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Xavier Rivera

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Name Xavier Rivera
Concept Loyalty. That is my guiding mantra. That and the call of adventure.
Player Samuel
Nationality Castille
Wealth 0

Gaining Hero Point
• Either he or the GM activates his Hero’s Hubris.
• He chooses to say, “My Hero fails.” No dice rolled
• His Hero acts in a way as described by his Quirks. Once per session
• The GM buys any unused dice that aren’t part of a Raise for danger points.
Using Hero Points
• Add one bonus d10 to his roll, can be used multiple times.
• Add three bonus d10s to another Hero’s roll before a Risk.
• Activate a special ability on his Hero Sheet.
• Take an Action while Helpless.

Brawn Finesse Resolve Wits Panache
2 3 2 3 3

Background Quirk
Quartermaster Earn a Hero Point when you solve a problem for your crew.
Diestro Earn a Hero Point when you best a trained duelist at her own game.

Aim 3 Perform
Athletics 3 Ride
Brawl 1 Sailing 2
Convince Scholarship 3
Empathy 2 Tempt
Intimidate 1 Warfare 1
Hide 1 Theft
Notice Weaponry 3
Level 3: Re-roll a single die
Talent Effect
Handy Spend a Hero Point to repair a broken item, rig a damaged gun, patch a leaky ship, or perform similar miracles, causing the object to function normally for the rest of the Scene. At the end of the Scene—or if the object suffers any additional damage—the object becomes unusable until you have time to perform serious repairs with the proper tools.
Got it! Spend a Hero Point to immediately pick a lock, crack a safe, or disarm a trap.
Fencer You gain 1 Bonus Die when you make a Weaponry Risk using a rapier, dagger, cutlass or similar weapon in one hand.
Sea Legs While aboard a ship, treacherous footing never affects you. You gain 1 Bonus Die on any physical Risk while aboard a ship at sea—engaging in a sword fight on a pitching ship deck, or climbing through the rigging during a storm.
Disarming Smile Spend a Hero Point to keep another character from drawing a weapon, starting a fight, or resorting to violence. She will still defend herself, but she will not start any violent conflicts.
Ordained You can expect refuge, a place to stay, and hot meals in any church. You also have access to many—but not all—of the Church’s libraries. Finally, you gain two dice for any social Risks against characters who are adherents to your faith.
Eagle eyes As long as you have a clear line of sight, you can see perfectly out to a distance of one mile. If you use a spyglass you can even pick out fine details, such as the inscription carved into a wedding band. If you make a Risk that relies heavily on your keen vision, you gain 1 Bonus Die.
Linguist You speak, read, and write all Théan languages. Even the dead ones.

Virtue: The Road - Friendly
Once per session you can activate your Virtue when you meet a character (even a Villain) for the first time. She treats you as friendly for one scene.
Hubris: The War - Loyal
You receive a Hero Point when your Hero goes back for a fallen comrade or refuses to leave a wounded ally.

Goal: His family raised him in comfort without want for much and he seeks to repay that by bringing fame, honor, glory and maybe some wealth to his family.
Ending: Xavier, finally bringing the greatness to his family to repay them for raising him, returns home, to contemplate the remainder of his days, and await his next vision of adventure.
1st step: Since the blade has captivated him for so long, a tournament to start spreading his name would be a good start.

Xavier's family like many families in his country is large and they have relegated themselves to a large farmstead. But with many young men to tend the fields and animals, women to care for the young one's and many adults to trade in the marketplace, he felt a need to seek adventure.

He constantly blabbers on about a vision from God, telling him of the wonders he will see should he leave, but many think it's just in him to seek adventure. Finally, with his mother's and father's blessing, he took to the world to see the sights and maybe find his place.

But loyalty is strong in his heart, and for everything he does, he shares the spoils of victory with his family, sending money, or spreads good word of the work they do and the character of his many relatives (even his slightly annoying 3rd cousins on his mother's side). His failures are his and his alone, and he will never burden the family with his shame.

In his travels, he fell in love with the art of the sword, studying it where he could, and being that his favorite task was to take to the sea, he saw many lands and learned what he could of the sword from many parts of the world (and with it, many languages to woo the ladies...with little success it seem).

Finally, no matter where he goes, God is in his heart, guiding him to do what is right. But times are hard, and with the church under scrutiny and the Inquisition being what it is, it is hard to defend his faith, but he never completely loses sight of the light. His good work is known through the church and his patronage to many churches in his travels, has spread allowing him to seek refuge in the church in the few times he finds himself lacking a roof, or funds for some food.

Maybe THIS will be the great adventure he seeks.

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