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The Stolen Sebayt
OOC thread: The Stolen Sebayt [OOC]
IC thread: The Stolen Sebayt [IC Main Thread]
Character geeklist: Heroes of The Stolen Sebayt - Character Geeklist

The World

Nefertiti Overdrive is set in the 25th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, during the Kushite Empire, under the reign of the Pharaoh Taharqa. It's a time when Assyrians dominated the Middle East, frequently raiding their neighbors and clashing against Egypt in bloody conflicts. It's a time when Egypt saw its influence in North Africa waning, and the Pharaohs tried desperately to hold on to every last scrap of power as best they could against the encroaching world! It's a time when Wenet, "the swift one" became a goddess associated with rabbits, instead of being associated with snakes.

The Stolen Sebayt is an adventure purely of my own creation. Nefertiti Overdrive comes with a series of adventures - which will not be spoiled by this game. Those adventures build upon one and other, helping ease players into the ancient setting and demonstrating how to run a longer campaign by stringing together a bunch of adventures. Meanwhile I just drop players into the action and hope they don't drown in the Nile-like deluge of ancient flavor. This is historical fiction - it's not likely you'll run into chaos crocodiles in any ancient Egyptian texts.


Group 1:

Alain Curato
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Name: Inrroud
Concept: Scholar/Warrior d6/d8
Elements: Might of the Sphinx, Radiance of Ra d6/d10
Traits: Mental, Physical d6/d10
Drivers: Tell witty jokes, Learn written secrets d6/d8
Pivots: Pick impossible fights, Fight in grandiose architectures
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Name: Myrrh
Concept: Exiled, Scholar d6/d8
Elements: Steadfastness, Thinking outside of the box d6/d10
Traits: Mental, Social d6/d10
Drivers: Uncover the truth, Prove to be right d6/d8
Pivots: Change an opponent's mind, exchange knowledge with previously unknown experts
Bifford the Youngest (Sam)
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Bifford the Youngest

Name: Artyrojer
Concept:Orphan; Pickpocket d6/d8
Elements: Light fingers; Sneaky shadow d6/d10
Traits: Mental; Physical d6/d8
Drivers: What's yours is mine, or soon will be; Friends are the best familyd6/d10
Pivots: Liberate a undeserved item from an undeserving owner; Protect my "family"
Professor of Pain
United States
St. Joseph
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Name: Okut
Concept: Scholar; Warrior d6/d8
Elements: These are just my tools, I am the weapon; Wisdom of Thoth d6/d10
Traits: Mental; Physical d6/d10
Drivers: Thirst for Knowledge; Prove your prowess d6/d8
Pivots: Protect a travel companion from harm; Win a conflict though cunning
The Minister of Sinister
United States
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Just happy to be here.

Name: Simhret
Concept: Dancer/Assassin d6/d10
Elements: Speed of a Cheetah/Enchanting Allure d6/d10
Traits: Physical/Social d6/d8
Drivers: I Fear No Man/My tongue is as sharp as my knife. d6/d8
Pivots: End a fight with a single strike./Take out the lead Agent of Isfet.

Group 2:


Name: Thothmoses
Concept: Sorcerer; Priest d6/d8
Elements: Arcane Arts; Knowledge of the Divine d6/d10
Traits: Mental; Social d6/d10
Drivers: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with magic; Be the kindness that strangers seek d6/d8
Pivots: Solve a difficult task with magic; Help someone in need
Ryan Kinney
United States
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Name: Sepheres
Concept: Mystic, Thief d6/d10
Elements: Judgement of Anubis, Bite of the Asp d6/d8
Traits: Mental, Physical d6/d8
Drivers: Collector of curiosities, strike from the shadows d6/d10
Pivots: Secure an endangered artifact, take an enemy by surprise
Jonas (he/him)
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so many plans...
N.K.Jemisin's "The Fifth Season" is awesome and fantastic.

Name: Ibi
Concept: Protector/Ruffian d6/d10
Elements: Sobek‘s ferocity; cunning like a mother d6/d10
Traits: Mental, Physical d6/d8
Drivers: Finding acceptance and peace; Fighting opposition d6/d8
Pivots: I will not leave a fight as long as friends are still in danger; Have a quiet conversation
Mostly Harmless
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Name: Bennu
Concept: Ruffian, Healer d6/d10
Elements: I Can Number Your Bones (or maybe Knowledge of Death from Carrie's example because that sounds epic), Nomad d6/d10
Traits: Mental, Physical d6/d8
Drivers: Defy the curse of Sobek (bring life rather than death), Spite the gods by protecting others on my own strength d6/d8
Pivots: Save the life of a companion without mystical aid, break a curse
Kathleen Mercury
United States
St. Louis
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Please check out my student game design Geeklists! You rock!

Name: Meretseger
Concept: Warrior, Priestess d6/d10
Elements: Generous Forgiver, Silent Vengeance d6/d10
Traits: Mental, Physical d6/d8
Drivers: Honor the gods, Protector of sacred sites d6/d8
Pivots: I unleash my wrath upon those who commit sacrilege, I am merciful to those who repent.

Creatures of Ancient Egypt

Serpopards look like if you crossed a giraffe's long neck with a snarling leopard, and are known for their loyalty. They were often used as part of royal seals.

Bennu birds are herons the color of ash, until they burst into flames (they are the original Egyptian phoenix) they live on the edges of the Land of the Dead, and prefer strong incense to make their nests. They are sacred to the god Bennu.

Hieracosphinx, body of a lion, head of a hawk, not quite as awesome as a griffin since they can't fly, but are known for their adherence to Truth.

Criosphinxes, body of a lion, head of a ram, again they can't fly, but are known for their prowess in battle.

Little Known Deities of Ancient Egypt

Not interested in using Horus, Thoth, Osiris, Isis, or Hathor when creating your characters? Here are some other deities and what they represent:

Hatmehyt, goddess of life and protection, depicted as a mermaid with a fishtail and known as "Chief among the Fishes."

Hedjedjet, scorpion goddess of protection, particularly for children.

Heryshaf, ram-headed god "Ruler of the Riverbanks" and "He who is on his lake" stands for strength and water.

Horus the Elder, often symbolized as a Criosphinx for his prowess in battle, with one eye representing the Sun and one representing the Moon.

Maahes, lion-headed son of the cat goddess Bast tasked with hunting down and killing demons. He stands for protection and punishment, is known for his knives, and devours his prey.

Menhit, Nubian war goddess known as "she who massacres" was so bad-ass she was adopted into the Egyptian pantheon.

Nefertem, god of perfume, represented by a blue lotus, forever young and beautiful.

Qebui, god of the north wind, symbolized as a winged ram with four heads.

Renenutet, cobra goddess of good fortune and nourishment.

Sekhmet, lion-headed goddess of war who could only be stopped by drinking beer dyed red (so she thought she was drinking the blood of her enemies).

Seshet, goddess of libraries, architecture, and writing. Her symbol is a seven-pointed star.

Shesmu, god of pressed oil, fine wine, and dismemberment. Got to love the different aspects!

Sobek, crocodile god who stands for brute strength, "he who loves robbery" and "pointed of teeth" often invoked for protection since he was so fierce nothing would mess with him!

Sopdu, god of the east who is sometimes depicted as a falcon and represents the three stars in the Summer Triangle.

Wenet, rabbit-headed goddess known as "the swift one".

Often deities were mixed an matched to create one with all the features you wanted, Ra-Sobek for the brute strength of the sun, Horus-Sopdu for farseeing falcons of day and night, Serket-Hedjedjet for healing and protecting children, and you could even mix and match deities with opposite genders too.

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