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Twilight Imperium FAQ

Introduction to the Unofficial FAQ

With two expansions to the 3rd Edition, it's time we get started capturing all the rulings in one place. This wiki goes beyond the published rules and FAQs to serve the player community.

Official rulebook (core)
Official rulebook (Shattered Empires)
Official rulebook (Shards of the Throne)
2.5 FAQ (all) (last update 27 March 2012)

Questions are in bold.
Official answers are in italics, with a link to the thread.

Thanks to all those who take time to craft excellent questions and responses. We especially appreciate the many, friendly replies we have received from Corey Konieczka at Fantasy Flight Games for helping us better navigate the Twilight Imperium universe. We all fly straighter with his help.

Alphabetized Abbreviations

AC: Action Card
CA: Cruiser
CV: Carrier
DD: Destroyer
DN: Dreadnought
FFG: Fantasy Flight Games
FF: Fighter
FS: Flagship
GF: Ground Force
GR: Game Round
MU: Mechanized Unit
PC: Political Card
PDS: Planetary Defense System
PN: Promissory Note
PO: Public Objective
PrO: Preliminary Objective
SC: Strategy Card
SD: Space Dock
SE: Shattered Empires, the first TI3 expansion
SO: Secret Objective
SotT: Shards of the Throne, the second TI3 expansion
WS: War Sun

As they appear in citations, "Corey, FFG" means Corey Konieczka, a designer on both TI3 expansions: Shattered Empires and Shards of the Throne. "Adam, FFG" refers to Adam Sadler, a producer on the second expansion (SotT).

Action Cards

Q: Is a player using the "Patrol" AC limited to moving their own ships? (thread)
A: Yes.

Q: Can the player using the "Patrol" AC choose to move zero cruisers? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to JohnnyCwtb) You can move zero ships if you choose. Since it says "Up to 2", zero is a perfectly valid choice, and you are indeed resolving the text on the card.

Q: Can I play the Rally of the People AC if my enemy has ships in my home system but I still hold one or more of the planets therein? If I do, do we immediately begin combat??
A: (FAQ p. 2) You cannot play Rally of the People if your Home System is blockaded.

Q: If an AC is sabotaged, can you play another copy of the same AC in identical circumstances? Can that second card be sabotaged? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) Yes to both. The FAQ states that sabotaged cards are considered not to have been played.

Q: Can the Emergency Repairs Action Card be played to repair a ship that has sustained enough hits to destroy it, after sustaining the final hit but before it is removed from the board? For example, can Emergency Repairs be played on a War Sun after it has been assigned two hits that would destroy it, but before it is removed from the board, thereby repairing it completely? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to rorshocker) No, you may not use emergency repairs after the ship has sustained 2 damage. If your ship has sustained 1 damage and is about to sustain a second damage, you could play emergency repairs before the second one is applied. This would leave your ship with 1 damage sustained (i.e.: still on its side, but not destroyed).

Q: If an action card is randomly stolen, can a player volunteer to give up a particular action card as long as both parties agree? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) No.


Q: If I have no GFs and only PDS units on a planet, are they still allowed to fire at invading GF? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to broken) Yes, the PDS will fire at you.

Q: If a player retreats does it count as the other player winning a space battle? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) Yes, and this also applies to the Naalu special ability.

Q: If a player activates a system and sends ships into that system, and an enemy has ships in that system, however, the activated player's ships are destroyed by PDS fire, does that still count as a space battle? PDS fire isn't actually a space battle, however if the PDS cannons were not there, there would be space battle. Are trade contracts broken? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) No. A space battle would never begin. This would not break trade contracts.

Q: Do PDS cannons get +1 when defending from or firing into a Nebula? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) No.


Q: Do admirals provide extra die rolls to bombardment? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) No.

Q: Do admirals provide extra movement to DNs if they were not aboard at the beginning of the activation? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero) Yes, they can be picked up at any point along the way.


