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lydon PbF 2013 NightFears psytrooper

Daniel Lussier


High Concept: Handsome Rich Boy
Trouble: Spoiled Rotten
Other Aspects: Not a Kid Anymore

"I can't let this chance slip away!" aspect : - Daniel gets whatever he wants... almost. If he can't get something right away, he'll watch for any opportunity to grab it. And the more emotionally-sensitive the issue, the more reckless he'll become...

"You'll regret that" aspect : - Daniel is used to getting his way, and that means he's your best friend until you cross him. If you make an enemy of Daniel (imagined insult, brutal assault, obstacle to his pleasures), he will find a way to make you pay... and then some. "Nursing a grudge? No, I just want people to appreciate consequences."


Great (+4), 1 slot: Presence
Good (+3), 2 slots: Conviction, Resources
Fair (+2), 3 slots: Empathy, Rapport, Athletics
Average (+1), 4 slots: Alertness, Investigation


Lush Lifestyle (Resources) You may assume you have any item costing equal to or less than your Resources.

Sex Appeal (Rapport) +2 to seduction of receptive targets. Question for GM: Can this be used in non-direct seduction situations? Can I use my physical beauty to intimidate or influence other without inciting arousal?

The Social Graces (Empathy) +2 to Empathy for initiative.

The Weight of Reputation (Presence) Use Presence instead of Intimidation to scare anyone knowing your "rep."

Pure Mortal Bonus [+2]

Stress & Consequences

Physical oo Mental oooo Social oooo
__________ O Mild (-2)
__________ O Moderate (-4)
__________ O Severe (-6)
__________ O Extreme (-8) (replaces permanent)
Base Refresh Level: 6
Total Refresh Adjustment: -2
Adjusted Refresh: 4



Daniel is stunningly handsome and his parents are rich. The combination of his family's money and his charisma mean he gets pretty much anything he asks for, and that's the way he likes it.

Daniel is a Pure Mortal

Since he has no weird powers, Daniel gets an extra 2 fate points. Spend 'em while you got 'em!

Two of you used to be best friends, but then had a falling out. What happened, whose fault is it, and what does everyone else think about the incident?

Re: [IC] 2013 Newbie PbF Case File: Night Fears

Daniel, what one thing do you want but can’t have? How do you feel about that?

Re: [IC] 2013 Newbie PbF Case File: Night Fears

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