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Player JM Campbell Name Jackson "Vandal" Ross
Affiliation Unaffiliated Strain Blaster

Juice 3


Skill # Specialties
Comrades 2 You have two friends you can
Contact, who can provide a skill speciality.
Self 3 They may add (Self) to any checks against Death (pg. 187).
Perfection 3 For each level of Perfection, the player chooses one Skill (not a power) that their AMP automatically receives a level toward.
Humanity 2 Characters may add (Humanity) to checks to help someone who is suffering or in trouble.

Loyalties # Effect
Athletics 4
Beast Handling 0
Crafts 4
Deception 0
Discipline 4
Empathy 0
Fighting 4
Fortitude 2
Intimidation 0
Intuition 2
Knowledge 1
Markmanship 3
Might 2
Medicine 0
Perception 3
Performance 0
Persuasion 0
Speed 3
Stealth 2
Survival 1
Technology 1
Travel 4

Constructs 4
Constructs Core Check: None
Range: Self
Duration: Scene
Resistance: None

The AMP actually crafts energy into tools, objects, weapons and even strange lifeforms. No matter the energy type, their final product is always visible. They can spend 1 Juice to create items for simple tasks, adding (Constructs) to appropriate Skill checks, but these are unusable in combat. For example, Constructs adds to a Crafts check if they create a set of tools or to a Performance check if they craft perfect audio amplification. If surrounded by an ample supply of their chosen energy type, the cost of Augments is automatically reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1 (i.e. sound constructs at a concert or fire constructs near a bonfire). In combat, creating a Construct item counts as a Prepare Action.

Appendage T1 Check: None
Range: Self
Duration: Scene

The AMP creates energy appendages. Crafting extra arms adds (Constructs/2) to Block checks, while wings may give flight at Movement +5. The GM and player should discuss other appendage types and what possible as examples.

Wall T1 Check: None
Range: (Constructs + Discipline) x5 ft.
Duration: Instant

The AMP forms a wall of energy with (Constructs x2) Integrity. When brought to 0 Integrity, the Energy Type effect occurs automatically. The wall can come in any shape, but is limited in size to (Constructs) x100 sq. ft.

Armor T1 Check: None
Range: Self
Duration: Battle

Must have Wall. The AMP creates a suit of energy armor, giving (Constructs/2) Temporary Integrity. While protected by this Armor, all energy damage is halved.

Bolt 4
Bolt Core Check: Bolt + Marksmanship
Range: (Bolt + Intuition + Perception) x5 ft./ x10 ft./x20 ft.
Duration: Instant
Resistance: Dodge/Find Cover

Bolt is the staple ability of Blasters, allowing the AMP to fire bolts of energy (of their chosen type) at their enemies. Many Blasters release their Bolt from their hands, but others blast Fire from their eyes or Sound with a scream. They make a check to hit and deal damage according to their current level:
Level 1-3 2B
Level 4-6 Level
7-9 3B 4B
Level 10 5B

The AMP may also spend 1 Juice to add +2B damage to their shot, making it extra deadly. Juice must be spent before making their check.

Force: Force energy is often invisible, but hits targets like a brick wall. Targets who get a Natural 1-3 on their 1d20 for a Reaction against Force Energy are immediately knocked back (Power Level + Might) ft. away and Knocked down, requiring a Prepare Action to stand up, in addition to normal Critical Failure effects.

Potent E1 The AMP takes extra care to make their shot count. The die range for Energy Type Effects extends: 18-20 becomes 16-20, and 1-3 becomes 1-5.
Shove E1 If the Bolt hits, the target is Knocked Back (Bolt + Might) ft., forcing a resistance check against the attack check to stay standing. If Shove makes the target smash into a wall or other obstacle, it may deal additional damage. Resistance: Strength

Quality Type Effect
Power Addict AMP-specific drawback The AMP has grown used to their power and often takes it for granted. Any time they come to any kind of obstacle, they instinctually use their power to overcome it. If they come to a locked door, even though it can be easily picked, an AMP with Bolt’s first action would be to blast it down, while an AMP with Mediumship will summon a spirit to take care of it for them. They may attempt to go against their nature with a Discipline + Empathy check and a Difficulty equal to (20 + current Juice). AMPs who overuse their powers run the risk of being seen by Saps or may drain available Juice they may need later.
Trail (2) AMP-specific drawback Use of the AMP’s powers leaves a smell, a feeling, or a trail any other AMP can track. The trail lingers for up to one hour after using a power and is strongest at the location where it was original used. For each BP gained, other AMPs gain a +2 bonus to any Tracking checks to find the character.
Big Mouth (2) Cerebral Drawback The character is a smarttalkin’, wise-crackin’ loud mouth. They always have a way of letting words slip when they really shouldn’t. They must make a Moderate (20) Discipline check to avoid speaking their mind at the wrong time and possibly giving away secrets unintentionally.
Accurate Eye Physical gift The character has an eye for throwing things and fighting at a distance. They receive a +2 bonus to ranged actions, which inflict +1 damage if used in combat.
Extreme AMP-specific Gift Some people are pumped with more adrenaline to keep them going. Starting Juice for the AMP is raised to 4 (instead of 3).
Sprinter 2 Physical gift The character has trained to improve their speed and ability to run long distances. For 2 BP, they receive +4 Movement.

Gear Type Effect

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