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fastfox PbF Deadlands 2013 All Hallows Eve Saej

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I was born an orphan in Kingston, in Upper Canada. I was born in 1840, but my actual birthday isn't known. I was raised in the orphanage until the age of sixteen, at which point you are let out to fend for yourself. The orphanage I was raised in was a 'military' orphanage where you learned to march as early as four years old. It was very strict and the discipline came down fast and hard. We would march and sing for two hours every morning before being allowed to go to 'school.' There was some academic studies done, but mostly it was more militaristic brainwashing. The orphanage was a thinly veiled training academy for the local military. For each orphan that joined after their release, the orphanage recieved a small...donation.

At sixteen, upon my release, I was sure I did not want any more to do with the military. I decided I wanted to head south as I was not to fond of the cold anymore. The trek took almost a year, but I wound up in California. I found a local cattle farmer who needed some help on the farm. The pay was bad, but it did afford me a place to stay and a meal to eat. The farmer and his wife enjoyed my company on Sundays, and invited me to church. I recieved salvation that year and decided I was going to be like that peacher someday. I worked for that farmer for ten years until he died one night in his sleep. I was 27. I finished the harvest for his widow and set off to find a life of my own in Texas. I heard that the place I was born became a country this summer. Canada. How about that.


Settled down soon after reaching Texas, found a wife, and helped start a rightous Baptist church. My wife is barren and so we had to settle for a small lot of land that we could manage together. The church grew quickly, and many attended each Sunday. Hearing stories of evil in other parts, the church decided that I should head out to cure the land with the Lord's help. The congregation outfitted me with what they thought was right and some money from the coffers. I needed to send them a small sermon or message every Sunday that they could read from the pulpit. If I needed anything, they said they could try to get me what I needed. I am fighting for the Lord, after all.

I rode out, preparing myself for what I would face. But nothing I had read or heard of could prepare me for this.

Your Worst Nightmare

Working in the fields was all a man could do to stay afloat in California. Long, hot days with little water allowed me to earn enough to eat, sleep in a bed, and save a bit on the side. I had a sizable amount of savings and was planning to move and hopefully settle down and start a family.

It was almost noon when the ground began to shake. I had no idea what was going on and was completely taken aback. It felt like the ground beneath my feet was falling apart! I didn't know what to do besides to unhitch the horse from the plow and to start riding to the farmer's house. The horse, Jangles, was as excited to leave as I was. As I rode closer to the house, I realised it was falling down. However, that was not my biggest problem. Water, God knows from where, began shooting up all around the house and in the field. I turned Jangles around and spurred him to run as fast as he could, although he needed little motivation to do so. The earth was cracking and the water rose.

I rode straight away from the farmer's house, sure that everyone in there was dead and that the late farmer would not mind me using his horse as I saw fit. For hours I rode until I found a small hill to make a camp. I was able to fashion a small lean-to for the night.

In the middle of the night I was awoken by water. I thought I had been safe! Jangles had since ran off and I had no idea where he was. I began to run but the water was too fast and the Earth was still shaking. I was swept away in the current. I swam for my life, but I was quickly tired. I started to slip below the surface. Gulps of air mixed with the water and I started to drown. My only thought was to swim for air, but each stroke became more difficult. As my head dipped, I felt the impending sense of doom that I was going to die.

My head went under and I held my breath. That didn't last long and my body surged for air. I felt the ripping sharp pain of air entering my lungs. Instinctively I gasped, which only caused more pain as my lungs filled. I tried to scream, but no one could hear me besides the fish. My vision began to blur and my mind quickly faded to black.

Worst Nightmare: Death by drowning. Fear: Boats, water higher than my waist.

Traits & Aptitudes



  • 1d8
  • Search 1


  • 1d12
  • Area Knowledge:
    • Home County 2
  • Language:
    • Native Tongue 2
  • Professional:
    • Theology 4


  • 4d10
  • Persuasion 4
  • Tale Tellin' 3
  • Leadership 3


  • 2d6


  • 3d12
  • Faith 4
  • Guts 2



  • 2d8
  • Shootin':
    • Shotgun 3


  • 4d6
  • Climbin’ 1
  • Sneak 1
  • Horse Ridin' 2
  • Fightin':
    • Whip 1


  • 2d6


  • 4d4


  • 4d10

Size, Pace, Wind & Grit

  • Size 6
  • Pace 6
  • Wind 22
  • Grit 0

Edges & Hindrances

  • Edges
    • Arcane: Blessed (3)
    • Brave (2)
    • Dinero (2)
    • The Voice: Soothing (1)
    • Conscience (1)
    • Religious Rank (1)
  • Hindrances
    • All Thumbs (2)
    • Heavy Sleeper (1)
    • Law of the West (3)
    • Self Righteous (3)
    • Obligation (1)
    • Minor Phobia vs. Pumpkins