Q: During a transfer action, must you move at least two different ships between the two systems or can you move ships out of one system into an adjacent system and build? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) You can move as many or as few ships as you’d like.

Q: Are "As an Action" Action cards, and Muaat and Sol's SA special abilities considered tactical actions for purposes of fleet logistics? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) If an ability specifically allows you to perform a specific action, such as two tactical actions, then these count as that type of action (i.e.: tactical actions). If the ability does not specify an action type, then it is not a specific type of action.

Political Cards

Q: Is there a specific order in which players gain victory points due to the political card Mutiny? If two or more player require one additional victory point to win, who wins? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) Players would receive victory points in standard order of play (much like qualifying for objectives). As soon as a player receives 10 victory points, he would win the game.

Q: If Checks & Balances passes with a FOR vote, what happens when someone chooses a strategy card with one or more bonus tokens?
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) According to the wording in the rule book, the player who selects the strategy card receives the tokens. He gives the strategy card to another player but keeps the bonus tokens. I believe that this is fine since the point of the tokens is to encourage someone to choose the card.

Q: If Checks & Balances passes with a FOR vote, what happens if you're the last player to pick a card and everybody else has already picked a card?
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) If each other player already has a Strategy card, the last player would get to pick his own card.

Q: Prophecy of Ixth requires the elected player to build 2 fighters every game round to keep the benefit. Does the Muaat ability to spend 1 CC from SA and produce 2 fighters count? What about building fighters using the refresh ability on Mirage?
A: (Corey, FFG, to banzailizard) Although you could argue whether using the Muaat ability is technically “building fighters”, the intent is that this would fulfill the requirement of Prophecy of Ixth.

Q:When exactly does Minister of Commerce take place in the status phase: before or after trade stations? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) Because this card does not specify the timing, the player who owns this card can use it at any point during the status phase.


Special Abilities

Q: Does the -1 on combat rolls against the Xxcha during the first combat round apply to Hostile Locals tokens or the Mecatol Rex custodians? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No. Custodians are NEVER considered opponents. (FAQ, pg. 11) Opposing forces are defined as forces controlled by another player. It follows that the answer is no for Hostile Locals as well. Note also that Corey corrected his previous ruling on this situation.

Strategy Cards

Q: Can a strategy card's ability allow production of spaceships at a blockaded space dock?
A: (FAQ p. 6, for Imperial I) No, as normal Space Dock building restrictions apply. By extension, the same applies to other SCs that allow production.

Technology Cards

Q: If a player has Integrated Economy and a SD is blockaded, may a player activate the blockaded SD system to place GFs, MUs, or PDS units on a friendly planet in an adjacent, activated system? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) A blockaded space dock cannot produce ships, but may still produce ground forces, mechanical units or PDS. If you have integrated economy, these units may be placed in the adjacent activated system following normal integrated economy rules.

Q: When producing with Integrated Economy, are you limited to one adjacent system, or can you place the new units in multiple activated, adjacent systems? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to rorshocker) All of these units must be placed in one adjacent activated system.


Q: Do FFs count as ships?
A: (rulebook) Yes.

Victory Conditions

Q: Can you satisfy the "Merciless" SO if the player whose Space Dock you destroy builds another later in the turn? (thread)
A: Yes, because at the time it was destroyed, it was the last one.

Q: The Secret Objective "Regulator" requires destroying Space Docks controlled by two different players in a Game Round. Does destroying a Space Dock through Local Unrest count towards the objective?
A: (Corey, FFG, to theasaris) Yes, this card does not refer to combat and therefore can be fulfilled by action cards that destroy space docks.

Q: Regarding the tie-breaker rules when Imperium Rex is triggered: The third tie-breaker is "unused Command Counters." Are these a) all CCs left in reinforcements, i.e. 16 minus those on the board and on the race sheet, b) those left in reinforcements and on the race sheet, i.e. 16 minus those on the board, or c) still something different?
A: (Corey, FFG, to theasaris) The third tiebreaker is the number of command counters on your race sheet and the fourth is the number of command counters left in your reinforcements.

