow Poison

Level 3
[] Glyph of Warding
[X] Continual Light

Armour worn: +2 chain mail
AC: -1
Weapons: +1 mace, Dart, Sling, Dagger w/ Scabbard,
Weapon in hand: +1 mace (Named THACO)

Racial abilities: 30% resistance to sleep and charm; infravision 60'; secret/concealed door detection

Weapon Proficiency: Mace, Dart, Sling, Dagger, Short Sword, Short Bow

Equipment List


+ 1 Normal Shield (in hand)

Boots of Levitation (ascend or descend vertically @ rate of 20 feet per round)
Zios Gem Ring (mother's)

20 Bullets
50' Rope
1 Large Sack
2 Small Sacks
Skin of Water (Empty) 7/18/2013
3 Iron Spikes (2 spikes in tomb holding open traps)
Tinder Box
Iron Ration, 5 days (2 days used) 7/18/2013
2 Wax Candles

Level 1
Read Magic, Detect Magic, Erase, Friends, Hold Portal, Identify, Message, Nystul's Magic Aura, Push, Unseen Servant, Spider Climb

Level 2
Darkness 15' Radius, ESP, Fools Gold, Invisibility, Leomund's Trap, Mirror Image, Pyrotechnics, Scare, Knock, Levitate

Level 3
Blink, Clairaudience, Explosive Runes, Fireball, Flame Arrow, Protection from Normal Missiles, Suggestion, Monster SummoningI

Vial of Holy Water
Prayer Beads
Iron Holy Symbol
Small Silver Mirror
Reed whistle

Money (in pp, gp, sp, cp):

The Rieuwood grows on the northeast edge of Sunndi, stretching from the Hollow Highlands to the edge of the Glorides, and serves as home to most of the Sunndi's Grey Elves. The woods are heavily patrolled by eleven and human Rangers, and this is where Gaius Raiko's life begun.

Duinor Claiss, Gaius's mother, was the renowned Rieuwood Necromancer, whose power was only outdone by her beauty. Gaius's father, Lord Erec Raiko, was the leader of the Flaming Sword, a mercenary group charged with protecting all the inhabitants from the north province. The union of Claiss and Raiko was heralded as the new ear of Rieuwood Royalty.

Gaius's life was very different from other Rieuwood children. He was reared by his mother for the first 15 years of his life, most of this time was spent in study and worship. At the age of 16 he was taken from his mother and sent to train under his father. For the next Twelve years he learned discipline, military strategy, and hand-to-hand combat.

Being a man from two worlds, Gaius found it hard to find his place and truly only felt like himself while in study. After his parents death, Gaius focused all of him time on growing the lessons he learned as a youth, and this lead him to become the greatest Master of Rieuwood.

Here he would spend the next ten years educating the children of the North Province. Although well versed in the Arts, Gaius was never one for true adventures. That was until he met Lady Lywyn. He now must prove his love and worthiness by doing the bravest thing he can imagine. Enter the Tombs of Horrors and Survive!

United States
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Sir Ulric de Rhys
Knight Commander of the Royal Guard of Nyrond
12th Level Human Paladin

STR: 11 (originally 17)
INT: 14
WIS: 15
CON: 16
DEX: 18
CHA: 17

Alignment: LG
Patron deity: Girru

Hit Points (max): 92
Hit Points (current): 92 (+14 due to Carrington's prayer)

Paladin Skills available
[] - Laying of hands (once a day. 2 pts. per level of Ulric)
[] - Cure diseases (3 times a week based on level)
[] - Call for the warhorse Buttercup!

Cleric spells memorised: 2 x 1st lvl; 2 x 2nd lvl
[] - Cure Light Wounds (lvl. 1)
[] - Cure Light Wounds (lvl. 1)
[] - Silence, 15' Radius (lvl. 2)
[] - Hold Person (lvl. 2) (requires small, straight piece of iron to cast)

Armour worn: +1 plate mail
AC: -5
Weapons: +1 broad sword, Flame Tongue (name: Kindle) (+2 vs regenerating creatures, +3 vs cold-using, inflammable, or avian creatures, +4 vs undead) (Kindle currently missing), a dagger, and Short Bow
Weapon in hand: Bow

Equipment List

+ 2 normal shield

Ring of Fire Resistance
High Hard Boots

+ 1 Plate Mail

Great Helmet
Large Belt Pouch
Leather Backpack
Short Bow
Holy symbol of Girru
Quiver - 1 Score Arrows [20]