  • Protection
  • TN: Opposed, Speed: 1, Duration: 1 round, Range: Self
    • A supernaturally evil opponent must make a Spirit total versus the hero’s faith. Should it lose, the creature cannot touch the character or otherwise cause her direct harm. It could still push over a bookshelf the blessed happened to be standing under, but it couldn’t fire a weapon, cast a hex, or use its special abilities on her until it wins the spiritual contest.
  • Lay On Hands
  • TN: Special, Speed: 1 minute, Duration: Permanent, Range: Touch
    • Heals others, TN based on severity
    • Wound Level - TN
    • Wind - 3
    • Light - 5
    • Heavy - 7
    • Serious - 9
    • Critical - 11
    • Maimed (limbs only) - 13
    • The blessed actually feels the victim’s pain, so he must subtract the patient’s total wound modifier from her roll.
    • If the healer is successful, the victim is completely healed in all areas of his body. The patient maintains his wound modifiers for the next hour (due to stiffness in the healed areas), but he is not otherwise considered wounded.
    • If the healer fails the roll, the patient isn’t cured, and the healer takes on the same maladies or wounds.
  • Inspiration
  • TN: 5, Speed: 1 minute sermon, Duration: Special, Range: Special
    • Every success adds +2 to the blessed’s taletellin’ roll to reduce the Fear Level. The blessed has to tell his tale immediately. He can’t “save up” an inspiration bonus to use on a later sermon.
  • Battle Hymn
  • TN: 5, Speed: 1, Duration: Special, Range: Earshot
    • Per success/raise, choose:
    • +2 to all guts rolls
    • +2 to all fightin' rolls
    • Ignore one level of wound modifiers
  • Falter
  • TN: 5, Speed: 1, Duration: 1 round, Range: 5 yards
    • Opponent is stunned and loses his next action in that round. For each raise the invoker gets, the opponent loses another action that round. If the opponent has no more actions that round, additional raises are wasted.
    • Repeated attempts in the same day to invoke this miracle on the same subject aren’t as effective. Any attempt after the first to invoke this miracle on the same subject in a single day suffers a –5 modifier on the invocation roll. This only works on people or abominations who can understand the blessed’s intent.

Bounty & Fate

  • No Bounty
  • Fate Chips
    • White 2
    • Red 1
    • Blue

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Weapon Shots Speed Rate of Fire Damage Range Caliber Reliability
Winchester Lever-Action (Shot) 4 1 1 Special 10 12 guage ---
Winchester Lever-Action (Slug) 4 1 1 6d6 10 12 guage ---

Range Damage (Shot):
Touching 6d6
1–10 5d6
11–20 4d6
21–30 3d6
31+ 2d6

-2 to attack roll, 6d6 at any range.

Fightin' Weapons

Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist --- 1 STR
Bowie +1 1 STR+1d6
Whip +1 1 STR


  • Boots ($8)
  • Chaps ($4)
  • Clergy Dress Shirt ($3)
  • Pants ($3)
  • Regular Leather Stetson ($5)
  • Fancy Clergy outfit ($15)
  • Black Stetson for Clergy outfit ($5)
  • Gold Watch ($10)
  • Trail Rations x 10 ($5)
  • Bedroll ($4)
  • Canteen x 4 ($4)
  • Horse named Samson ($50)
  • Saddle and Saddle Bags ($30)
  • Lantern with gallon of oil ($2.60)
  • Matches ($0.50)
  • Hatchet ($1)
  • Shovel ($1.50)
  • Iron Skillet ($0.50)
  • Rope, 50' ($5)
  • Bowie Knife ($4)
  • Mess Kit ($2)
  • Winchester Lever-Action ($35)
  • Shotgun Thong ($0.25)
  • 'Shell Belt' ($5)
  • 40 Shot Shells ($4)
  • 20 Slug Shells ($2)
  • Whip ($10)
  • Altar Bible ($5)
  • Personal Travel Bible ($1)
  • Paperback Ministry/Handout Bibles x 20 ($5)

Equipment: 230.35
Cash: 519.65

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