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VGG GeekGold

What is GeekGold? GeekGold (abbreviated GG) is the virtual currency of VideoGameGeek. It is given out as an incentive and as a 'thank you' for contributing content to the site. GeekGold can be used for a myriad of things ranging from blocking ads on the site to tipping your fellow VGGers. GeekGold can also be bought and sold through GeekBay. Such transactions are strictly between two private parties; as far as VGG is concerned, GeekGold has no real monetary value and will not get involved should the transaction go south.

How do I Get GG?

There are multiple ways to earn yourself some of this virtual currency.

GeekGold Rewards - Financial Support

As of 2008, you will receive 1 GeekGold for every dollar you donate.

GeekGold Rewards - Submissions

One of the easiest ways is to contribute content to the database. Please note that the GG rewards listed below are just rough approximations of what you could get. The overall quality, completeness, and accuracy of submissions will effect the GG you receive. Generally expect the lowest amount listed.

GeekGold Received
Type of Content Submitted
A new game entry.
A new release version for a game, character, or hardware.
A new series entry.
A new franchise entry.
A new hardware entry.
A new character entry.
Submitting a correction to a game, release, series, franchise, hardware, or character entry.
Submitting website links to a game, publisher, or developer.
Submit a file to a game.
Upload an image to a game entry.
Add a video to a game entry.
Submit a review or session report that passes through GeekMod.
Voting to approve an item in GeekMod.
Voting to decline an item in GeekMod.

GeekGold Rewards - Other

The methods listed here yield the most inconsistent GG rewards.

GeekGold Received
Type of Content Submitted
Contest or other special event.
Monthly Video Game Review Contest
Tips given by other users.
Selling games or related items in GeekGold auctions.

Spending GeekGold

There are many ways in which you can utilize your hard earned GG. Below are some of the most common uses for it.

GeekGold Cost
Item Being Purchased
To purchase a GeekBadge
To upgrade the GeekBadge to an UberGeekBadge.
1 GG/day
To enable Ad Blocking.
Buying a Microbadge.
Selling games or related items in GeekGold auctions.
Bidding on or buying games and related items in GeekGold auctions.
Giving tips to other users.

Games for Geekgold (G4GG)

Games for Geekgold (G4GG) is a weighted lottery or raffle. Users tip GG on a lottery item, usually a game, that they are interested in. The more GG you tip, the better your odds are that you will win that item. Depending on the item being offered, some games will go for as much as 7,000GG with the record holder being 60k. This is a great place to get rid of the Steam games you don't care about, but got as part a great Steam bundle deal.

How much GeekGold do you have?

Received some GG, but don't know where it came from or want to know just how much GG you have? In the My Geek tab of the NavBar, select Profile, then click on the GeekStuff menu tab. This will take you to a page containing a breakdown of GeekGold collected, received, spent, tipped, and remaining. You can also click on the numbers to see a further breakdown of where the money came from or how it was spent or tipped.

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