Q: What wormholes are required for the "Keeper of the Games" (or "Master of the Gates") Secret Objective? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) All A/B/C wormholes printed on systems and on scenario tokens, excluding the wormhole nexus, are necessary for Keeper of the Gates. All other wormholes are not needed.

Q: What should a player do if their Secret Objective is not completable (e.g. "Keeper of the Gates" with no wormholes, or required to get tech specialities, but not enough exist)? What if this happens partway through the game (e.g. due to "Nova Seed" replacing a required speciality with a supernova)?
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) The rulebook unfortunately does not cover what happens if it is impossible for a player to fulfill his secret objective. I would rule that if a player’s secret objective is impossible to fulfill during setup, he can reveal this card to discard it and draw a new one. However if something happens throughout the game that makes it impossible, then he is stuck with the card.

Q: Are Public Objectives that require taking control of planets that contain at least one opposing Ground Force also attainable by taking control of a planet that only contains a Mechanized Unit? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Kristobal) Yes.

Distant Suns

Q: What happens if the "Settlers" Distant Suns token is revealed when the invading force contains a PDS a) if the Settlers are mine, and b) if they're an enemy?? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to beri) a) Your PDS would remain on the planet. b) The PDS is destroyed.

Q: Can you use pre-combat abilities other than the Anti-Fighter Barrage when fighting a "Fighter Ambush"? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jeffpoole) Although you do not use Anti Fighter barrage in this battle, there is nothing restricting you from using other pre-combat abilities.

Q: When landing Ground Forces on multiple neutral planets in a system with domain counters: the first counter revealed is a Fighter Ambush and the fleet is destroyed. Do the Ground Forces allocated to the second planet still land? Do you reveal the second domain counter? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to rickk) All ground forces are allocated to planets at the same time. If the first landing finds a Fighter Ambush that destroys all carriers in the system, then all other ground forces will still land on their planets and resolve any domain counters or invasion combat on those planets.

Q: What happens when Muaat flips a supernova Deep Space Counter? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) All ships in the system are destroyed, and it is then treated as a supernova.


Q: What exactly is a unit?
A: (core rulebook) Any plastic pieces including SDs, PDS, and ships (pg. 4). GFs and FFs represented by counters are also units (pg. 6). SotT adds three additional unit types: Mechanized Units (MUs), Flagships (FS), and Mercenaries (FAQ, pg. 13).

Q: What exactly is a ship?
A: (core rulebook) Fighters, Cruisers, Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Destroyers, and War Suns (pg. 12). In SotT, Flagships and Mercenaries in space are also ships (FAQ, pg. 13).

Q: In the beginning of Strategy Phase before players have selected SCs, one player announces an AC play and the Yssaril player announces the intent to play the special ability to look at that player's hand. The AC played is Cultural Crisis and Yssaril is the Speaker. (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to thor) The Speaker chooses the order in which the special abilities and action cards are resolved.

Shattered Empires

Political Cards

New Strategy Cards

Q: When using Trade II and the LAW "Class Struggle" is in effect, are the bonus 3 Trade Goods from Trade II counted in the distribution of wealth? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) Since these 3 trade goods are received from the Trade Strategy card, Class Struggle would apply. These trade goods should be added to any received from trade goods before dividing them up among players.

Q: Can the High Alert token be picked up in transit---that is, by a ship that starts its movement in another hex? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) No. This token may only be moved with ships that started in the system.

Q: Does the High Alert token grant +1 to fighters participating in Invasion Combat through the use of "Graviton Negator"? The Warfare II card says that it grants a bonus to all ships on all combat rolls, while the rulebook says that it applies only in Space Combat. (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) No, it only grants the bonus during combat. The rulebook is a clarification of the complete rules. Presumably by this Corey means Space Combat, since he refers to the rulebook.