Small, straight piece of iron
Tinder Box with flint & steel

50' of rope
Skin for water
5 wax candles
2 Large Sacks
2 Small Sacks
1 Weeks Iron Rations (consumed 1 portion)

Money (in gp, sp, cp):

Little is known of Ulric de Rhys. He was orphaned as a baby, being left at a monastery near the town of Enstad at the foot of the Lortmil Mountains. It was believed he was abandoned there because of his initial scrawny size. Within 5 years Ulric was twice the size of other children in Enstad and proved to be mentally tough. Though not the smartest student in the realm, he held his own until the monks of Donblas decided it was time to send for a proper trainer who would mold Ulric into a protector of the realm.

After a few years it was clear Ulric had a gift with the sword. The monks helped him spiritually as young Ulric devoted his life to the protection of others through the teachings of Girru the hater of evil. When Ulric came of age the monks sent him on his mission to right wrongs, live chivalrously, and at all cost defeat any and all evil in the world.

Ulric would not swear his allegiance to Girru or the monks of that order unless they agreed to take all of his earnings from the adventures he undertakes. A negotiation took place and Ulric agreed that he could furnish himself with whatever would better the cause of Girru and whatever money was left over would go to Girru and his monks.

Matt Cobb
United States
New York
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Elothar, Prince of Rieuwood
5th/11th level Elf Fighter/Magic-User

STR: 17-6 (poisoned) = 11
INT: 18
WIS: 12
CON: 15
DEX: 15
CHA: 14

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hit Points (max): 34
Hit Points (current): 27

Magic-User spells memorised: 4 x 1st lvl; 4 x 2nd lvl; 4 x 3rd lvl; 3 x 4th lvl; 3 x 5th lvl

Level 1
[] [] Magic Missile
[] Detect Magic
[] Floating Disk

Level 2
[] Detect Evil
[] Detect Invisibility
[] Knock
[] Wizard Lock

Level 3
[] Clairvoyance
[] Dispel Magic
[] Invisibility 10' Radius
[] Protection from Evil 10' Radius

Level 4
[] Ice Storm
[] Remove Curse
[] Wizard Eye

Level 5
[] Monster Summoning III
[x] Passwall
[] Stone Shape

Racial abilities: 90% resistance to sleep and charm spells; +1 to attack rolls when using bows (other than crossbows), long swords, or short swords; Infravision 60'; enhanced ability to detect secret or hidden doors; can move silently and more likely to surprise if not in armour.

Armour worn:+1 chainmail

AC: -1
Weapons: +2 short sword

Weapon in hand: short sword "Razortooth"

Equipment List

+ 3 normal shield

Scroll containing the spells Burning Hands; Disintegrate; Dispel Magic; Levitate

High, soft boots
Robe (worn over the chain mail).

handheld crossbow "Vigilance"
quiver with 2 score bolts [40]
dagger w/ scabbard

Leather backpack containing
50' of rope - burned up in the lava pit. Foolishly left it attached to the door handle before the big mudslide.
Skin for water
3 wax candles (now 2, one given to Tholan)
1 Large Sack
1 Small Sack
5 days Iron Rations
2 flasks of oil
Blanket roll

Large belt pouch containing
1 bone scroll case
1 tinder box
1 small silver mirror
1 wax candle

Spellbook with:

Level 1: Burning Hands, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Floating Disk, Hold Portal, Light, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Push, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, Spider Climb, Unseen Servant, Ventriloquism, Write

Level 2: Audible Glamour, Darkness 15 ft Radius, Detect Evil, Detect Invisibility, ESP, Forget, Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Locate Object, Magic Mouth, Rope Trick, Scare, Shatter, Stinking Cloud, Strength, Web, Wizard Lock

Level 3: Blink, Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Feign Death, Fireball, Infravision, Invisibility 10 ft Radius, Protection From Evil 10 ft Radius, Slow, Suggestion, Tiny Hut

Level 4: Dig, Dimension Door, Fear, Ice Storm, Massmorph, Plant Growth, Polymorph Other, Remove Curse, Wall of Fire, Wizard Eye

Level 5: Airy Water, Cone of Cold, Distance Distortion, Extension II, Monster Summoning III, Passwall, Stone Shape, Telekinesis

Money (in gp, sp, cp):

Life as an elf price was not hard for Elothar. He caught on quickly to the magic-user training, and although there were small raids on some of their settlements by local bandits and other less then savory humans and creatures, they provided good battle experienced and were easily dispated more often then not.

