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WotR LoMe Notes

Overview of the 'Lords of Middle-earth' expansion rules with notes and FAQ:

- While the Wizard's Staff card can remove a tile (and another is not drawn), Galadriel's Nenya ability acts differently: a) it acts only on an Eye tile, b) that tile is permanently removed from play (so if used outside of Mordor, that tile is not put back into the Pool when the FSP reaches Mordor), and c) another tile is drawn after the Eye is destroyed!
- Sméagol tiles are neither standard tiles nor "FSP special tiles" (which are blue). Drawing a Smeagol tile as the result of card play (e.g. Orc Patrol) brings the Sméagol, Tamed Wretch into play. Any time a Sméagol tile is drawn it either puts Sméagol in play (first tile drawn), is a zero tile (drawn when Sméagol is Guide, or discarded (Sméagol has been Guide but is no longer or Gollum became the Guide before Sméagol entered the game). LoME rules state that when the first Sméagol tile is drawn Sméagol becomes the Guide. It doesn't list any options to that not happening (except later when it clarifies that if Gollum is the Guide any Sméagol tile drawn is discarded and a new one drawn in its place) since it will alway happen (except as noted above when Gollum already is the Guide).
- A Will of the West can only destroy the Balrog if he is not in Moria. If he is in Moria (and Moria only, no other shadow Stronghold will do!) a Will of the West will only deactivate him.
- If the FSP declares in Dimrill Dale say without being revealed, no Stronghold tile is drawn. However, the Balrog acts differently, and if the FSP declared in Dimrill Dale and the Balrog was in play, remember that would require that a tile is drawn for the Balrog.
- If the FSP is revealed and chooses to move through Moria and the Balrog is in play, then 2 tiles must be drawn (one for the Balrog and one for the Stronghold). On page 41 of the main rules it states, that if multiple tiles are to be drawn due to an FSP reveal and/or the presence of Shadow Strongholds is in its path the tile for the Stronghold is always drawn last. So, in this case, the Balrog tile is drawn before the Stronghold tile (this order can be very important since if an Eye tile is drawn, then the Balrog and the FSP Guide are both eliminated).

Treebeard (Optional): (Full Rules consist only of the text on the card).
Note: this promo is not part of the Lords of Middle-earth expansion, and is an optional component for any game, either base rules or with the Lords of Middle-earth expansion. This promo consists only of the Treebeard card and the Treebeard figure.

If Gandalf the White is in play and a Companion is in Fangorn, you may use a Muster Action Die result to play Treebeard in Fangorn.
Fangorn is my name. Treebeard counts as a Companion for all Event and Combat Card purposes if he is in Fangorn or in a Rohan region.
Earthborn. If Treebeard is in a battle, and the defending Army is in Fangorn or a Rohan region, add one to the Combat strength of the Free Peoples Army (you can still roll a maximum of 5 Combat dice).
Treebeard is Level 2 after you use any "The Ents Awake" Event card or Combat Card effect, once he is in play.

Gandalf, Keeper of Narya: Given the importance of Gandalf Keeper of Narya, he is not optional, and the FP always has the right to use him in the Fellowship in any LoMe game. Aside from Gandalf Keeper of Narya though, who is not optional, the following Council of Elrond setup is optional in any game:

Council of Elrond Setup (Optional): The FP may replace any or all of the FP characters with the matching LoMe character. Place the chosen Companion Cards in the Fellowship deck. The Guide is always visible to the SP, but the other choices are not revealed to the SP until a) a Companion becomes the Guide, or b) he is selected as a Hunt casualty, or c) he is separated from the Fellowship. The new Companions have modified abilities to activate Nations, refer to the cards specifically. Some of the new Companions can start the game outside of the FSP (Meriadoc/Peregrin in The Shire, Boromir in Minas Tirith, Gimli in Erebor, and Legolas in Woodland Realm). During the FSP phase of the first turn, the FP must declare who, if any, will start outside of the FSP, and place them in their respective locations. Shadow Action Tokens: If Companions start outside the FSP, the SP gains a) 1 Action Token (SP’s choice) if 1 Companion starts game outside FSP or, b) Both Action Tokens if 2 or more Companions start outside the FSP. Shadow Action Tokens are used like Action Die with the following exceptions: a) Only one action token can be used per turn, b) Each Action Token can only be used once during the game, c) Each Action Token can only be used for its specific effect (so cannot be modified by an Elven Ring), d) Action Tokens are not counted among the number of actions available to the SP for deciding if he can pass an action, e) In a multi-player game, either Shadow player may use an Action Token.

