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VGG User Guide: The VGG Front Page


The VideoGame Geek Front Page is designed to be your own personal starting place into VGG. Initially it may seem overwhelming, but a logged in user can customize the front page to allow them to see as much or as little as they want. Lets break it apart and look at it piece-by-piece. We'll only be discussing VGG here, but the other sites have their own user guides and share many of the same helpful members of the community.

If you already know how the Front Page works and are looking to understand the Navigation Bar, see the Navigating the Geek page.

The Side Bars

Lets start with the columns found to the left of the webpage.

Recently Viewed

Recently Viewed
What is This?

The first column on the left is the Recently Viewed section. This contains a list of item pages that you have recently visited. Clicking on the items will take you back to those pages. Clicking on the '[All]' link will show you even more of your browsing history. Recently Viewed spans all the Geekdō sites, so you may see boardgames or RPGs there as well if you have also visit the other domains.

The Hotness

The Hotness
What is This?

The second column down on the left is the Hotness section. This contains a list of the most popular pages on the site. Updated nightly, this section lists the pages that saw the most traffic on the previous day, divided between Games, People, and Companies.

Main Modules

Now lets cover the modules that make up the bulk of the front page.

What is This?
VideoGameGeek News
This contains links to the most recent news postings.
Ongoing competitions, projects, updates, and user awards are posted here.
This contains the most recent postings in the forums.
Game Forums
This contains the most recent postings in the forums found on game pages.
This contains the most recent reviews added to the site.
This contains the most recent GeekLists added to the site. VGG is unique from BGG and RPGG in that this is where the most user activity occurs.
This contains the most recent blog entries added to the site.
This contains the most recent images added to the site.
This contains the most recent videos added to the site.
This contains the most recent eBay auctions added to the site.
Off Topic
This contains the most recent postings in the 'Off Topic' forums. These are mostly intended for humor.

Customizing the Front Page

All the modules previously mentioned can be moved or removed by you. The front page is yours to customize. Don't worry about messing the front page up for everyone. What changes you make to it will only affect your account.

How to Get Started

On one of the top modules you should see a link labeled Edit Front Page. Click it and it should take you to a page that resembles the image below.

There will be two rows, one labeled 'Left Column' and the other 'Right Column'. Each one contains several grey boxes with the names of the front page modules. To move them around, simply click on and then drag and drop each box to where you want it, within either column.

In addition to rearranging the front page, you can also remove a module by clicking the red X found within the grey box or add one back by selecting it from the drop-down menu labeled 'Add A Module »'. The number of items to be shown within the module can be modified by changing the number in the square box. The drop-down menu within each grey box will allow you to set it to which topics you want to see, Recent, Active, or Hot. Experiment with the layout and create the Front Page that works for you.

The 'Reset to Defaults' button will revert your front page back to the standard page layout presented to new users and visitors who have not logged in. The Save button will save any changes you have made. Remember to hit this after customizing your front page!

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