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VGG Naming Conventions

Game Names

The VideoGameGeek naming conventions help to bring about consistency in the database and enable a uniform rule-set when cataloging game information. The purpose of these rules is to make game entries consistent for user access and data administration.

Foreign vs. English Name

The name that the game is best known by is what should be used. If there is a widely known English name or English translation, then that name should take precedence. Other names can be added to the Alternate Name field.

Slogans vs. Title

In accurately reflecting the title of the game, care must be taken to differentiate between the title of the game and any slogans or promotional statements made on the packaging in conjunction with the game.

Title Acronyms

Games which are known by acronyms should not have the acronym listed in the Alternate Name field. There is a soft standard on this one, as some games with long titles have the acronym listed.


Primary game titles should accurately reflect the punctuation and letters used in the actual game title. For example games with "&" in the title should not have "and" instead.


Capitalization of titles will generally follow English titling standards where non-article and non-prepositions have initial capital letters, and prepositions and articles other than those that start a title are lowercase. For games whose official title is presented in all caps or lowercase we mirror that on the site.

Example: PoPoLoCrois

Symbols/Strange Title Characters

We have found that our user base largely dislikes strange characters or Symbols appearing in game titles within the database. The Primary name should exclude them. Alternate names may include them.


mb Half-Life

"The" in The Title

Game titles that start with the word "The" or any language equivalent (such as "Der/Die/Das" or "Le", "La") should retain this word. Never remove or leave it off! The database can index titles on characters other than the first; so altering the title is unnecessary. The database adheres to AACR2 rules for indexing titles.

Similar Names

When two completely different games share the same name, we will differentiate between them by adding the year of release to the Primary game title in parentheses - (). If both games also happen to share the same year of release then we will go by platform instead. In the incredibly rare instance where both games happen to share the same year of release and platform, we will resort to using developers or publishers instead.


Snowball (1983)
Snowball (2013)

Vulgarity/Offensive Title

We try to keep the site as family friendly as possible, but without over-censoring. Games with excessively vulgar titles may have the Primary name slightly altered. A non-altered version of the name will be listed as an alternative names. In addition to being inappropriate and potentially offensive, many developers and publishers, especially those who advertise on the site, do not like having their games appear next to these titles.

Generally, this is an almost non-existent issue for VGG since these types of products have a hard time being sold in retail stores.

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