One night, everything changed. He was with a small troop of elves who were visiting one of their more remote villages near the Skugaal Mountains. They were just starting their quiet study on the last night of their week long visit, when they were awakened by a scream of "Drow!, Dro..," and then a gurgle. Most of the town was overrun in the next couple minutes, but Elothar and the other guardians were able to direct some women and children into a hidden alcove between some huge trees. After a long battle, the elves of Rieuwood were overrun by the servants of Lloth. Elothar used his last two remaining spells, Floating Disk and a ten foot radius Invisibility spell to rescue himself and ten other hurt elves, four females, five children and the eventual father of His Brilliant Lordship, The Count of Sunndi. No other elves from that village survived. On that day, Elothar determined that he needed to be more then just a magic-user, content to sit back and let the world pass by. The world was now invading his home, and he was going to prevent that from happening again. The very next week, he started the fighter's basic training to supplement his magic skills. His uncommonly great strength for an elf and natural dexterity have served him well in this regard, and his fighting prowess has come in handle multiple times, including assisting the County of Sunni against the Great Kingdom.

Elothar's handheld crossbow was left behind by the Drow after that raid. It was commanded to be destroyed, along with all the other Drow equipment and bodies, but Elothar hid the crossbow and uses it as a reminder of what can happen when complacency sets in. It's name is Vigilance.

Sylvain Martel
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11th level Halfling Thief

STR: 10 (currently 8 from poison)
INT: 11
WIS: 12
CON: 16
DEX: 18
CHA: 12

Alignment: Neutral Good

Hit Points (max): 54
Hit Points (current): 54

Armour worn: +1 leather armour
AC: 2
Weapons: +1 dagger "Ribscratcher"
Weapon in hand: dagger

Saving Throws
Poison, Paralyzation, Death Magic - 11
Petrification / Polymorph - 10
Rod, Staff and Wand - 10
Breath Weapon - 14
Spell - 11

Thief Skills

  • Pick Pockets: 105%
  • Open Locks: 92%
  • Find/Remove Traps: 80%
  • Move Silently: 106%
  • Hide in Shadows: 95%
  • Hear Noise: 40%
  • Climb Walls: 84.1%
  • Read Languages: 50%

Racial abilities: +4 save vs magic and poison; infravision 30'; detect up or down grade of passage and direction; higher chance of surprise if on own.

Equipment List
Boots of Speed

dagger x 2
bullets for sling x 10

bag of marbles
Linen 100'
Flour pouch x 4
Sand pouch x 4
Thieve's picks & tools
Backpack, leather
Small shoulder bag
small pouch on the belt righ side
large pouch on the belt left side
Lantern bullseye
Mirror, small, silver
Case, leather
Rope 10', silk
Rope 40', silk
small grappling hook for rope
Small knife
Skin for water
Tinder box and flint & steel
Iron rations for 1 week
Forgery kit (inks, papers, pens, and seals)
Magnifying glass
4 flasks of oil
10 climbing spikes with small hammer
Scratching powder(always a good laugh on someone wearing a full plate)
Wax candles x 2
Crowbar(poor's man lockpick)
4 small pieces of chalk
Blanket for colds nights

leather gloves
leather boots, soft as a kitten

200gp taken from the altar room as "payment" for the lost ring.
Learning to pick the lock of the back door of his village bakery early in his life, Finush was almost predestined to live the life of a thief.  He never understood why people had to "pay" to get something "As long as I only take what I need and don't abuse, it's ok!" was his way of thinking.  Unfortunately, he was almost alone in his way of thinking, so he quickly learned to act in the shadow.  Eventually, he joined a thieve guild in a neighborhood city, thinking he had finally found likeminded people, but quickly got delusionned by the actions of his fellow thieves, who would steel for greediness or simply out of spite.  He left(with a bounty on his head from his former guild.. "why do people who can't understand your way of thinking must always chase you?" he kept asking himself) and then started to offer his service to local adventurers who, it seems, were entirely incapable of opening locks on doors(even when it wasn't locked at all....) His servicces were offered for a small fee, and some "acquisitions" from his employers backpack("they hired me, so surely that means they accept to share what they have!")    He liked that part of his life, and he traveled across the country, listening to rumours that would help him to find new challenges and companions(and running away from those closed minded merchants in cities or villages that didnt share his views.  Pfff, barbarians.)  Eventually, he made a reputation for himself of being a reliable companion and being very good to the communities of the Hollow Highlands(even though he still steal the pies from his home village bakery)

