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War Stories collected rules threads

These are questions and answers collected from War Stories: Red Storm and War Stories: Liberty Road rules threads as of 2014-10-23.

Format of this document:

  • Where answers are inline, they will be in bold; where they're separate, they will be indented.
  • "Original thread" links should take you back to the thread where the question was asked, where you might find more extensive discussion.

List of game FAQs



("Both" means the change applies to both the Liberty Road and Red Storm rulebooks.)

Both, p. 11: First paragraph under "Turns," second-to-last sentence, strike "or if the event was simply drawn at the end of the turn." original thread

Red Storm, p. 11: The illustration of the "All Nearby" order chit should not have the word "Nearby." original thread

Both, p. 14: Strike "return the combat chips to the bag and" from the third paragraph under "Vehicle vs. Vehicle." original thread This may be changing in the 1.1 rules.

Both, p. 15: Strike "hill or" from "Units on a hill or crest enjoy an upshift when they fire"; only units on crests get an upshift, as indicated on the terrain overlays. original thread

Both, p. 16: Combat step B: the text here is not correct (you don't apply all downshifts), but the new text is being worked out. original thread

Both, p. 17: Under the "Reduced (infantry)" combat result, if the unit is currently Suppressed, it is eliminated. original thread


Liberty Road Scenario 1

The Germans should have a Mines asset card.

Liberty Road Scenario 4

The Germans should have a 1-medal StuG instead of a 2-medal StuG. original thread

The German reinforcement area is just half of a hex; the rules categorically declare half hexes unplayable. I put the units in that half hex on a hex side and moved them out on my next order.

Yes, that is correct. You can't order into them or use them during a scenario at all, but they can enter from that point.
original thread

Red Storm Scenario 2

The Germans should have a Satchel Charges asset card. original thread


Several cards say "attack the target hex, ignore cover and rear armor for vehicles"; they should say "attack the target hex, ignore cover and target rear armor for vehicles." The affected cards are:

  • Katyusha (RS/SA-4)
  • 82-PM 41 Mortar (RS/SA-11)
  • 10.5cm leFH 18/40 Howitzer (RS/GA-4)
  • 8 cm Granatwerfer 34 Mortar (LR/GA-11, RS/GA-11)
  • 30cm Nebelwerfer 42 (LR/GA-4)
  • M7B1 Priest (LR/WA-4)
  • M2 Mortar (LR/WA-11)

original thread

White Phosphorous

Add "A unit in smoke may not fire out of it." original thread

Tank Trap

These are placed in any hex in an area, not just on roads; vehicles cannot enter the area, and lose the rest of their activation if they attempt to do so. original thread


When an event mentions the "nearest" unit, is the unit being attacked considered eligible, or is it the nearest to THAT unit that's being targeted?

Determining the target of the event begins with the unit being targeted (and may include the unit being targeted) then goes out from there.
original thread

Do the secondary events (actions) occur on a non-end-of-turn flip if the primary event doesn't apply? (For example, a valor check results in a card flip: breeze, but not applicable; so do you instead do the secondary actions?) Yes. original thread

Pogues / Hurry Up & Wait

The affected player doesn't say whether they have more reinforcements coming, so the secondary event always happens. original thread


When reinforcements arrive, they are simply placed in the area in which they arrive, choosing hex sides as desired. original thread


Assets with "Off Map" under their attack range (30cm Nebelwerfer 42, Hs 129 Panzerknacker, M7B1 Priest, P-38 Lightning, etc.) use that range when drawing combat chips. For example, the M7B1 Priest has a "4^ Infantry (Off Map)" firepower; regardless of the range from the spotting unit to the target, the combat chip will be resolved as if the range were 4. original thread

When an asset says it suppresses units (30cm Nebelwerfer 42, Hs 129 Panzerknacker, M7B1 Priest, P-38 Lightning, White Phosphorous, etc.), that means it applies the Suppressed effects listed on p. 17 as if the unit had failed its valor check. original thread

White Phosphorous

White Phosphorous really is one shot, right? (The text of the card makes it sound like it's a capability which all of your units have, but the rulebook is pretty clear that "Single Use" means it's assigned to a specific unit, and they get to use it once.)

Each unit gets one shot with it. You would mark each unit with a circle chit and remove them as you fire the smoke.
original thread

…my opponent dropped WP on one of my units, automatically suppressing it; then he dropped WP on it again, automatically breaking it; then he dropped WP on it again, automatically eliminating it. … is that the intent?

No, WP does not stack. But you cannot improve beyond a suppressed state so long as you are in it.
original thread

Terrain & Movement

Battlefield Markers

Is there any limitation to the number of battlefield damage markers that can be in a hex? Example: Can a wreck and a smoke marker be in the same hex?

Yes, a wreck and a smoke marker may be in the same hex. However, there can only be one smoke marker in a hex (a second has no impact). So in general multiple are OK but that may not universally be true.
original thread

Destroying Terrain

I'm stumped at the section regarding destructible terrain. It mentions that you attack it like anything else but then doesn't explain how to apply the results of the combat chip to the terrain "Strength" rating. i.e. what does an elimination, reduced or suppressed result do to a terrain of strength 3, or 5 for that matter?