Q: When using the secondary of Warfare II, can one of the ships move into a system vacated by the other? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Yes.

Q: The rules state that Action Cards and Political Cards referring to Strategy Cards not in the game should be removed if not playing with those cards. Does this include cards that only include those cards as exceptions to their effects? A number of the "Strategic Foo" cards seem like they will work fine without those cards in the game, and it seems like a shame to take them out.(thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Without listing each specific card, it is too difficult to discern between which cards are "restrictions" and are compatible. Therefore the official way is to remove all cards that refer to these strategy cards, even if they could technically work.

Saar Space Docks

Q: Can Saar Space Docks move out of activated systems? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No. The golden rule is that units cannot move out of activated systems.

Q: Can the Gravity Drive affect Saar Space Dock movement? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No, they cannot use Gravity Drive.
Q: Can a Saar Agent or Shock trooper steal an opponent's spacedock?
A: (Corey, FFG, to ThierryV) Yes, the Clan of Saar can steal a space dock. If they do so, it would “detach” from the planet.

Shock Troops

Q: During invasion combat, the attacker rolls a 10 during the last round of combat. Does the GF turn into a ST in time to capture any enemy PDS/SDs/Facilities? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) A unit that becomes a shock troop during the last round of combat CAN capture a PDS/Space Dock/Facility at the end of that combat.

Space Mines

Race-Specific Technologies

Q: Regarding Yssaril Shuttle Logistics: When a system is chosen to move GF out of the system, does it apply to 1GF in the system or all GF in a system? How does this work if the system has more than 1 planet? If it applies to all GF in the system how does that work in the destination system, if the destination system has more than 1 planet?
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) This applies to all GF in the system. The GF may come from multiple planets. All GF must move to a single destination planet.


Q: If something allows you to get a free tech can you choose a racial tech (e.g. DS counters or PCs like Ancient Artifact)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) No.

Shards of the Throne

Action Cards

Q: Can the AC Scientist Assassination stop Nekro Virus from acquiring CCs through the tech secondary? Would Scientist Assassination prevent Nekro from trying to acquire a tech and therefore not the 3 CC? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Kristobal) Yes, if you prevent them from acquiring technology then they cannot receive the 3 CCs.

Q: Some Action Cards refer to the Galactic Senate option? Is this supposed to be Political Intrigue? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Yes.

The Arborec

Q: Can Arborec Ground Forces or the Duha Menaimon (flagship) produce with the secondary of the Imperial II card. (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sarcasmorator) No, as the Imperial II card specifically says that only Space Docks may produce.

Q: Can the Arborec produce at their Ground Forces during a Transfer Action? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Yes.

Q: Does Integrated Economy work for Arborec GF (or flagship) production? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) No.

The Ghosts of Creuss

Q: Can the Ghosts use an "A" or "B" wormhole with no mate to connect to the other kind of wormhole, even though wormholes without mates are usually ignored? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to asdsfsgshsjk) The Ghost of Creuss can use any of these wormholes, regardless of whether they have a 'mate' or not (as per their racial ability).

Q: If the Creuss are in a WH system, the ability is clear: no opponents may use the WH to arrive in that system and attack the Creuss. What happens if the Creuss are adjacent to an A/B WH system, say in empty space, and a player uses the A/B WH to arrive in the adjacent system and then continues movement to the Creuss destination system which contains no WHs? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) Players cannot use a wormhole at any point in their movement, if they would end their movement in a system controlled by the Ghosts of Creuss. This does not require the ghosts to control the wormhole being used.

The Nekro Virus

Q: If the Yin use the special ability to discard a participating Destroyer or Cruiser to inflict a hit when fighting the Nekro, may the Nekro player copy a technology from the Yin player? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No, the Nekro player is not destroying the unit, so cannot trigger this ability.

Q: If Nekro plays the AC Friendly Fire against another player, does this count as Nekro destroying the fighters? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No, the targeted player is destroying her own fighters. The Nekro player must destroy the unit or units to trigger the ability.


