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  • Born as the 7th son from a family of very pious settlers in a small town in Nevada, Saul showed very early some excellent dispositions with guns.

At 14 years old, he cheats on his age and enlists to join the Union and fight the 'Good Fight' against the Secessionists. He is sent to several battlefields and he always miraculously survives. But it is at the Battle of Gettysburgh that he truly understands the horrors of war. All his battalion is killed except him who is left unscathed. Rumors start to spread and people start to believe that Saul is cursed and that he only brings death and bad luck to those around him.

So, by some weird red tape process, he is assigned to convoy jobs and other low risk taks. But there he can witness all the embezzlement from which some higher ups seem to practice, but also how both armies seem to take advantage of villagers, civilians, girls, natives and slaves, all behind the shirld and prestige of their uniform. This is when a sense of real injustice starts to grow in him.

At the end of the war, Saul joins a posse and starts to wander from state to state, hoping from jobs to jobs, such as cow herding, he earns his nickname, Crackin' Saul and forges close bonds with another gunsliger who quickly becomes his best friend, Lightnin' Largo.

But this friendship quickly turns into a growing rivalry when Largo takes control of the posse and gives a slight criminal orientation to their activities. At the beginning, Saul follows, but one day, while they stopped in a small quiet town in Pennsylvania, Saul falls in love with the daughter of a farmer and considers settling down, getting married and live a quiet life. This angers Largo who thinks he owns Saul and one fateful afternoon, he rapes the girl and when Saul arrives, he kills her right before his eyes.

A duel ensues and Saul is left for dead in that town, while Largo and his posse plunder and burn everything down. When he wakes up, he realizes he was saved by an errant preacher who tended his wounds. After long nights of conversations, this man explained to an unbelieving Saul that there was the mark on an old mysterious curse on him, that would indeed bring bad luck and likely cause the death of his beloved ones.

But on the other hand, this encounter with the preacher gives a new orientation to his life, and Saul decides to use his colts to protect the weak and the poor, and to bring some justice to this God forsaken world, while still dreaming of this prospect of settling down and create a place where everybody could leave in peace, without fear and injustice.


  • Now Saul is 30. He's been wandering for some years already, righting wrongs everywhere he can, honing his gunslinging skills and being more and more of a hero. But as time goes by, he suspects his inexorably drawn to a mission that will seal his fate, either for good, or for bad.

Your Worst Nightmare

  • Every now and then, the same dream keeps happening, Saul and his young 7th son with him leaving the fields, about to go to town and fulfill his duty as mayor. His beautiful wife and the rest of the children already in their cart, calling him, and this image moves further away, until it is being superimposed by his town burning, his neighbors screaming while burning, his family begging for his help, and when he looks at his son who is holding his hand, an undead child with his flesh peeling away from his bones looks at him and whispers: "'Tis already too late, Dad!"

Traits & Aptitudes



  • 3d12
  • Scrutinize 1
  • Search 2


  • 1d10
  • Area Knowledge:
    • Home County 2
  • Language:
    • Native Tongue 2


  • 3d6
  • Overawe 1


  • 2d6
  • Survival:
    • Desert 1


  • 2d10
  • Guts 3



  • 1d12
  • Shootin’:
    • Pistol 4
    • Rifle 4
  • Speed-load:
    • Pistol 3


  • 3d12
  • Climbin’ 2
  • Dodge 2
  • Fightin’:
    • Brawlin' 2
  • Horse Ridin’ 1
  • Sneak 1
  • Swimmin’ 1


  • 2d4


  • 4d8
  • Quick Draw:
    • Pistol 4


  • 2d6

Size, Pace, Wind & Grit

  • Size 6
  • Pace 12
  • Wind 16
  • Grit 0

Edges & Hindrances

  • Edges
    • Eagle Eyes (1pt)

Sharp-eyed folks can spot a fly on a raisin cake at 20 paces. Others might just wonder what’s so chewy.

    • Level-Headed (5pts)

Veteran gunmen claim speed and skill are vital, but they’re overrated compared to keeping your cool, aiming at your target, and putting it down. A hothead who empties his hogleg too fast soon finds himself taking root in the local bone orchard.

    • “The Stare” (1pt)

There’s something in your stare that makes others nervous. When your eye starts twitching, someone’s about to get carried to Boot Hill. Clint Eastwood has it, and so does your gunslinger

    • “The Voice” (1pt)

A gunslinger with a gravely voice is much more threatening when he calls out some scoundrel from Back East than some tinhorn with a voice like a mouse.
You can choose what kind of voice your character has. A soothing voice, a threatening voice or a grating voice.

  • Hindrances
    • Doubting Thomas (3pts)

Some folks have a hard time believing in supernatural events even when they they’re halfway down some critters’ gullets.

    • Enemy (2pts)

The past has a nasty way of coming back to haunt a cowpoke. Remember that every foe you put down likely has some friends or family who might come looking for you later.

    • Heroic (3pts)

You’re a sucker for someone in trouble. Ever hear of nice guys finishing last? Heroes who go chasing down wild critters aren’t likely to finish at all. At least they’ll write something nice on your tombstone.

    • Yearnin’ (2pts)

Your character has a dream or goal of some sort. Maybe he wants to own his own cattle ranch or become the town marshal of Abilene.

    • Bad Luck

Calamity Jane’s got nothing on you.

Mysterious Past

  • Curse

The character is cursed in some way. Figure out when and why it happened by sorting through the hero’s past, looking for someone he may have wronged.
The character has the bad luck Hindrance until he resolves whatever issue caused the curse.

  • Knack: Seventh Son

Your hombre has the unique ability to control Fate. Anytime someone spends a Fate chip in his presence (usually within sight), you can discard a like-colored chip to stop its effects. A pricey but valuable power, amigo.

Bounty & Fate

  • Fate Chips
    • White 0
    • Red 3
    • Blue 0
  • Bounty 6

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Fire Weapons
Rate of Fire
Ammo Supply
Colt Peacemaker, Double Action
Pistol (.44-.45) x2
Colt Peacemaker, Double Action
Pistol (.44-.45) x2
Winchester '73
Rifle (.44) x2

Melee Weapons


Colt Peacemaker, Double Action x2 $30
Winchester '73 x1 $25
Ammo: Pistol (.44-.45) x2 $6
Ammo: Rifle (.44) x2 $8
Knife x1 $2

Boots x1 $8
Chaps x1 $4
Duster x1 $10
Longjohns x1 $2
Shirt x1 $1
Shoes x1 $2
Trail rations (per day) x1 50¢
Backpack x1 $2
Bed roll x1 $4
Harmonica x1 50¢
Hatchet x1 $1
Lantern x1 $2.50
Lantern oil (per gallon) x1 10¢
Matches (box of 100) x1 50¢
Mess kit x1 $2

Pick x1 $2
Pipe x1 $2
Playing cards x1 25¢
Rope (50’) x1 $5
Shovel x1 $1.50
Tobacco, smoking (pouch) x1 50¢
Watch, standard x1 $2.50

Gun belt x1 $2
Quick-draw holster x2 $22
Rifle scabbard x1 $3
Speed-load cylinder x1 $3

Stetson x1 $5
Horse x1 $50
Saddle x1 $25
Saddle bags x1 $5

Total cost: $239.85
Money left: $10.15

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