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Victor the ghoul

Victor "Vic" Bleitz



Hot -1
Cold 1
Volatile 2
Dark -1


The Hunger: You have a Hunger for: fear, Having Sex with (Veronica)
When you heedlessly pursue a Hunger, add 1 to rolls. When you ignore a feeding opportunity, roll to hold steady.

Short Rest for the Wicked: When you die, wait it out. Some hours later, you wake up
fully healed.

Satiety: When you satiate a Hunger, choose one: heal one harm; remove a Condition; mark experience; carry 1 forward.

Disaffected: Turn someone on, roll cold

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, add “having sex with [this person]” as an additional Hunger. If you already have this Hunger, mark experience


Sherrif's Eye on you


Sally: – 2
Flora: 1
Veronica: 1
Anthea: 1


3 advancements

- Other Playbook Moves: Hit the books
- Moves: Disaffected
- Necromantic Caretaker: Zed is Dead/Awesome



Gaunt/Harsh Eyes

At first glance, Victor is the kind of guy who got his growth spurt a year or two ago and hasn't stopped growing, his body visually stretching thinner as he scales the height ladder to settle somewhere around 6'3". His length makes him looks a little ungainly, a little off, his rail-thin arms and legs looking a bit stick-like on his long frame. His face has the same elongated look, with a raw, sharp-boned relief. His eyes are sunk deep into his face, under heavy brows, the only sources of any color on his pale face, except for the little stubble that his face is sprouting. In terms of clothing, Vic prefers dark colors: black, grey, dark greens and splashes of red. Often baggy and ill-fitting, partially for comfort and style but largely because of his build. Hoodies, jeans, long baggy band shirts, the occasional leather or jeans jacket, often supplemented with patches, spikes and the like. Sometimes, it even seems that Victor wants to consciously push the limits, with inverted crosses, skulls or iron crosses, but so far he's skirted by any clothing restrictions.


Caustic, smart-assed, self-absorbed, basically Victor is a regular teenager with irregular eating habits...



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