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VGG User Guide

"You are in a room. There are doorways in each of the cardinal directions. Strange noises and smells emanate from beyond each door. Suddenly the lights go out. In the darkness, you hear breathing. You are not alone."

The VGG User Guide

At first, it may seem like a daunting place, full of mazes, levels of increasing complexity, and fire breathing fan boys. Fear not! Your friendly admins and other VGG users are here to help, and soon you too shall find the wealth of treasure and experience contained within. We know that the front page looks a bit like the cockpit of an F-16 Fighter Jet, but just think of the power under the hood!

This guide is intended to serve as a starting point - a walkthrough to navigating the geek. Once you get familiar with our data-centric model you should have no problem navigating the site and getting the maximum out of the community. We hope that VGG will be a fantastic gathering place for the active video gaming community. We welcome collectors, players, publishers, and anyone interested in the hobby of video games at any level!

If this is your first time here, may may want to check out the about VGG page.

The Site Map

We have a number of helpful pages to make this experience smoother for you:

Key Pages:

  • VGG FAQ - Common questions get answers.
  • VGG Glossary - All of the strange and wonderful terms we use on a daily basis.
  • VGG Admins - A list of folks who can help you get through your 'Geek experience.
  • Supporting VGG - Want to help support the site?

Understanding the database: Navigating the Geek - The website layout. Profile and Account Guide - Account and profile details. Game Page Content Guide - An in-depth look at database item pages and what is contained on them.

Contribute Content:

Other Useful Pages:

The VGG Community

VGG is unique from the other Geekdō domains in that most of the activity will be in GeekLists, not the forums. This is due to the nature of video games. GeekLists make it easy to discuss and share opinions in a way that the forums cannot.

Community Discussions:

Community Events, Contests, and Competitions:

(*) Geek of the Week is no longer a regular feature because VGG's small user pool has made the initiative unsustainable. If you want the honor contact a VGG Admin.

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