Companion Variants: +1CD means "+1 Combat dice", Level X means "Companion moves at X and can take Hunt damage of X"
Gandalf the Grey, The Grey Wanderer (2nd Ed) Level 3, +1CD, after using Event die to play a card, may draw another of same type, cannot use Narya the Great power.
Gandalf the Grey, Keeper of Narya (LoMe) Level 3, +1CD, gain Narya Keeper die if Guide at Recover phase and an FP die was recovered from the Hunt Pool. My use Narya the Great special power.
Strider, Ranger of the North (2nd Ed) Level 3, +1CD, Use any Action Die to hide a revealed Fellowship.
Strider, Dúnadan (LoMe) Level 3, +1CD, If Strider Dúnadan is Guide and FSP is on step 1+ of FSP track, the 1st FSP move die not added to Hunt Box.

Boromir, Son of Denethor (2nd Ed)
Level 2, +1CD
Boromir, Captain General of Gondor (LoMe)
Level 1 (Hunt damage 1, but Move 2), +1CD (but only in Gondor/Osgiliath).
Messenger of Elrond: Use any AD to activate and move Gondor 1 politics step if in Gondor City/Stronghold.
Legolas, Son of Thranduil (2nd Ed)
Level 2, +1CD
Legolas, Elven Prince (LoMe) Level 1 (Hunt damage 1, but Move 2), +1CD (but only in Elven regions).
Messenger of Elrond: Use any AD to activate and move Elves 1 politics step if in Elven Stronghold.
Gimli, Son of Glóin (2nd Ed)
Level 2, +1CD
Gimli, Dwarven Lord (LoMe) Level 1 (Hunt damage 1, but Move 2), +1CD (but only in Dwarven regions).
Messenger of Elrond: Use any AD to activate and move Dwarves 1 politics step if in Dwarven Stronghold.
Meriadoc, Hobbit Companion (2nd Ed)
Level 1, no extra Combat die
Meriadoc Brandybuck, Hobbit of the Shire (LoMe) Level 1, +1CD (but only in The North regions).
Messenger of Elrond: Use any AD to activate and move North 1 politics step if in North City.
The Art of Disappearing: If Meriadoc is eliminated in a battle, put him back in play in an adjacent region.
Guide Ability: Eliminate both Meriadoc and Pippin (both Hobbit of the Shire versions must be in the FSP) to cancel a Standard Hunt tile.
Peregrin, Hobbit Companion (2nd Ed)
Level 1, no extra Combat die
Peregrin Took, Hobbit of the Shire (LoMe)
Level 1, +1CD (but only in The North regions).
Messenger of Elrond: Use any AD to activate and move North 1 politics step if in North City.
The Art of Disappearing: If Meriadoc is eliminated in a battle, put him back in play in an adjacent region.
Guide Ability: Eliminate both Meriadoc and Pippin (both Hobbit of the Shire versions must be in the FSP) to cancel a Standard Hunt tile.

Elven Rings can be used by the FP or SP to alter the face of an AD (Action Die), or (by the FP only) to perform its special power (but special powers are only available if the Keeper is in play, so keep that in mind when using up Elven Rings i.e. if Galadriel has been killed, but Elrond is still in play and you want to alter an AD face, use the Galadriel Ring (Nenya) and save the Elrond Ring (Vilya) in case you want to use the Vilya power later). An Elven Ring can only be used for it's special power or to alter an AD face.
Note 1 (Only one Ring per turn per player to alter AD): Only one Elven Ring may be used per Turn per player to alter an AD.
Note 2 (Using Multiple Rings in a single turn): In addition to using 1 Elven Ring per turn to alter AD, the FP (only) may use multiple Elven Rings to activate their special powers. e.g. The FP could use all 3 special Elven Ring powers in a single turn (all 3 special powers, or 1 alter AD and 2 special powers). i.e. The FP could use say Narya to alter an AD, and in the same turn he could also use Vilya to keep an AD just used and use Nenya to destroy a drawn Eye tile, etc . The SP can only ever use a single Elven Ring per turn, as the only effect available to him is to alter the face of an AD and that is restricted to once per turn per player.
Note 3 (Elven Rings cannot alter KD or LMD but "Lore of the Elven Rings" Event card can): Elven Rings can alter any normal AD, but may not be used to alter KD or LMD. However, other effects can alter KD or LMD, for example, the Lore of the Elven Rings does not anywhere specify that it can change LMD, but it has been ruled that it is allowed to change an LMD in this way (Java Client note: there is currently no possible way to select a LMD within the client and alter it's result).
Note 4 (KD and LMD are AD for most situations): KD and LMD do act as AD for most situations though, e.g. Gandalf Keeper of Narya may use the Galadriel or Elrond KD to activate the Narya special power, but noting the exception that Elven Rings cannot alter KD or LMD faces.

