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About Video Game Geek

What is Video Game Geek?

Video Game Geek (VGG) is a video game database - a collection or catalog of data and information on electronic games (computer, console, and arcade). The game information recorded here is intended for posterity, historical research, and user-contributed ratings. All the information within our database was meticulously and voluntarily entered on a game-by-game basis by our user base. This information is freely offered through flexible queries and "data mining".

Do I Need to Register to Use This Site?

Yes and No. You do not need to register to look at anything on this site. You can browse all of the VGG pages anonymously if you want to. However, if you want to contribute content to the website, or change anything, then you will need to register. Registration is free and your details are not passed on to other organizations. You will need an email address, and other than that, no other details need to be factual.

When registering, you will be asked to choose a user name. This cannot be changed at a later date, so think carefully about what you want to use. You can change the description that goes with your user name, but the user name itself cannot be changed.

Is VGG a Work and Family Friendly Site?

VGG is a database, and as an information resource we prioritized accuracy when it comes to database entries. There are several games with adult or morbid content featured on VGG. We do not censor the titles, images, or other material associated with these games. Additionally, there is some user submitted content we cannot enforce rules on, such as videos, that may contain obscene material. You view VGG at your own risk.

How Do I Ask For Help?

If you need help, you can try asking in the Help and How-to Forums. If you need to talk to an admin, you can message anyone of the VGG Admins and we will be happy to help.

I Don't Understand Some of These Gaming Terms

Our hobby is rich in gaming lingo and acronyms. We have a glossary of common video gaming terms.

How Are Boardgamegeek, RPGGeek, and Videogamegeek Related?

All the Geekdo sites run on the same backend, but when you are visiting VGG you will not see most the forum posts or item entries from the other sites. However, user accounts pan over all Geekdo sites. As a user registered on one Geekdo site your account can be used on all, and any GeekGold earned can be used regardless of site. To visit BGG or RPGG simply click the links at the top of every page.

I love Video Game Geek and Want to Donate. How Do I Do It?

Thanks for the appreciation! You can donate to Video Game Geek on this page. Additionally, a small percentage of the money from game sales made through the iTunes and Amazon links on this site will go toward supporting VGG.

Every dollar you donate earns you 1 geek gold. Besides that, if you donate at least 15 dollars you get a patron badge, an icon under your name saying that you donated to that year. If you donate at least 25 dollars you get the option to control which ads you will view. More on donating Here.

Basic Functionalities

How Do I Get An Avatar?

An avatar on the forums costs 30 geek gold to unlock. After that you can change it at will to whatever you like. We have a Guide on the subject.

How Do I Add a Game to My Collection?

VGG allows you to record and rate the games in your personal collection. Go to the Video Game item page you want, and on the User Information box select Add a Copy to my Collection. You can also choose which specific release you own here.

Alternatively you can select the "collection" link from the drop-down menu under the "My Geek" tab of the NavBar. This will take you to your collection page.

Use the the "Add a Game" link to type in the game you wish to add.

What Do The Game Ratings Mean?

Each user is encouraged to rate games based on their own opinion of the game. As such, different users may assign different meanings to the 1-10 scale. There is no official or set algorithm in place by which users are expected to follow.

Suggested Rating guidelines:

10 - Outstanding, masterful and an all-time personal favorite.
9 - Excellent, always a pleasure to play. Shines under most circumstances.
8 - Very good, a memorable and entertaining experience.
7 - Good, competent and likely to recommend.
6 - Above average, some fun or challenge. Enjoyable in the right circumstances.
5 - Average, what you were expecting or just indifferent. May be willing to play.
4 - Below average, will likely be forgotten. Will need to be persuaded to play.
3 - Poor, not enjoyable or engaging.
2 - Very poor, lackluster and unremarkable. Will strongly resist playing.
1 - Horrible, a black Hole of Fun. Definitely won't play again.

How Do I Rate a Game?

From the Video Game item page, go to the User Information section and click on Record Information click on the Rating box and add a number from 1 to 10. You do not have to own a game to rate it.


