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VGG File Submission Guide

This page discusses submitting files to a particular game.

How to Submit a File

To submit a file for a game, go the the game page, find the Files section, and click "Add File". Click on the Browse button and find the file on your local hard drive. Enter a brief description with version, and, click on the submit button to upload the file to the database.

To update a previous file, go to the game page, find the file you are updating, click its link so that you go to the file's page, and from that page (not the game page), use the "Upload File" link to upload the updated file.

Files are submitted for approval by admins for several reasons:

  • Files need to be verified as virus free and not corrupt.
  • Old versions of files need to be removed by admins

NOTE: Since every file needs to be downloaded, tested, and evaluated, there can be a significant delay for approval of files. While the delay may be as short as a few days, it is more typically 2-3 weeks, and can stretch as long as 3 to 4 months.

File Submission Guidelines

Approvals of file submissions may be sped up and will ease the load on your friendly local administrator if you follow the following guidelines (and might get you extra geekgold!).

  • Give a BRIEF description: Your description should describe the content contained within and include version information.
  • File size: VGG has problems accepting files over 5-7 Mb (depends on your connection). This appears to be a web timeout on the browser. The file uploader on BGG cannot handle the timeout, but it is not a file size limitation of VGG itself. You will need to compress images (especially within .pdfs), use a zip archive, or a segmented zip archive. If you have a large file, please try to upload it once to see if it gets through; if it does not (password error), then you should consider ways to compress the file size. If you cannot compress the file, please split it up into multiple pieces. Upload the first section and add in the "Note to Admin" section that there are more parts to come. Wait for the original file to be approved, then you can upload the remaining parts from the file page of the first portion. This way, all the related file pieces will be on a single file page and contained within a single entry in the database.
  • Multiple files in a set: If you are uploading multiple files to a game, please combine them into one ZIP file, rather than submitting 5-10 files. It makes it easier for people to get all the files at once. If you have multiple small files which all go together - please upload these together in a single archived file.
  • Avoide errors: Make sure you are uploading a file directly from your drive, not a link. Links come across as corrupt.

What is Not Accepted?

  • Do not submit images as files: The files section is not the place to upload images, session reports, articles, links, or advertising.
  • Mods are prohibited: We are not at all against them and to the contrary would love to include them on VGG. The problem is the file size. The immense amount of space they require means VGG is incapable of hosting them. They also pose additional problems for admins, who must own the game they alter in order to ensure they are virus free.
  • Files that are not your own: You must be the file's creator or have express written consent of the copyright holder or content creator.
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