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As part of the celebrations of 5 Years VideoGameGeek, a Minecraft server has been opened on August 1, 2015. Special events on this server have been organized. This Wiki page will discuss the specifics of the server and the events.


The server's IP address is

The server uses standard Minecraft, without any mods. It has been created with Minecraft 1.8.8, though we try to keep it running the latest version at all times. It is set on easy survival mode. 6 players can be online simultaneously, which should be plenty. If it gets cramped, we can ramp up the capacity.

The server's moderators are:
Flyboy Connor

To access the server, a player must get whitelisted. To get whitelisted, post in the Minecraft Events for 5 Years VideoGameGeek thread and give your Minecraft username. Note that this server is meant for active members of VideoGameGeek, and should be a friendly environment in which players cooperate, and not destroy each other's hard work. Therefore, only people who can be trusted in this respect will be given access. If you would like an exception to be made (e.g., you want to play together with a family member who is not on VGG), contact the mods.


When a new player arrives on the server, he will be next to the Community Center. The Community Center is a safe area, which contains basic facilities and materials. Players can use the materials found here to get a quick start.

Unfortunately, due to server corruption the community center is no longer there. If someone wants to rebuild it, go ahead.

The Community Center is located in the Events Area. The Events Area spans from X=400, Z=550 to X=-400, Z=-350 (coordinates can be examined in Minecraft when you press F3). The Events Area is surrounded by a brick wall (almost a rectangle except for a jagged corner in the southwest), with torches on top of it. An overview of the events area is in the image below. The Community Center is found in the south-east quadrant of this image, about 2/3 from the top and 2/3 from the left of the map. East of the Community Center is a village, that has been made safe for visiting. You can trade with the village's merchants.

User: Flyboy Connor
Events Area, August 1, 2015

The following rules were stated when the server was started up, but can be ignored now. Feel free to build in the events area. However, if you can, leave the 9 puzzles untouched :)

Players should not build or excavate in the Events Area. If, in the course of an event, you need to make some changes in the Events Area (for instance to reach a point that normally is unreachable, or building a small cabin to spend the night in), feel free to do so, but try to clean up after yourself.

Players are free to build and excavate outside the Events Area. If you want to create a player home, go ahead and do so, but outside the brick wall. If you want to dig out valuable materials, again, go ahead, but do so outside the Events Area (and please try not to dig under the wall, lest you might destroy parts of an event). We intend to leave the server up and running after the VGG-5 events are done, so you can continue playing.

To get out of the Events Area, you can use the underground railroad that starts at the Community Center, in the cellar. The railroad circles the Event Area (a full circle takes about 9 minutes), and has four stops, at each of the corners of the Event Area. When you leave one of the stations, you are right outside the brick wall. If you want to continue to the next station, just press the button next to the rail at the stop. If you build a player home and want to connect it to the railroad, feel free to do so. Note: the starting point in the events area is gone at this time.

An even faster way to get out of the Events Area is to use the Nether Network. The Nether Network has safe connections to Nether gates at each of the four stations. Just enter the Nether from the Community Center, and follow the signs to the station of your choice. Again, if you want to connect your player home to the Nether Network, feel free to do so (though it can be a bit dangerous building the connection).

If you want to travel on foot on the overworld, the shortest way to the brick wall is going south or east from the Community Center. If you need to make a hole in the wall to get out, or dig under it, or use steps or ladders to get over it, go ahead and do so. Try to clean up after yourself if you can.

The server is meant as a friendly place. Players should behave friendly to others. Do not destroy someone else's work. Do not steal someone else's stuff. If you need materials, find them yourself or take them from the Community Center. If you have materials to spare, leave them in the Community Center for others to find.

If you would like to build something in the Events Area as part of the VGG-5 events (for instance a monument), contact the moderators to let them know. They can supply you with materials if you want.


A room describing the events is found in the cellar of the Community Center. A longer description is found below.

Event 1: Hunt The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon was hunted and killed in 2015, as part of a group effort. If you want to respawn the Ender Dragon, feel free to do so. Materials to do that are left in a chest right next to the entrance to the End Portal. For information on the last hunt, see the VGG-5 Minecraft: Hunting the Ender Dragon thread.