Q: Can the Xxcha Flagship fire to an adjacent system from an Ion Storm?
A: (Corey, FFG, to theasaris) They may fire FROM the Ion Storm, but cannot fire INTO the Ion Storm.

Q: Do ships destroyed by The Alastor exploding count towards objectives? For which player? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Yes. They count as if the Nekro player destroyed them.

Arc Secundus

Q: Does the Letnev Flagship's bombardment ability allow it to raze distant sun tokens? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to rorshocker) Only Dreadnaughts and War Suns can raze distant sun tokens.

Q: Can the Letnev Flagship use X-89 bacterial weapon technology? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to rorshocker) The Letnev Flagship cannot use X-89 Bacterial Weapon.

Q: Does the presence of a Scientist on a planet with a PDS prevent bombardment by the Letnev Flagship, as with a War Sun? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to rorshocker) Scientists do not prevent PDS bombardment from the Letnev flagship.

The Van Hauge

Q: Are GFs in the same system as the Yin flagship Van Hauge subject to PDS fire? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) No, the FAQ is wrong. The ground forces are not treated as fighters until combat begins.

Q: Do the GFs in the same system as the Yin flagship Van Hauge use the Fighter combat value or GF value? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) Fighter combat values.

Q: Can you only use SOME of the GFs in the same system as the Van Hauge? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) You can use as many as you wish. You do not have to treat them all as fighters.

Q: Can GFs in the same system as the Yin flagship Van Hauge come from planets? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) Yes, as long as they are in the system.

Q: How do Shock Troops participate in the same system as the Yin flagship Van Hauge? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) Shock forces would be treated like normal fighters. They lose all abilities and restrictions of shock troops while fighters (so therefore do not need to be taken as casualties first).

Q: Can a GF used as a fighter be revived with Gen Synthesis if they are in the same system as the Yin flagship Van Hauge? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) NO. During combat it is treated as a fighter, not a ground force. Therefore it can't be revived. Likewise, it would not receive any combat bonuses provided to ground forces.

Q: Can the Van Hauge allow GFs in a system to take PDS fire directed at ships? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) No. The FAQ is incorrect; the Van Hauge's ability applies only during Space Battles.

Q: What combat values do GFs use when being used as FFs with the Van Hauge? What about Shock Troops? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) They use the FF combat values as they are treated as FFs for all purposes. Shock Troops lose their special abilities.

Q: Can GFs on a planet fight as FFs with the Van Hauge? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) Yes, as long as they are in the system.

Q: Where does a GF on a planet that decides to participate in a Space Battle as an FF (due to Van Hauge) go after the combat? The natural rule would be that it is in the ship that provided the necessary capacity for it to serve as an FF, but this doesn't work well if you have Advanced Fighters and launch more GFs than you have capacity for. Alternatively, GFs in combat could return to any friendly planet in the system, even if they were previously being carried on a ship. (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) They return to the planet or carrier that they started on.

Q: What happens to a GF fighting in combat as an FF when the Van Hauge is destroyed? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) The fighters continue fighting in the current combat.

The Fall of the Empire Scenario

Mechanized Units

Q: If the "Colonial Redistribution" PC is used on a planet containing an MU, what happens to it? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to beri) Since units of 2 players cannot exist on the same planet, the mechanized units would be destroyed.

Q: If the "Dispute Resolution" PC is used on a planet containing an MU, what happens to it? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to beri) The planet would not revert to neutral status, because mechanized units can control planets.

Q: What happens if the "Radiation" Distant Suns token is revealed when the invading force contains an MU? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to beri) Since Mechanized units can control planets, you would gain control of the planet.

Q: What happens if the "Fighter Ambush" Distant Suns token is revealed when the invading force contains an MU? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to beri) If you fail the space battle, the mechanized units would also be destroyed.

Q: What happens if the "Settlers" Distant Suns token is revealed when the invading force contains an MU? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to beri) The mechanized units would return to their ship.