Narya (Gandalf): If Gandalf Keeper of Narya (not Gandalf the White, who may not use this power) is in an unconquered Settlement (Town/City/Stronghold), he may use an AD (or KD) and Narya to activate and put that Nation directly to "At War", then give Narya to the SP.
Nenya (Galadriel): Can destroy a drawn Eye tile for the remainder of game (draw another in its place), then give Nenya to the SP.
Vilya (Elrond): Keep an AD that you just used, except for Will of the West, then give Vilya to the SP.

Each Turn, each player rolls all of their active AD / KD (FP Keeper Dice) / LMD (SP Lesser Minion Dice).
The player who rolls more total dice (AD+KD+LMD) decides first which KD or LMD they will use.
Add/Remove KD/LMD only during the Recover AD Phase based upon who is currently in the Game.
Both players roll available KD/LMD but only one may be chosen, but a KD/LMD "Eye" must be chosen if rolled.
A * on a die face means Remove, but the Remove is only activated when the below conditions are met.
• No KD/LMD are in use on turn 1 except Narya, which Gandalf (Narya version) gets on turn 1 if he is Guide.
• If Elrond/Galadriel are in play, but use their Ring, their KD remain available to use while they are still in the game.
• If Witch-king (either version) in play, remove last turns chosen LMD (Balrog/Gothmog) if a * (Remove) face was rolled and used.
• If Witch-king Black Captain in play, remove Gothmog die at end of turn (regardless of what was rolled on the Gothmog die).
• If Gandalf White in play, remove last turns chosen KD (Elrond/Galadriel) if a * (Remove) was rolled and used.
• If Gandalf (Narya) is Guide at Recover Phase and a FP AD was recovered from Hunt, gain Narya die.

Mustering Keepers (Galadriel/Elrond) and Lesser Minions (Gothmog/Balrog). Each of the following requires a Muster die and the conditions listed:
Muster the Balrog' to Moria (no Nations need be At War), or Muster Gothmog to Minas Morgul (only if Sauron is At War).
'Galadriel (to Lorien)/Elrond (to Rivendell) may be mustered if Sauron *or* Elves are At War. Use a Muster die to bring either into play.

Gothmog: Get Gothmog LMD, place in Minas Morgul. +1 Leadership. Level 3. May use a Muster die to recruit a Regular or upgrade a Regular to Elite in any Region that Gothmog is in but only if with an Army.
Balrog: Get Balrog LMD, place in Moria (even if conquered!). Also place 1 Regular or Elite unit in Moria (but only if Moria is unconquered!). +3 Leadership, +2 to Combat dice of an army. Level 0 until Activated, then Level 2.

WK Chief of Ringwraiths: Get normal AD. If Sauron at War, and FSP not in a FP Stronghold, then Muster die to place him on top of the FSP.
May move Chief of Ringwraiths to FSP location if they declare in any Region except for unconquered FP Strongholds.
If Chief of Ringwraiths is in FSP location, when you play a C card, you may draw another C card (cannot combine this power with Palantír or Orthanc).
Mouth Black Númenórean: Get normal AD. If FSP is on the Mordor Track *or* FP has 1 or more VP, Muster die to place him in any unconquered Sauron Stronghold.
If with a beseiging Army, may extend the battle for 1 round, once per Action Die, without reducing an Elite.
If with a Shadow Army, may use a Muster Die as a Character die to move or attack with that Army only.

Galadriel: Get Nenya KD, +2 Leadership, Level 3 for cards, can Muster in Lorien even when under seige.
Elrond: Get Vilya KD, +2 Leadership, Level 0, but Level 3 for Combat cards, Elites (only when in Rivendell with Elrond) also act as Leaders.

