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seeohtwo FaD
^Corusca gem with key to Yavin IV's Massassi temple that ends up housing rebel base.
^ What a Corusca gem is, very rare and valuable
^ about the Massassi, Sith slave caste
^ Sith alchemist who went to Yavin and built temples (Massassi did it)
^ Fallen Jedi of Old Republic, killed master Naga Sadow, became ruler of Onderon, corrupted Exar Kun, has holocron on Dxun
^Nadd holocron...ORBALISK
^ parasite that feeds on force-sensitive DARK SIDERS
^ falls due to Nadd corruption, builds more temples, traps Massassi in Golden Globe that drains their power, fought BEAST RIDERS on Dxun, left KALGRATH to defend temples
^ Massassi put into hibernation by Exar Kun, blaster and saber don't harm. "NIGHT BEAST" could use idea and make a formidable but not impossible threat.
^ Massassi refugees in past, in present Empire devastated with electromagnetic torpedo that has left all but force field enclosed areas dangerous
^ Devil Moon of Onderon, burial place of Freedon Nadd, site of AoR beginner game. Imperial base, etc.
^ Canyon Charger

I. Spintir
a. Gan - "What a mess." "I'll buy this junk. Anything you need?"
b. Gan in Reles: "Got a job for you." "Offers a ship"
c. The ship: Roll Perception, success? Being followed.
II. Tatooine
a. Jabba's Palace
1. Meet with Malta. Gan vouches (via commlink). Warns that you'll be up against toughest mercs in Hutt space
2. The three hutts meet.
3. The other "teams" arrive.
4. What the Hutts will share: Garindan, kubaz spy, overheard merchants talking about a madman on the planet Kalkovak raving about the Yavin Vassilika, a magnificent, and hereto believed legendary, Corusca gem. Says he saw the gem worshipped by cultists on mystery planet. Man is named Illyan Webble, might still be there.
5. Malta: Don't leave Webble alive, don't want the other groups figuring out where he's at.
III. Kalkovak (Quarren live here)
a. Crevasse City - Ask around and it is fairly easy to get word that he was seen in hills outside town.
b. Webble - dead or alive?
1. If dead, radiation burns on his arm can be traced to planet Tund.
2. If alive, spins crazy tale. Mentions Tund as place he was marooned, enslaved by the Thelvin Order, a religious group who worshipped the gem.
c. Possible sighting of Kaina Forrel (security head) at spaceport.
IV. Tund
a. Planet irradiated by Empire missile several years back, small settlements are enclosed by force-fields to keep out deadly levels of radiation.
b. Flying around to settlements will find several nervous communities of Toong (egg people)
c. One settlement will have bad guys threatening and attacking it. The people there don't know anything about where Thelvin order is.
d. Once Thelvin Order is found, will see some are Kissai, subspecies of Sith race. Worship a giant statue shaped like gem, not gem.
1. Steal gem - stealth or go for kills
2. Let other group do dirty work (Han stealth - Boba kill, BH kill)
3. Analyze and realize it is not the gem.
4. If cult member survives can torture and find out that statute was based on original @ tomb of Freedon Nadd who killed created Naga Sadow for it. Otherwise chase ship of BH or BF who does do that.
V. Dxun
a. Moon of Onderon
b. Look at AoR quests
c. Tomb of Freedon Nadd
1. Orbalisk
2. Holocron
3. Clues about Exar Kun taking gem back to Yavin IV, fought Beast Riders*
4. Bad nasty stuff abound
d. Embra tries to buy you out, buys out Han and Lando. BF says no.
VI. Yavin IV
a. In jungle, Kun left it protected by Night Beast, nearly impossible to kill, fueled by Golden Globes that feed off Massassi people.
b. Find way to defeat Night Beast.
1. Unwork globes
2. Use Orbalisk and survive rounds against the guy.
c. Finally find gem.
1. Rebels show up?
2. Connection comes out and is like, "Yo, give it to the Rebels!"
A. But how do they know?

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