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lydon PbF ThreeKings pcktlnt

Name: Nathaniel Gabriel Grant
Born: 1915 (New York, New York, United States)
Languages: Polish (father), German (mother), and English
Aspect: More curiosity than sense
High Concept:

Early Life:
Nathaniel Gabriel Grant is a 24 year old college student. He graduated head of his class in medicine and delving into psychology classes for fun. In another year he will begin working on his doctorate in medicine. His father is a known theoretical physicists and a collector of odd books. His prized collection comprises of books dealing with fringe sciences, which he happily discusses and debates with his son or anyone who cares to pay attention. His mother, calm and collected, loves to spend time in the family garden to tend to their many medicinal plants. Most likely one of the reasons Grant excels in medicine. When Grant was younger, he spent two years in the military, training in handguns and hand to hand combat. Grant prefers not to fight, but is generally not at a disadvantage if needed to fight the average man.

First Adventure:
Taking a year off to recharge himself before beginning his doctorate, we find Grant enjoying a cup of tea in a town somewhere in Europe where his parents grew up. That afternoon, mistaken for someone else, he is approached by a mysterious person and handed an envelope. Curiosity getting the better of him, he opens the envelope to find a photograph of some scientists, a name, and a location. He decides that he could just head to the location and hand that person the envelope while explaining the mistake.

Arriving at the secure location, he finds himself at gun point and led into a room in one of the warehouses. Partway through the interrogation, a couple of explosions gain the attention of the guards and he is quickly assisted by a man. Grant, a little worse for wear, assists the man in obtaining confidential files about the warehouse and they both successfully escape. The man sees potential in Grant and hands Grant a card and walks away. Grant looks at the card and finds only a location written on the card...

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