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Name Torrone
Concept Smooth-talking opportunistic thrill-seeker
Player MABBY / Murray
Nationality Vodacce
Wealth 1

Gaining Hero Point
• Either he or the GM activates his Hero’s Hubris.
• He chooses to say, “My Hero fails.” No dice rolled
• His Hero acts in a way as described by his Quirks. Once per session
• The GM buys any unused dice that aren’t part of a Raise for danger points.
Using Hero Points
• Add one bonus d10 to his roll, can be used multiple times.
• Add three bonus d10s to another Hero’s roll before a Risk.
• Activate a special ability on his Hero Sheet.
• Take an Action while Helpless.

Brawn Finesse Resolve Wits Panache
2 3 2 3 3

Background Quirk
Artist Earn a hero point when you make a sacrifice in the hope of making Théah a more beautiful place
Consigliere Earn a Hero Point when you take a great risk to protect someone else’s secret.

Aim 2 Perform 2
Athletics Ride 2
Brawl Sailing 1
Convince 3 Scholarship 1
Empathy 2 Tempt 2
Hide 1 Theft 1
Warfare Intimidate
Notice 1 Weaponry 2
Level 3: Re-roll a single die
Talent Effect
Patron You have a patron, either an individual or an organi-zation, who appreciates your work and supplies you with steady employment. You begin each session with 1 Wealth. You may spend a Hero Point to call in a favor from your Patron. This favor is typically polit-ical or mercantile in some way—your Patron might provide you a letter of introduction, or pull strings to get you into an exclusive party, etc. Your Patron may ask you for favors or have other expectations for you, such as expecting you to produce goods or art on her behalf if you are an artist or aiding the populace in her name if you are a knight.

Zaina Florente, a 40 year-old widow whose portrait I once painted, before her husband passed away.
She has strong ties to a secret organization that operates in Vodacce.
From time to time, she asks me to do her favors and, since I like her (and somewhat fear the repercussions of the secret organization if I don't comply), I will usually do whatever she asks of me.
She pays my expenses, usually, although I don't take advantage of that and will pay my own way if need be.

Fascinate Spent a Hero Point to capture the attention of another character. That character pays attention only to you until the end of the Scene or until you cease speaking/paying attention, whichever comes first.
We are not so different... Spend a Hero Point to convince a Villain you are on her side. The Villain considers you a trusted ally. As soon as the Villain sees you perform a Heroic action or if you refuse to perform a Villainous action, the illusion is over. You can only use this Advantage on each Villain once. “Fool me once...”
Streetwise You can spend a Hero Point to locate a fixer, an infor-mation broker, a black market, or a similar under-world figure.
Able Drinker Alcohol never adversely affects you, no matter how much you drink.
Perfect Balance Spend a Hero Point to move across a thin beam, jump from one place to another, or otherwise perform a feat of perfect agility and balance.
Poison Immunity Poison never affects you, aside from some potential mild discomfort. If the poison would ordinarily kill you, it might cause you only to vomit instead, but there are no additional effects.
Small You are smaller than average. In situations when a small size is advantageous, your roll an extra die.

Virtue: Moonless Night -- Subtle
Activate your Virtue when you act behind the scenes, from the shadows, or through a proxy. For the next Risk, when you determine Raises, every die counts as a Raise.
Hubris: The Witch -- Manipulative
You receive a Hero Point when you try to get someone else to do your dirty work for you, and it backfires.

Goal: Gain influence in Castille and become an advisor to the Royal Couple.
Ending: Get a percentage of the Wedding Dowry and end up stealing some influence from the Council of Cardinals of Castille.
1st step: Find a beautiful maiden with a pedigree that is good enough for a king.

I feel at home in the city of Vestini, in the province of Vodacce.
It being a port city, I'm intrigued by the arrivals of foreign people and goods, and the wealth brought with them from overseas.

My opinion of the Church in this country is low. I don't trust 'em.
I'm quite used to being around the majority of the people there who do support the church, however, and I routinely say and do things that make me appear to fit in. I'm not so opposed that I want to overthrow the church and the system, but I'm certain not happy within it.

I actually have relatives who are totally dedicated to the Church, but I try to avoid them as best I can. I'm looking to "get out of town", I think. See what the rest of the world has to offer.

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