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Room 3 - Thrushbeard

This room is rectangular and closed doors in the middle of each wall lead off to the north south east and west. Birds flutter around the room noisily, but as you enter they all fly to one corner and nestle into the beard of a man sitting at a table. He is short and stocky, and his long beard stretches from his chin and drapes over the table. He is picking small round objects from a pouch and popping them into his mouth - they might be nuts of some kind. As you enter, he raises his eyebrow.

"Ey there, adventurer, you've come to seek your fortune like the rest of them? How about you tell me about yourself so I can write your eulogy now. Hah! And if you make it back out, you can even fix my door. Hah!"

He tosses you one of the nuts he's been snacking on and introduces himself as Thrushbeard, from a long forgotten Dwarven clan, and now the caretaker of a small holdfast beneath this well.

Do you eat the proffered nut?
Ask Thrushbeard about what lays beyond in the well?
Attack the dwarf unprovoked? (if you've already done that, just ignore the mention of him now)
Leave through one of the doors? N E S W

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