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Tracking Awards on BGG

BoardGameGeek has a module for tracking awards and honors, but not every award is tracked using this module. At this moment, an award may be tracked if:

  1. It covers a large section of board games; and
  2. It focuses on the quality of the games as games; and
  3. It is either:
    • A national award; or
    • An award based upon the votes of many (1,000+) people.

To clarify the first item: An award that targets chess variants or fantasy-themed worker-placement games will not be tracked. A section like war games or children's games is acceptable.

As for the second item, an example of an award that would not qualify is an award for the game that has been produced in the most environmentally-friendly way, or an award for the game that would make the best décor. (That said, both subjects might get included for completeness' sake if they were categories for a larger award.)

Awards List

Note: Not all awards that are currently in the system comply with these guidelines. These awards were added before the guidelines were fleshed out, and the decision has been made to leave them in.

Information on awards that are not tracked can be added in the Community Wiki section of the game pages.

For more information on the awards/honors module, contact Purple.

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