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Zev the devourer
Player schizoid
Concept There is a gargantuan hole inside me. When the hole gets hungry, it makes me devour things.
Cause (+1d) To stop being a mere vessel and become something else.
Destiny To accept his condition and learn to live in peace with it.

Backstories (Higher impact)
Gorged on color purple in the stone lavender field
Learned the essence of silence from the cave air
Scavenged waste heaps with untouchables

Connections (+1d)
Character Relationship
Gregorius Have a shared goal to help a group of natives, who were cursed with eternal life.
Amaryllis Share a mystic ritual they regularly perform. Nobody in the clan knwos the meaning of it.

Passive If you physically or magically graft a living creature to your body, you gain a tenuous but correlated ability that this creature possesses (fish might allow you to breathe under water, a cat might grant nightvision). Once the graft is broken or the creature dies, the effects cease.
Active As part of a Task, you’re able to create an ad hoc conjunct that grafts the creature to you, even if it is an unwilling host.
Double roll As Active, but the creature is completely subdued and does not resist you, attempt to escape, or cause itself harm intentionally.
Triple roll As Doubles, but the creature burrows more deeply into your body, gaining in resilience and durability (even in an unnatural environment, such as a fish out of water).
Effect You can travel, in a rough sense of the word, by moving “through” the corpse of a creature, and coming out of the “gate” of another corpse of that creature’s blood relative.

The distance you can travel is based upon the type of creature, how recently it died, and how close its nearest dead relative is. The closer in relation the two corpses are, the stronger their proverbial passage.

For example, Jellanoh casts Corpsegate on a recently deceased wyvernfly, thereby connecting to that corpse’s family. Since wyvernflies don’t live long, there are several other such deceased relatives, and Jellanoh emerges from one such body -- a hundred miles away -- like a profane birthing of effluence.

The travel is instantaneous, although complete (you can’t exist on both sides like a portal or a doorway). The Covened can choose the corpse they wish to emerge from, again depending on its freshness and visceral-relation to the origination corpsegate. Distance and obstacles are no object to the corpsegate.

Time 2 hours to cast. Once cast, the Covened can maintain concentration and allow other Covened to pass through the gate if they so choose. Once their concentration is broken, the effect of the corpsegate stops. Similarly, if either corpse is destroyed, the conjunct fails and a new destination corpse must be selected.
Components Two fresh corpses of related creatures. Refined tunnelwhale blubber oil, albatross feathers, liquefied silver, all coating the origination corpse.

As for his role in the group (clan?): if the group's needs require something or someone to disappear completely, Zev is a natural choice. (This can be taken to any degree of fantasy epicness - from simply making some revealing bodies to disappper, all the way to devouring abstract notions like time, history etc. - this of course dependes on the tone of the game, which we will see.)
Zev is somone who is hard to control, but with some effort could be aimed at something useful. More physical than intellectual. More occult than rational.

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