It works the same as armor and destroyed the same as armor.
original thread (I'm not sure this was fully answered.)


A unit moving into a hill hex is not an eligible target for opportunity fire. original thread, repeated here This may be changing in the 1.1 rules.

As mentioned in the errata above, hills do not provide any other bonus (upshift when firing, downshift for infantry being fired at). original thread

"Nearby" Orders

"Nearby" is defined as adjacent areas. Would that be exactly two adjacent areas, and not more than two areas all adjacent to each other?

"Nearby" are adjacent areas but they may be daisy chained together. So it could encompass a number of areas in the most extreme example.
original thread

Road Movement

We need some clarification on if you must start AND end on a road, if players may start off (but adjacent to) a road, and whether reduced units get a movement bonus on roads.

There are movement points, either representing an area of movement or a hex of movement (sometimes these are the same thing).
For each point of movement that is entirely spent on a road you may take a bonus point of movement that is also spent entirely on a road. The bonus movement may not involve moving off that road to any degree.
This also applies to reduced movement.
original thread

Opportunity Fire

When moving, should a unit be moved one hex at a time, even when moving by area? The rules just say it moves to any hex in a new area but the path of hexes it takes would be important for units desiring to make and Op Fire attack.

Yes, you should advance one hex at a time in order to allow the opponent to take opportunity fire.
original thread


I understand that there can be multiple friendly units in a single hex. But can you have two or more friendly units facing the same hexside? Can you move through hexes with one or more friendly units inside? Yes and yes. original thread


Can't Miss

Does a net upshift of one or more mean the attack can never miss, i.e. it always results in a suppression result or more?

Yes, but remember that suppression is not automatic; the unit must fail a valor check to actually be suppressed.
original thread

Combat Chips

Are combat chips returned to the bag immediately after resolution? If an event interrupts resolution of a combat chip, is that chip held out of the bag until after the interrupting activations are completely resolved?

Chips do go right back into the bag in all cases. If the triggering attack is still possible after those actions draw a new chip.
original thread

Infantry vs. Vehicles

If an infantry unit successfully attacks an already reduced vehicle in Close Combat, would that vehicle be eliminated? (Already reduced then immobilized/reduced again, right? ) Yes. original thread

Infantry on Vehicles

What happens to infantry that are being carried by a vehicle if the vehicle is destroyed? We simply played that each unit in the hex suffered its combat results independently regardless of the fate of other units or the vehicle. That's correct. original thread

Vehicle Swarm Combat

Second round of close combat (which started as swarm) continues under swarm rules although it's a one-to-one in the second round? No, it is one-to-one at that point. original thread, which has a detailed example; repeated here

Line of Sight

Tracing line of sight is from "hexside" to "hexside". Does the tracer choose any point along each hexside to trace to? Just the centerpoint? Or does the entire hexside need to have clear line of sight to the enter target hexside?

You may trace from any point on either hexside.
original thread

Is line of sight traced along the hexside of blocking terrain fully blocked? What about crossing only a vertex?

Yes; see the illustration on page 16.
original thread

I thought as long as you can trace a line from any part of the hex side of the firing unit to any part of the hex side of the target? What did I do wrong?

Corners of LOS-blocking terrain block it, not allow it.
…the vertices, i.e. the ends or junctions of the hexlines, may not be used to trace LoS if either firing unit or target or both occupy a terrain that blocks LoS.– This is probably the correct solution for ease of implementation despite my intent.
original thread


What range is used for a mortar attack? From the spotter, or from the unit with the mortar? The mortar. original thread

Multiple Defensive Downshifts

Do defensive mods stack? Example: An infantry in a town hex with a wreck- would that be three downshifts?

Defensive mods may stack but not necessarily. For example, a town and wreck do not stack because the unit may either be in the building, or behind the wreck, but not both. However, smoke in a town does stack. In general the common sense answer is the correct one.
original thread

Revealing Units

When must units be revealed? We generally played by the "honor" system and never revealed units, only announcing stats when absolutely required (i.e. firepower vs armor). When units are revealed by spotting (or other means), when can they be reconcealed?

I leave when units must be revealed to the players. In my opinion the honour system is the only way to fly, but it is also perfectly acceptable to require full reveal upon engagement. After being revealed, and giving the opponent the opportunity to inspect the unit they may be reconcealed immediately.
original thread (there was quite a bit more on this) This may be changing in the 1.1 rules.


Weapon Teams

I wonder about Weapon Teams which did an order - lets say a fire order, do they never become SPENT?? Since there is no spent symbol on their blocks.

No, they don't. Their smalle size means they can stay "tight" and ready. The downside is that they are eliminated on a reduced result, since they can't reduce.
original thread


Poor Supply

In some scenarios, in the Special Rules section it reads "You are in poor supply for this scenario." What are the effects of poor supply?

Some event cards only trigger if your side is in poor supply.
original thread
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