Q: Can mechanized units be prevented from invading with a Diplomat? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to garfielder) Diplomats may be used to prevent ANY invasion combat.


Q: Given the rulebook (pg. 12) and FAQ pg. 13, Corey had ruled elsewhere that a merc on a planet would not cause a planet to revert to neutral if GFs voluntarily moved away. This spawned several related questions (paraphrased): Why would the planet revert to neutral if the defending GFs are destroyed, but not if the defending GFs left on their own volition? Also, lets say the GFs leave the planet, leaving the Mercenary alone, and the planet stays under control. If an enemy invades the planet, but all the enemy invaders survive, the FAQ ruling would indicate that NOW the planet would revert to neutral? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13 I honestly think that the Rulebook/FAQ is incorrect. The whole idea of a planet reverting to neutral if you have only a mercenary there is odd, especially if you can voluntarily retreat all ground forces from a planet and still retain control of it. I really think that players should be able to establish control of the planet instead of it reverting to neutral. Now I have not had time to update the FAQ yet, and this may have unseen ramifications, but this is a new ruling that I am intending to make.

Q: Can the Mercenary "52N6" prevent War Suns from participating in combat by targeting the "War Sun" tech?
A: No, as the "War Sun" tech only affects production of War Suns.

Q: If a Mercenary is on a planet with Ground Forces, and an enemy fleet bombards, can hits be assigned to the Mercenary? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13 Yes, Mercenaries can be affected by bombardment.

Q: If a Mercenary is alone on a planet (and thus the planet is neutral), if a player tries to invade the planet, do they fight the Mercenary? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13 Yes, they would fight the mercenary.

Q: If a Mercenary is on a planet, can an enemy Dreadnought bombard to try and kill the Mercenary? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) Yes, they could bombard the planet to try and kill the mercenary.

Q: What happens if a Mercenary is part of an invading force, and wins the combat but is the last unit left? Are PDS/Space Docks destroyed? Does it count as success for objectives? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) The invasion combat is considered a success and defending PDS and Space Docks are destroyed. The planet then reverts to neutral status.

Q: Do Mercenaries count towards the number of ships needed for the Public Objective "I won a space battle against at least 3 opposing ships."? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) Yes.

Q: If a Mercenary is the only space unit in a system, can its owner control that system (if he controls all planets as well)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) No. Mercenaries never count for controlling a planet or system.

Q: Does a Mercenary count as a spaceship for the Action Card Diplomatic Immunity? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) Yes.

Q: Can Military Foresight be played when a Mercenary is destroyed? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) Yes.

Q: If so, can the player destroying the Mercenary still play Collect Bounty in such a case? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) Yes.

Q: Does a ship return fire in the first round of combat if destroyed by the Mercenary Krevvil's ability: "at the start of a battle, you may deal one hit to a participating enemy Mercenary ship of your choice"? Can the "Direct Hit" action card be used in connection with Krevvil's ability? (thread)
A (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser): The enemy ship does not receive return fire for this ability. Direct hit may be used with this ability (or with any pre-combat ability that deals damage).

Q: When the Mercenary T'ugar participates in a space battle, does T'ugar's special ability happen before or after pre-combat ACs are played (ability allows him to discard an opponent's AC)? Does the defender determine when this and other Mercenary abilities are used? (thread)
A (Corey, FFG, to rorshocker): T’ugar’s ability is classified as a pre-combat ability. If there are multiple pre-combat abilities (such as someone wishing to play an action card at the start of the battle), the defender chooses the order in which the effects are resolved. For example, he could choose to allow the action card to be resolved before or after T’ugar’s ability.


Q: If player A attacks player B and is destroyed during the PDS fire step, can player A still claim the prelim that says she attacked a player with whom she had a trade agreement even though she never made it to the combat step? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) No. A space battle was not resolved because all ships were destroyed before the space battle.

