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automated youtube linking

BoardGameGeek has a sort of hidden feature to allow prolific video producers to automatically add their videos to BGG when they are added to Youtube.

It works like this: you can send dakarp channelid, and he'll set things up so Youtube notifies BGG when you add a new video to your channel. Then, for those videos that you indicate that you want it added (by including a link to an item on BGG in the Youtube description), it will be added automatically, as soon as you publish the video!

The title of the video on BGG will be copied from the title on Youtube; the description on BGG will be blank, but we'll immediately send you a link by geekmail where you can click through and edit the description, if necessary.

This doesn't add any other additional features to videos on the Geek--they still have to be linked to one (and only one) item on BGG, and only the same sorts of things you can already link videos to (games, publishers, designers, etc).

This also bypasses geekmod, which means that your videos go up faster.

This system is really only of use to very prolific video producers. If you create an occasional video here or there, it isn't worth the trouble.

If this sounds like something that would be a time-saver for you, send in Youtube ChannelId. (This is not the same as your userid. If you go to "my channel" from the youtube menu, you'll see a link like:
The channelid is the part after channel in that link.)

How to make sure a video is linked

This system is unforgiving--If you submit a video to youtube, and do not follow all of the instructions below, the video will not be linked by BGG. Read carefully!

Make sure the Audio Language is set

BoardGameGeek will only link videos if the Default Audio Language for the video is properly set. There are two ways to do this:

First, you can set the language in the Upload defaults of your channel setting, BEFORE you upload the video.
Go to Creator Studio on Youtube, then select from the menu Channel: Upload Defaults, and set a language. This is the only place that setting the channel language will affect the video.

Second, you can set the video's audio language in the Advanced settings tab when creating or editing the video. Note that setting the language in the translations tab will NOT help--that only sets the default language for your title and description (the text).

Make sure the video is embeddable

You can't link Youtube videos that are not embeddable.

Add a tag for the category

Whenever you post a new video that you want posted to BGG, before you publish it, make sure you add a Tag for a valid video category:
A valid video category. That means, "review", "session", "instructional", "interview", "humor", "unboxing", or "other".

Include a link to a BoardGameGeek item (game, etc) in the body of the video description

Somewhere in the body of the Video description, you need to have a full link to the game on BGG. that means something like:
You can only link to things that you can already attach videos to on BGG--games, publishers, designers, etc.

Correcting data

If you make a mistake and need to correct something after you publish a video, you can make a change on Youtube, save your changes, AND make sure you make some change to the description--that will fire off a notification to us to update stuff at our end. Other changes to the video (language, tags, etc) may not fire off a notification. But do be aware that changes will generally be picked up at our end--that means you can't make a change to the title or the link in the description after the video is posted to BGG, and expect the data on BGG to remain unchanged.

After the video is posted to BGG

Right away, within about a minute or less, of posting (and publishing) on youtube, you should get a confirmation via geekmail--the videos are auto-approved through geekmod. In the message, there will be a link to the video; if you want to add a description to the video on BGG, you can click through that link and edit the description there. Otherwise, the video will have no description on BGG. You will also be subscribed to the video on BGG.


If you get no confirmation, that means that for some reason, BGG did not accept the video--perhaps a tag, the language, or the game link was missing. Or maybe the video isn't embeddable or something. Check the list of requirements, and try updating the video (and the description).

YouTube accounts with multiple submitters

With the basic system, all videos from your channel will be uploaded under your username. But what if you have multiple BGG users with the same Youtube account? In that case, you do the following: when you send a message to create the channel, send a list of "approved submitters". Then, when you are creating the video, add an additional tag, in the form "GeekUsername: Aldie" (if the username of the submitter is Aldie). If you have approved submitters, you MUST include this tag when you want a video linked.

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