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Wyke Ribbot


Wyke Ribbot
A Mad Jack who Entertains
Level 1 Effort 1
XP 2 Cypher limit 2
Stat Current Pool Max Pool Edge
Might 4 11 1
Speed 5 (-2) 14 0
Intellect 9 15 0

Minor effect suggestion
You enchant the target, who remains enchanted as long as you focus all your attention on keeping her that way.
Major effect suggestion
The target is forever favorable disposed towards you.
GM Intrusion
Failing to entertain can be worse than not having tried, as you often end up annoying or offending your audience. Musical instruments break, paints dry in their pots, and the words to a poem or song, once forgotten, never return.

Perception Decreases the difficulty of Perception based tasks by one step
Flex skill At the start of the day you can pick one extra skill to be trained in
Speed defense Decreases the difficulty of speed related defense rolls by one step.
Numenera Decreases the difficulty of Numenera related tasks by one step
Trick of the Trade
Thrust (1 Might Point) Inflicts one extra damage with an edged weapon.

Other abilities
Fits of Insight At least once each session the GM should give you relevant information which there is no clear explenation as to why you should know.
Erratic Behavior Whenever you are in the presence of a great discovery or experience stress, the GM may impose on you a GM Intrusion (without giving you an XP), which causes your character to manifest your madness.
Weapon practice You are practiced in light and medium weapons
Levity During rest, all your allies gets + to their recovery roll.
Mental defense The difficulty of your mental defense rolls are one level higher

Weapons and armour
Knife 2 points of damage. Attack rolls are one level easier. Can be thrown up to short range.
Battle Axe 4 points of damage
Leather Jerkin (Light Armor) 1 Point of Armor. Costs one point of might per hour two wear, and reduces the speed pool by 2
Detonation (Spawn) (Level 7) A ceramic sphere which when thrown, bursts in an immediate radius, blinding all within it for one minute and inflicting damage equal to the cypher level. The burst spawns 1d6 additional detonations; on the next round, each additional detonation flies to a random spot within short range and explodes in an immediate radius. Roll for the type of damage dealt by all detonations: 
  • 01–10 Cell-disrupting (harms only flesh) 
  • 11–30 Corrosive 
  • 31–40 Electrical discharge 
  • 41–50 Heat drain (cold) 
  • 51–75 Fire 
  • 76–00 Shrapnel
Motion Activator When attached to another cypher or an artifact, the motion activator activates the device if anything larger than a small dog moves within immediate range. Once activated, it cannot be deactivated.

Cash 3 Shins
An oddity Unknown musical instrument that plays only soft unpleasent noises
Bag of Light tools Small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, pry bar, lockpicks, string, wire, screws and nails.
Explorer's Pack 15 m rope, three days of rations, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches and two minor glowglobes.
Bagpipe Instrument of choice
A book Master Kaykayell's book of ancient history

Wyke always had a lust for adventure and traveled with nomads and caravans for many years. During this time he learned many stories, legends and songs. He eventually found service in the court of a wealthy and powerful Lord. At first, no one knew that Wykes new master had a secret passion for dark and twisted rituals, inspired from an ancient book. The Lord became obsessed with the idea of growing in power by performing these unholy acts, many wich involved sacrife of both beast and man. Eventually one rainy night something happened, something from beyond our world answered the Lord during a ritual.

No one knows exactly how the Lord disappeared and why his palace was laid to ruin, but the survivors that was there that night all became scarred for life. Ever since that night, Wyke still walks around with a hearty smile on his lips, telling stories, singing and flirting. But he´s not the man he used to be. Sometimes he behaves irrational or talks to himself, sometimes his stories ends short or he starts to tell scary, bizarre versions of known texts. Its hard to tell whats going on behind those smiling eyes.

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