"L'├ętat, c'est moi."
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Roger's Reviews: check out my reviews page, right here on BGG!
Caution: May contain wargame like substance

9th level Human Cleric

STR: (17) 10
INT: 10
WIS: 17
CON: 15
DEX: 15
CHA: 13

Alignment: LN
Patron deity: Odin All Father

Hit Points (max): 47
Hit Points (current): 47

Cleric spells memorized: 6x 1st lvl; 6 x 2nd lvl; 4 x 3rd lvl; 2 x 4th lvl; 1 x 5th lvl


Cure Light Wounds x2, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear, Light x2


Augury, Hold Person x2, Silence 15' Radius, Spiritual Hammer, Resist Fire


Prayer, Dispel Magic, Speak with Dead, Create Food and Water


Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison


Flame Strike

Armour worn: +1 plate mail
AC: -1
Weapons: Staff of Striking (equivalent to +3 staff, expend charges for extra damage - 28 charges)
Weapon in hand: staff

Equipment List

+ 1 normal shield

Scroll containing the spells Cure Critical Wounds; Resurrection
High Hard boots
Helmet (horned)
Silver holy symbol - Watching Eye
Necklace with silver hammer pendant
Belt with two pouches
2 garlic buds (in pouch)
Herbal infusion leaves
1 week iron rations
Large pearl - 100gp value
Lock of hair from a valkyrie
Small ceramic bowl

To be properly updated later: one of everything required to cast the spells currently in memory.


High Priest at the Great Hall of the Battle Slaves, Naerie, Idee.

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It's like armour. But awesomer.

Dolvinus Black
14th Level Human Magic-User

STR: 3 (prev 11)
INT: 18
WIS: 10
CON: 15 (8)
DEX: 17
CHA: 12

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Hit Points (max): 45
Hit Points (current): 43

Magic-User spells memorised: 5 x 1st lvl; 5 x 2nd lvl; 5 x 3rd lvl; 4 x 4th lvl; 4 x 5th lvl; 2 x 6th lvl; 1 x 7th lvl

[][] Detect Magic
[] Grease
[x] Magic Missile
[] Jump

[] Vocalize
[] Locate Object
[] Knock
[] Web
[] Rope Trick

[] Protection from Evil, 10' radius
[] Dispel Magic
[] Fly
[] Lightning Bolt
[] Haste

[] Polymorph Other
[] Stoneskin
[] Fire Shield
[] Minor Globe of Invulnerability

[] Wall of Force
[x][] Transmute Rock to Mud
[] Attraction

[][] Disintegrate

[] Mordenkainen's Sword

Armour worn: None

AC: 4
Weapons: Smaragdus, +2 dagger - "the dagger glowed with a soft green light, its blade seeming to have been carved from solid jade - the serpentine handle held the green blade between its fangs - it looked incredibly alien"

Weapon in hand: none

Equipment List

Cloak of Displacement
Ring of Protection +1
Wand of Magic Missiles [18]

Pants and Tunic (fine quality)
Belt Pouches (one large, one small)
3 Candles, wax
Spell Components
Iron Rations (1 week less one day)
Tinder Box, Flint & Steel
Boots, high, soft
small silver mirror
2 bone scroll cases
parchment, quill, ink
wineskin, full(ish)

Spellbook, with:

1st: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Erase, Feather Fall, Grease, Mount, Protection From Evil, Run, Shield, Sleep, Spider Climb, Tenser's Floating Disc, Charm Person, Enlarge, Hold Portal, Identify, Jump, Magic Missile

2nd: Bind, Continual Light, Forget, Invisibility, Know Alignment, Leomund's Trap, Locate Object, Magic Mouth, Preserve, Scare, Stinking Cloud, Strength, Vocalize, Levitate, Web, Wizard Lock, Knock, Rope Trick

3rd: Blink, Clairaudience, Cloudburst, Explosive Runes, Feign Death, Fly, Gust of Wind, Infravision, Item, Material, Protection From Evil 10' radius, Sepia Snake Sigil, Tongues, Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste, Lightning Bolt

4th: Dig, Dimension Door, Dispel Illusion, Evard's Black Tentacles, Fear, Fire Shield, Fumble, Hallucinatory Terrain, Magic Mirror, Massmorph, Remove Curse, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Polymorph Other, Stoneskin, Wall of Ice, Wall of Fire, Wizard Eye, Leomund's Secure Shelter