Political Cards

Q: Regarding the law Documenting Research, when Jol-Nar is not the active player, are techs acquired by Jol-Nar's racial execution of the primary of the Technology II SC while exercising the secondary ability considered "acquired using the primary ability" and therefore also techs which may be acquired at no cost by other players? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Rorshocker) No. The Jol-Nar’s extra tech does not count for documented research. This would cause all sorts of timing issues.

Q: If the LAW "Class Struggle" passes with a FOR vote when playing with Trade III, are Trade Goods received through the card's secondary added to the totals before distribution, or does the Political Card only apply to the primary ability of the Strategy Card? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to theasaris) This Political card only applies to the trade goods acquired from the primary ability of Trade III.

Promissory Note Cards

Race-Specific Technologies

Q: Do the casualties of the "Dimensional Splicer" racial tech get to return fire? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to JohnnyCwtb) This works exactly like the minelayers card. The hit is inflicted, but the ship is not destroyed until the end of the first round.

Q: Is the "Dimensional Splicer" a pre-combat ability (see pg. 3 of the FAQ)? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to JohnnyCwtb) This works exactly like the minelayers card. The hit is inflicted, but the ship is not destroyed until the end of the first round.

Q: Does the Special Ops Training racial tech apply to non-combat rolls that occur during Invasion Combat, such as rolls for Gen Synthesis? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) No. This only applies to combat rolls.

Q: Are wormholes created by the "Slave Wormhole Generator" also ignored for Keeper of the Gates? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Yes, they are ignored for this objective.

Q: If Muaat uses Nova seed, can I fire PDS into the now supernova system? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) Yes.


Q: When using the Yssaril spy representative So Ata to reduce an odd number of votes, is the final result rounded up or down?
A: (Adam, FFG, to Sunchaser) The final result of the reduced votes is rounded up.

Q: Is abstaining considered a way of voting? Can an abstaining representative be killed by the N'orr spy Redband R't'an? What if the player is forced to abstain (e.g. by the Action Card "Thugs")? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) Yes, abstaining is considered a "way of voting". If you are forced to abstain, this could cause you to be killed by the N'orr Spy.

Q: Since abstaining is considered a way of voting, can the Winnu Counsillor Berekar Berekom abstain to get a free cruiser guaranteed?
A: (Corey, FFG, to ThierryV) Although Abstaining is a form of voting, Abstaining is not a valid outcome for a agenda and therefore does not apply to this situation. If you abstain from voting with this representative, you do not get a free cruiser.

Q: What happens if a revealed spy is killed/assassinated before his ability has fully taken effect? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Sunchaser) If a spy is killed after its has been revealed, any later effect of its ability still happens. The only way to prevent its ability from happening is to assassinate it before revealing the card.

Q: What happens when Necessary Bureaucracy is used with Representatives? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Arandor) It doesn't make sense to choose representatives again, nor resolve representative abilities again (because they are already revealed). Keep the Representatives the votes you had, do not reveal spies, and re-declare any voting-related effects.

Q: How does Necessary Bureaucracy affect Promissory Notes, specifically in conjunction with representatives that interact with Promissory Notes? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) The second vote should be treated as a separate vote for the purposes of bargaining and representative abilities. Promissory Notes from the first vote do not carry over, and players may again offer Promissory Notes for the second vote.

Q: How does Necessary Bureaucracy impact the Xxcha rep Xxekir Grom's ability assuming that in Vote 1 the active player does NOT offer a PN but in Vote 2 the active player DOES offer him a PN? Does the +3 from the first vote still carry over? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No, these bonus votes from the first vote do not carry over.

Q: In the same situation with Xxekir Grom, what happens if the active player does NOT offer a PN in Vote 2? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) The Xxcha player would get +3 votes.

