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lydon PbF ThreeKings Rodafowa

Name: Wilfred Albert "Johnny" Johnson
Born: 1905 (Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England)
High Concept: The Well-Travelled Fixer
Trouble: Control Issues

Early Life
Wilf Johnson, known to everybody but his ma as "Johnny", was ten years old when his dad signed up to do his bit for King and country. He was eleven when the Bosche made his ma a widow at the second Ypres. Johnny left school to work the Humberside docks and grew up watching the ships come and go, wistfully imagining the distant shores and exotic climes that they were travelling to.

First Adventure
After his ma died in early 1920 there was nothing left to keep Johnny amoung Yorkshire's dark satanic mills and he joined the Merchant Navy to see the world. Conscientious, reliable and with a knack for getting along with almost anyone, by 1933 he had risen to the rank of Purser aboard a steamer named the SS Whitby. During a voyage to Valencia, a passenger approached Johnny to ask if he had any contacts in the port who might be able to assist him in obtaining certain unusual and specialised items. The big Yorkshireman agreed to introduce him to a resourceful merchant of his acquaintance but no sooner had the two men stepped ashore than they were ambushed by a group of locals and Johnny was unable to prevent the passenger being carried off. Once he regained his senses, Johnny gathered together a small group of crewmen who owed him favours and began scouring his contacts and the dockside bars for the lost passenger he was responsible for. Some greased palms and broken heads later the passenger was recovered and Johnny had a offer to put his resourcefulness and knowledge of half the world's ports to work for king and country.

Aspect: "We Don't Leave People Behind"

Great (+4): Scrounging
Good (+3): Empathy, Rapport
Fair (+2): Craft, Drive, Physique
Average (+1): Fighting, Infiltration, Notice, Shooting

Physical Stress OOOO
Mental Stress OO

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