Gandalf Keeper of Narya: Gets Narya Keeper Die only if a) he is Guide, b) an FP AD was recovered from the Hunt Pool at start of this Turn
Gandalf Keeper of Narya also gets Narya on Turn 1 of the game (but only if he is Guide selected as Guide).
Note: Gandalf the White may *not* come into play unless Saruman, or WK The Black Captain, or Mouth (either version) is in play (the Balrog, Gothmog, and WK Chief of Ringwraiths do not meet the condition for Gandalf the White to enter play).

Sméagol and the Sméagol Hunt Tiles: There are 4 Sméagol tiles. Add 2 to the Hunt Pool at the start of the game, and Sméagol enters play if one is drawn. The other 2 tiles may be added if the You Know the Way There card is played by the FP.
If a Sméagol tile is drawn, the Hunt damage is 0 and Sméagol becomes the Guide. For Corruption damage, Sméagol has a level equal to the highest Companion still in the FSP. Discard Sméagol if he is separated from the Fellowship or the Fellowship is declared in an unconquered Free Peoples City or Stronghold.

The We Shall Get It Event card is beneficial to the SP. It is not put into the Event card deck but instead is put into play (Play-on-table) immediately when Sméagol is eliminated or discarded in any way except by being replaced by Gollum! If Gollum is the Guide, the SP may choose to discard We Shall Get It after a Hunt tile has been drawn to draw another Hunt tile. Apply the effects of the second tile, and place the first tile back in the Hunt Pool.

New FP Event Cards in LoMe (6 extra cards added to the FP decks):
[FP C] You Know the Way There (Blade of Westernesse): Add the 2 extra Sméagol tiles to the Hunt Pool.
[FP C] Safe Paths in the Dark (It is a Gift): Heal 1 Corruption. Remove "We Shall Get It" and "We Won't Go Back" without effect if either is in play.
[FP C] Wind from the West (Orderly Withdrawal): Discard an SP card on the table; if none on table, look at SP's cards in his hand.
[FP C] Three Rings for the Elven-Kings (Orderly Withdrawal): Roll 3@5 and reclaim 1 Elven Ring for each 5+. Take from used Rings first.
[FP M] Every Little is a Gain (Shield-wall): Recruit 1 Regular in each of Pelargir, Lossarnach, and Lamedon then draw 1 Strategy card.
[FP A] Rangers of the North (Advantageous Position): Choose SP Army inside or bordering a North Region. 3 dice, 1 hit per 5+, then recruit one North unit (Regular or Elite) and one North Leader in any one free region of the North Nation adjacent to the attacked region.

New SP Event Cards in LoMe (6 extra cards added to the SP decks, plus 1 card that replaces the Balrog card in the base game, and 1 special card "We Shall Get It" described above):
[SP C] The Lore of the Elven Rings (Fear of their Masters): Play-on-table. If FP rolls an Eye* on a KD, then SP may alter one of his own AD (though not LMD)
[SP C] The Gates are Closed (Words of Power): Play-on-table. Discard with W die, or, if Gandalf Guide, with a C die. Draw extra tile if FSP is declared moving into, through or out of an unconquered SP Stronghold.
[SP C] Captain of Despair (Servant of the Shadow): Play-on-table, each SP C die used is put into Hunt Pool as an Eye
[SP C] We Won't Go Back (Fear of their Masters): Play-on-table if Sméagol is Guide. When a Sméagol tile is drawn, SP may discard a C event card, or "We Won't Go Back" to add 2 Corruption to the FSP.
[SP A] Madness and Horror (Swarm of Bats): If Sauron is At War. Choose a FP Army in or adjacent to a SP Stronghold Region (unconquered or conquered). Roll 5 dice and FP takes 1 hit for each 5+. Then if FP Army is under seige in the Stronghold, recruit 2 Sauron Regular to that Region, otherwise to an adjacent Region.
[SP A] Shadow of Dol Guldur (Mûmakil): Put a number of Regular units into Dol Guldur equal to the number of Nazgûl there (up to 5 maximum)

[SP C] A Balrog is Come! (Durin's Bane) replaces Balrog of Moria (Durin's Bane): Activate Balrog if in Moria, or move/attack with Balrog if already Activated

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