5th: Avoidance, Fabricate, Hold Monster, Leomund's Secret Chest, Passwall, Teleport, Transmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Stone, Wall of Force, Bigby's Interposing Hand
6th: Bigby's Forceful Hand, Control Weather, Eyebite, Glassee, Move Earth, Part Water, Repulsion, Transmute Water to Dust, Disinegrate, Chain Lightning

7th: Cacodemon, Drawmij's Instant Summons, Power Word Stun, Mordenkainen's Sword, Volley

Money (in gp, sp, cp):


Dolvinus and Dunstan were childhood friends, the sort of pairing that brings to mind thoughts of 'how ever did they meet' and 'really? those two?', but friends they were. Over the years they were pulled apart various times as war and studies moved the pair to and fro. When Dunstan rose to the crown, he immediately called Dolvinus to his side. One of the youngest Court Wizards in recorded history, Dolvinus had not been ready to settle down, as a passion for magical treasure hunting continued to burn in his soul. However, the promise of funding from coffers as large as those of of the empire's, and a relatively free schedule were too much for Dolvinus and he agreed to the post. When news of the Tomb was revealed to the King, Dolvinus immediately agreed to join the expedition, sure that treasures of great magical importance were waiting to be discovered. Even if that great prat of a Knight did have to come along....

Mike Walker
United States
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Carrington the Light Seeker, High Priest of the Temple of the Shining Muses
14th Level Human Cleric

STR: 16 (Currently 14 from drunk thieves)
INT: 12
WIS: 18
CON: 16
DEX: 16
CHA: 14

Alignment: LG
Patron deity: Apollo

Hit Points (max): 77
Hit Points (current): 68

Spells memorised: (8)1st lvl: Detect Evil (1/1), Detect Magic (1/3), Resist Cold (1/1), Light (0/2), Protection from Evil (1/1). (8)2nd lvl: Augury (1/1), Find Traps (1/4), Resist Fire (1/1), Silence 15' Radius (1/1), Slow Poison (1/1). (7)3rd lvl: Continual Light (1/1), Locate Object (1/1), Remove Curse (1/1), Prayer (1/1), Dispel Magic (2/3). (6)4th lvl: Neutralize poison (0/1), Cure Serious Wounds 3/3) (2d8+1), Exorcise (1/1), Protection from Evil 10' Radius (1/1). (3)5th lvl: True Seeing (1/2), Raise Dead (1/1). (2)6th lvl: Heal (1/1), Stone Tell (1/1)

Armour worn:+3 plate mail

AC: -7
Weapons: +3 mace "Imposer of Light"
Weapon in hand: mace

Equipment List

+ 3 normal shield

Equipment List
Large Helm
Hooded Lantern
Golden Sun Holy Symbol
6' pole
Iron Rations 5 days
Rope 50' (on floor at entrance of tomb marking safe passage)
2 torches
4 vials of oil
2 vials of holy water
hammer and 4 iron spikes
one shiny gem to cast augury
Money (in gp, sp, cp):


(Yurka Gemworker)
7th/8th level Dwarf Fighter/Thief

STR: 12 (16)
INT: 12
WIS: 9
CON: 18
DEX: 17
CHA: 8

Alignment: Neutral Neutral

Hit Points (max): 55
Hit Points (current): 9

Armour worn: leather armour
AC: 2
Weapons: +1 short sword; +1 dagger
Weapon in hand: +1 short sword

Thief Skills
  • Pick Pockets: 70%
  • Open Locks: 77%
  • Find/Remove Traps: 70%
  • Move Silently: 67%
  • Hide in Shadows: 54%
  • Hear Noise: 25%
  • Climb Walls: 86%
  • Read Languages: 35%

Racial abilities: +4 save vs magic and poison; infravision 60'; mining skills; combat adjustments vs orcs/goblins and giants

Equipment List
Ring of Invisibility
fancy crown from crumbling room
Cloak of Protection +3
Thieves Picks and Tools
Boots low soft
Sling with 3 dozen bullets
Pieces of a diamond and emerald encrusted locket
A large clear diamond

Bag of Holding (family size)
18 pints of ale
Rope 95'
Rope 5'
iron rations, 19 days
pick military footmans
9 pints of Mead
5 flasks of oil
5 water skins
3990 Gold


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