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Room 16 - The Spider King

Acidic spittle dribbles near you on the floor as the King leans close.

"You smell like outside, you do not belong here. Who sent you? Was it Nandras? That wizened old-"

The Spider King interrupts himself with gnashing jaws that click shut right next to your ear. There's little hope for anything but sword-tip diplomacy, roll for combat!

5+ You parry most of the arachnid's blows and avoid the jaws, eventually subduing the King while taking only a few nicks and scrapes, -1HP
3-4 In the process of exterminating the pesky King, you're grazed by his poisonous mandibles. -3HP
1-2 The King's snaps out at you and catches you off-guard and digs his mantibles deep into your arm; as you twist free, some of the spines remain buried and leaking poison right into your blood. Roll again, just the one die. This time, on a 3+ you manage to draw out the fang and take 4HP, on a 1, it remains buried. Take -3HP and roll again. Continue (-2, -1, 0) until the poison reaches a strength of 0 or until you succumb to the poison and die.

If you survive, you find 18 gold pieces and a note scrawled in ichor about Nandras and his silly puzzles.
Behind the throne, one of the curtains has fallen aside to reveal an ornamented door.

exit South

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