What is GeekMod?

GeekMod is a community driven system where users pass judgement on images, reviews, session reports and representative images. GeekMod was made public on January 12, 2006, to speed up the verdict on content submissions while lessening the load on the admins. You can earn some GeekGold by participating in GeekMod.

Why Is It Taking So Long For My Images To Get Approved?

As stated above, GeekMod is a community driven system. How quickly items pass through GeekMod is dependent upon how many users choose to take part in the voting process. Please be patient and do not submit your images again. Duplicates will be declined and the ones you have pending will not move any faster.

If an image is approved or declined you will receive a GeekMail message notification. If one has not been received then the item is still pending.

My Image was Declined! Why?

Did you read the VGG Image Policy? For help troubleshooting see Why Was My Image Submission Rejected?.

Where can I Discuss GeekMod?

Discussion related either to suspicious content or why an image was refused, post to the GeekModders Discussion Thread. If you feel an image was wrongly declined please contact an Admin before posting a complaint outside of VGG.

Geek Gold

What is This About Geek Gold?

VGG GeekGold (abbreviated GG) is the virtual currency used on the site. You can use it to tip contributions, buy an avatar, microbadges and other things.

How Do I Get Geek Gold?

GG is awarded for adding content to the site such as adding new games, creating reviews, adding images, sending files, and so on. The amount awarded is dependent upon the content type, completeness, and quality. When you donate to Video Game Geek, every dollar given nets you GG.

Reporting Content

How Do I Report Offensive Content?

You may come across user created content that you find offensive or inappropriate. How do you report it? Firstly, there is something you should consider:
  • What is considered offensive is culturally determined, and tends to vary from country to country.

That being said, it is critical for users, when GeekModing, to actually pay attention to the content and check it. Instead of just lazily hitting the 'Approve' button. This is how most of the questionable content makes it's way onto the site in the first place. What can you do about the ones that slip through? You can always click the red 'X' to hide the video, forum posts, or any other area that has the submitter's avatar present. This will 'not' remove the content, but it will let others know that it is distasteful.

Generally once something passes through GeekMod it will never be removed, unless it is clear that the only purpose of the content is to cause a disturbance. The goal of the database is, in essence, to say "this exists" without judgment about whether or not it should exist. Recognizing that something exists is not the same as condoning its existence. If you still feel it must be reported, contact a VGG Admin.

Report Content on the Wrong Game Entry or Gallery?

You may come across images or videos on the wrong game page. You may also come across content that is in the wrong gallery. Contact any VGG Admin and we will move it to the correct entry.

I Want a Game Removed

Erasing an entire game entry from the database is not something we generally do or take lightly since it can impact user collections, ratings and other database items linked to it. Only a select few admins can merge or delete database items, and for good reason. It is a complex process, that done incorrectly can cause havoc and corrupt other data.

It is also worth noting that all information entered into the database is done so voluntarily for the purposes of posterity and historical research. Just because you want it gone doesn't mean that every trace of information on it should disappear into the aether. Copyrighted and trademarked material such as images and reviews can be removed. Listing general information about a product, such as the game name or number of players, on a website is not covered or affected by copyright and trademark.

How Do I Report Someone Rating Large Numbers of Games 1s?

The short answer: unless they are a bot, you don't. Everyone is allowed to rate games whatever they want for whatever reason. We do not police user ratings, nor do we dictate what criteria someone uses to rate games. If you are a small or independent developer and have concerns over poor ratings impacting your game before it has been released, then we advise that you hold off submitting an entry until the game has been officially released and has made its way into the hands of as many people as possible.


How Do I Suggest a New Feature?

To suggest a change to a current feature or offer up an idea for an entirely new one post in the VGG Suggestions Forum. You can view an official list of features we hope to implement in the future here.

How to advertise on VGG

VGG accepts advertising in several forms: Banner advertising, publisher-sponsored contests, promotional item distribution, and text ads for retailers. Interested advertisers can inquire about advertising by contacting VGG's Advertising Manager, Chad Krizan via email:
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