Event 2: Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt has been prepared. The Treasure Hunt requires the players to discover nine clues which are hidden in the Events Area. One clue can be found east of the village, across the bridge. Another clue can be found west of the house on the hill. A third clue can be found at coordinates X=0, Z=0. The players can search for the other clues themselves.

Each clue will result in a digit. The nine digits can be combined in a set of X, Y, Z coordinates. To do that, a tenth clue is needed. To get the tenth clue, stand at X=0, Y=67, Z=0, and look closely (if you cannot find it, then first get the nine digits -- it will come to you).

Discussing the Treasure Hunt can be done on the VGG-5 Minecraft Treasure Hunt geeklist. Collaboration might be necessary as some clues can be a little obscure. All clues are related to video games. Use spoiler tags when appropriate.

Event 3: The Challenge Cube

A Challenge Cube is located south of the village. You can try to solve it if you want. You might want to collaborate with others. After solving it, it can be reset on request. The rule not to excavate or build in the Events Area is lifted in the area of the Cube. Note: The Cube has been partially excavated at the moment.

Event 4: The Nether Coaster

Go into the Nether through the gate in the cellar of the Community Center. Travel the Nether Coaster. Visit some interesting spots and try not to die.

Event 5: Building A Monument

The area just north of the Community Center has been flattened and made reasonably safe. It was meant to be used for building a monument, but nobody got around to it, so it has been used for the Temple of the Dragon Egg. If later someone wants to start building a monument, we can flatten another area. Discussion of what to build can be done in the VGG-5 Minecraft: Building a Monument thread.

Interesting Locations

Community Center Flyboy Connor Overworld, X=115, Y=66, Z=240 Next to spawn point, feel free to use the facilities, gives access to Nether Network No longer there
House on the Hill USP45 Overworld, X=27, Y=77, Z=289 Next to Community Center No longer there
Archery Range USP45 Overworld, X=-32, Y=81, Z=311 Next to House on the Hill No longer there
Temple of the Dragon Egg Flyboy Connor Overworld, X=128, Y=66, Z=128 North of spawn No longer there
Nether Coaster Cricky Nether, X=5, Y=67, Z=25 Next to portal to Community Center
Village N/A Overworld, X=208, Y=68, Z=247 Can be safely reached from Community Center
Stronghold N/A Overworld, X=750, Y=26, Z=51 Entrance to The End is found here
Stronghold 2 N/A Overworld, X=-432, Y=22, Z=-591 Supposedly pretty empty
Nether Fortress N/A Nether, X=303, Y=67, Z=218 Hunting ground for Blazes
Flyboy Connor's Home Flyboy Connor Overworld, X=47, Y=63, Z=-500 Reachable via Nether Network, follow direction North-West Station
Carrie's Main Tower adularia25 Overworld, X=191, Y=72, Z=-562 Near the North-West Station, close to Flyboy Connor's Home
Carrie's Desert Tower 1 adularia25 Overworld, X=901, Y=75, Z=-1775 Reachable via Nether Network, follow direction North-East Station, next to a Water Temple
Carrie's Desert Tower 2 adularia25 Overworld, X=938, Y=70, Z=-1126 South of Desert Tower 1, follow the coastline south to reach it
Carrie's Desert Tower 3 adularia25 Overworld, X=845, Y=68, Z=-682 South of Desert Tower 2, North of the North-East Station, follow the coastline to where the desert starts
Carrie's Pine Tree House adularia25 Overworld, X=86, Y=71, Z=-1416 North of the North-East Station, sail across the sea, by another Water Temple
Carrie's House and Farm adularia25 Overworld, X=1364, Y=70, Z=-1249 Almost directly East, across the desert, from Desert Tower 2
Dungeon N/A Overworld, X=220, Y=32, Z=-1410 Warning! The cave system is close enough to the water temple for the guardian to float down and curse you! Enter with caution!
Dungeon 2 N/A Overworld, X=1341, Y=37, Z=-1294 This is located almost directly below Carrie's House and Farm


Treasure Hunt and Challenge Cube were created by Flyboy Connor.
Nether Coaster was created by Cricky.

Contact one of the moderators if you have any questions or remarks.

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