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lydon PbF ThreeKings

Achtung! Cthulhu - Three Kings PbF

This is the root page for information about a RPGgeek PbF Fate Core session.

Mythos Madness Skills

  • Athletics
  • Contacts
  • Crafts
    • Jury-rig: Makeshift repairs without proper tools or proper replacement parts are as good as the real thing.
    • Demolitions: +2 to destroy structures using explosives
  • Deceit
  • Empathy
  • Fighting
  • Infiltration (replaces Burglary and Stealth)
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
    • Strategy: +2 to create advantage based on the observation of enemy troops.
  • Drive
  • Humanities ('soft' science: Psychology, Philosophy, Medicine, Archaeology, History, old Languages)
  • Sciences ('hard' science: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc.)
    • Cryptology: +2 if working on encoded messages
  • Notice
  • Physique
  • Rapport
    • Leadership: +2 to command
  • Scrounging (Resources)
  • Shooting
    • Heavy Weapons Expert: negates unwieldy of heavy weapons you handle
  • Will
  • Special: Mythos Lore (defaults to Terrible (-2))

Spoken Languages

Each character speaks languages as appropriate for his High Concept and additional aspects.

The Ladder

+8 Legendary
+7 Epic
+6 Fantastic
+5 Superb
+4 Great
+3 Good
+2 Fair
+1 Average
0 Mediocre
–1 Poor
–2 Terrible

Fate Point use

  • gain +1 to a roll (even after the roll)
  • invoke an aspect to get +2 to a roll (even afterwards)
  • invoke an aspect to reroll all dice and use the new result (there is no going back)
  • use a stunt or a power that requires expenditure of FPs
  • make a declaration (without use of a skill): say something, lay down a FP, and if the GM takes it, the things you said become true.

Earn Fate Points

This is why Aspects should be two-edged. If the GM compels you according to one of your aspects in a situation where you rather would not, you get an FP. This can happen automatically when you decide to act according to an aspect you have even if it is not the best decision in that moment. You may even tell the GM, that what you just did might be worth an compel FP...

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