Q: Regarding Necessary Bureaucracy, do these general rules apply? (thread)

  • If a Representative ability is resolved when revealing representatives (like most Spy abilities, including assassination, and many Bodyguard abilities which trigger upon being revealed), then the effects apply to both votes. For example, an assassination kills the rep for both votes (meaning they can't vote); Arborecs 'Letani Miasmiala' controls the other person's voting for both votes; If a spy targets Muaat's 'Flaim Haash', the spy's owner gets -5 votes for each card voted on, etc.
  • If a Representative ability depends on some outside situation (like having Speaker token, being next to Mecatol, etc), the effects apply to both votes.
  • If a Representative's ability depends on things that occur during the bargaining or voting steps, the effects apply individually for each vote, and do not "carry over". Xxekir Grom, for instance, as discussed above.

A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) Yes, this looks correct to me. The most important thing is that an ability can never "stack". For example bonus votes from the first one do not carry over and get added a second time.

Q: What happens if Soo Leirah targets 44G51-0? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to PaladinGUy) Since Soo Leirah targets a player, not a representative, 44G51-0's effect cannot be used.

Q: Can the Territorial Concession card be used on an attacking player? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) Yes, this card works as the attacker or defender.

Q: Can the Nekro Virus be the recipient of a Promissory Note? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No. Since the Nekro Virus player cannot vote, he cannot be given a Promissory Note because he cannot fulfill the binding requirement of voting a particular way.

Q: Can a player without a representative be the recipient of a Promissory Note? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) No once again. A player needs to be able to vote the chosen way in order to gain a Promissory Note.

Q: Can a player receive a Promissory Note if forced to abstain or vote a certain way, such as via the "Thugs" or "Voting Concession" card? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to sigmazero13) If an effect forces a player to vote a certain way BEFORE they receive the Promissory Note, then they cannot accept the Note. When a player receives a promissory note he is bound to vote a certain way UNLESS something overrides this. Therefore, if another player plays "Thugs" or "Voting Concession" after the player has received a Promissory Note, the new card overrides the promise made in the "Resolve Bargaining and Promissory Notes" step.

Q: Are spies required to target a representative? (thread)
A: Yes, unless otherwise stated, spies abilities are mandatory.

Q: When playing Huldran, does the Hacan player have to receive a PN to be able to vote? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Abyad) No. Huldran does not need to receive a promissory note in order to vote.

Q: Can Asmodi copy racial technologies? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to Abyad) No. Valefor Assimilator specifically states that it can only be used to copy a technology when using the Nekro Virus's racial ability.

Q: Player A sends a Councilor to Assembly. Player B assassinates that Councilor. Player A plays Send Proxy. Player A plays Moving Speech. Does Player A get to vote? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) No. Only players that currently have Councilors can vote (as per Moving Speech).

Q: During the political intrigue step, after bargaining but during voting, can players still offer verbal agreements once players start voting? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to jpsuchecki) Yes.

Space Domain Counters

Q: Can the "Derelict Ship" token be used to gain a Cruiser in a system at maximum Fleet Supply? (thread)
A: Yes, this causes you to unintentionally violate Fleet Supply. You must immediately remove one ship in the system.

New Strategy Cards

New Technology Cards

Q: Does the Gravity Drive tech still work for wormholes that are closed with the Closing the Wormholes Political Card? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) Yes.

Q: Does the Gravity Drive tech still work when a Gravity Rift has been elected for the Sanctuary Shield Political Card? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to SWC_Seren) If this is used on a Gravity Rift, the system no longer has a special ability and is considered empty only for the purposes of traveling into or through the system. It is still however, a Gravity Rift and can therefore be used for the purposes of Gravity Drive or any other effect that applies to Gravity Rifts.

Q: Does the Gravity Drive tech work on systems adjacent to wormholes without mates? What about in systems containing them? Does this change for the Ghosts of Creuss, if there is an "A" wormhole without a mate, but a "B" wormhole somewhere else? (thread)
A: (Corey, FFG, to coppro) This tech affects all wormholes, even if the wormhole is not part of a pair. This ability only works when starting ADJACENT to a wormhole. Wormholes in the system do not grant this benefit.


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