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Caerian, Male Tri-Kazel Demorthen, Commoner, 21 years old

Ways: Empathy 5, Creativity 4, Conviction 3, Reason 2, Combativeness 1
Domains: Demorthen Mysteries (Sigil Rann) 6, Natural Environment 4, Occultism 3, Shooting and Throwing 2, Perception 2, Stealth 1, Close Combat 1, Feats 2, Travel 1

Skills: Close Combat 2, Craft 4, Demorthen Mysteries (Sigil Rann) 12, Erudition 2, Feats 3, Magience -, Natural Environment 9, Occultism 6, Perception 5, Performance 4 (3), Prayer -, Relation 6 (5), Science 2, Shooting and Throwing 4, Stealth 6, Travel 7

Skills By Score: Demorthen Mysteries (Sigil Rann) 12, Natural Environment 9, Travel 7, Occultism 6, Relation 6 (5), Stealth 6, Perception 5, Craft 4, Performance 4 (3), Shooting and Throwing 4, Feats 3, Close Combat 2, Erudition 2, Science 2, Magience -, Prayer -

Quality: Intuitive (Empathy, Major Rating)
Flaw: Nonconformist (Creativity, Major Rating)
Setback: Tragic Love (permanent Trauma point on Sanity chart)
Consciousness 5; Instinct 5; Orientation Consciousness; Trauma 1; Mental Resistance 8
Advantages: Good Sight: +1 to Perception & Throwing and Shooting, Intuitive: +1 to Demorthen Mysteries, Travel & Relation; Well-Read: +1 to Occultism, can read and write
Disadvantages: Shy (-1 to Relation and Performance in public)

Fighting Potential: 2; Attack Rating: Shooting and Throwing 3, Close Combat 2
Offensive Attitude: Attack 4, Defense 10; Defensive Attitude: Attack 0, Defense 14
Quick Attack: Speed 8, Defense 10; Movement Attitude: Defense 14, increased movement, no attacks
Damage: 2 (Bow/Spear)
Defense: 12; Protection: 3; Speed: 6; Stamina: 10; Survival Points: 3
Rindath: 10
XP: 2 (10 spent on improving Feats)

Bow: 2 damage, 20 yds, -2 at 40 yds, -5 at 80 yds (3 Azure)
Arrows: 18 (1 Azure)
Short Spear: 2 damage, 3 yds, -2 at 6 yds, -5 at 12 yds (2 Azure)
Round Shield: 1 Protection (2 Azure)
Reed Cuirass: 2 Protection (1 Azure)

Oghamic Stones
Tracking: Allows the Demorthèn to read tracks left on the ground like an open book. In its opposite version, Trackless Path, this Ogham hides one’s tracks.
Curative Berries: Gives fruits or vegetables curative properties, the Bonus factor giving the amount of damage points healed. However, they can also become Poisonous Berries. Poisons inflict damage points according to the Circle.
Camouflage: Makes it possible to blend in with any type of surroundings.
Calyre: Makes the target more agile; his Defense rating as well as his Stealth Domain can be increased. In appropriate cases, it applies to the Feats Domain as well (for tumbling, climbing, and evading).
Cure: Neutralizes a disease. The Difficulty Threshold to cure a patient – and thus, the required Circle – depends on the Virulence of the illness. The required intensity is equivalent to the level of Virulence +1 (see the “Health” chapter).

Born in Llewellen, Caerian studied under the local Demorthen for much of his life although he also spent plenty of time hunting in the Western Swamps with his father, honing his archery skills bringing down wildfowl in the marshes.
His betrothed, however, was lost in the marshes last winter, suspected to have been killed by a feondas. Caerian was lost deep in grief for several months, even going so far as to contact a travelling occultist to research both known feondas of the local region and contacting the spirit of his betrothed. Only in the last few weeks has he regained some stability and left Llewellen to escape his unhappy memories, looking for his father's old hunting partner who now lives in Seol.
On his travels, he met up with a travelling party heading in the opposite direction, where he saw a noblewoman who bore a striking resemblance to his betrothed. He spent a very pleasant evening talking to her, and discovered she was a noblewoman from Seol and her name was Aoda, before they parted ways. He has recently entered the town of Seol.

Fiona - Andrea
Catriona - Jonna
Filian - Fred
Ruach - Misha

NPC: Quentin - the pesky, poisoned Magientist

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