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fateofcthulhu playtest1



Anders is an effective dreamer from the future currently inhabiting the body of a certified schizophrenic. Neither Anders or his host body has much in the way of social skills, and anyone who spends any length of time with him begins to realize something is off about Anders. He see things that are not there, or sees things that are REALLY there but hidden to others. He occasionally moves like he has little control over his body.

High Concept: Mind Inhabiting Seer from the Future
Trouble: Identity Crisis (Corrupt)
Relationship: It’s All My Fault
Open: Waking Visions (Corrupt)
Event Aspect: (Blank)
Consequence: Overwhelmed

Corruption Stunt: Things as the Really Are. +4 when using Lore to create an advantage for investigate or Notice. Cost Despair, Backlash on Lore
Corruption Stunt: Not Quite Human +4 on Provoke rolls when the target has spent more than once scene with Anders. Cost” Overwhelming Fear, Backlash on Provoke
Normal Stunt: Already pinched it. Can use Burglary in place of Resource when dealing with small objects..

Skill Tree

+ 4 Investigate

+3 Fight, Lore

+ 2 Notice, Shoot, Physique

+1 Will. Burglary, Stealth, Craft

Physical Stress 123
Mental Stress xx3

Trenton Connery

Trenton is a psychologist working at the famed Arkham Asylum. He is a curious fellow that has delved a little too far into his hobby of esoteric knowledge and occult lore.

High Concept: Psychologist obsessed with magic and occultism
Trouble: Wrong place at the wrong time
Relationship: My patient is acting strange
Open: Tempted by power
Event Aspect: (Blank)

I just can't wrap my head around this part. Not one bit.
Specialist. Psychology. You get a +2 to all Lore rolls relating to that field of specialization.

It's Academic. Once per scene you can spend a fate point (and a few minutes of observation) to make a special Lore roll representing a flash of insight. For each shift you make on this roll you discover or create an aspect related to your field of specialization, on either the scene or the target of your observations, though you may only invoke one of them for free.

Skill Tree

+ 4 Academics

+3 Empathy, Will

+ 2 Lore, Notice, Resources

+1 Stealth, Shoot, Contacts, Rapport

Physical Stress 123
Mental Stress 123

Orion Pierce

High Concept: Escaped son of devout cultists
Trouble: Not quite deprogrammed
Event Aspect:
Relationship Aspect: When it goes sideways, I lean on Doc Connery
Open Aspect (Corrupted): Shifting seven-dimensional ritual tattoos

Corruption Stunt Abilities (and costs)
Absolute ability: Blend into the background on Earth and other planes when standing still (hard to spot at crucial times to friendlies, too)
Power ability: Up to +4 to create an Advantage with Lore when acting as acting as a conduit for a Ritual (suffer 1/2 point rounded up of harm per +, divided between stress tracks)

Normal stunts
Childhood friends: +2 Contacts when trying to contact former/current cultists
Head on a Swivel: Once / session reroll a Notice check for awareness / spotting something


+ 4 Lore

+3 Empathy, Physique

+ 2 Contacts, Rapport, Notice

+1 Shoot, Will, Drive, Investigate

Physical: 1234
Mental: 123


Party drug CxP aka "Color out of Space" hits the streets
Aspect - Better living through science
Who [0] Unscrupulous psychiatrists
What [-] Mind-expanding drugs reach street-level dealers
Where [0] New York
How [-] 'Scrips being handed out like candy

What if the cure is worse than the disease?
Aspect - The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
Who [-] Church of the Transparent Mind
What [-] Exposing humans to even worse entities
Where [0] Ex Animo Towers, Toronto, Canada; HQ of the International Church of the Transparent Mind
How [0] Worldwide launch of Mind-Leech Cleansing grips, patent pending

Thermonuke strike on Leng
Aspect - Well, that could have gone better
Who [0] Remaining world-superpower governments, acting from a fallback bunker in Argentina
What [-] A hundred megatons of uncorked hell
Where [-] A shrouded island below the Antarctic circle
How [0] UN coordinated submarine strike

Conference for World Harmony
Aspect - Our Last Best Hope
Who [-] Well Respected World Leaders
What [0] Conference for World Harmony
Where [0] Athens Greece
How [-] Tactical Hit Squad

Rise of The Great Old Ones
Aspect - Bullshit three ring circus sideshow
Who [0] Millions of dumbfounded dipshits
What [-] Waves of spreading violence
Where [0] Transparent Mind buildings worldwide
How [-] Servitors 'awaken' and spill out onto the streets, preparing the world for Their Arrival


Timeline Event: CxP


Anders tumbles into Theo's body and meets Trenton and Orion.

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